Our Community and Corporate Social Responsibility

Here at Akommo, forming part of our Barcelona community is of the highest importance. But we also work hard to foster diversity, eco-friendly habits and awareness about the society's impact on our planet and environment. Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has grown over the years in many ways through our involvement in various Barcelona social projects and through the implementation of ethical standards and behaviour. Choosing Akommo as your corporate accommodation and venue provider implies that you support and share the same outward-focused values and ethics.

By incorporating CSR into our company strategy and policies, our objective and mission is to positively impact the event industry by showing that corporate events can also be socially responsible. We understand what it's like to be a small organisation, and we understand the limitations that they face. But, when all of us make small changes together, we will have a bigger impact and make the world a better place for everyone. We aim to support small and local organisations by inspiring as many companies as possible to get involved in their communities too. We're dedicated to making the event industry more socially responsible, more inspirational, and more enjoyable.


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Akommo Social and Ethical Values

Akommo strives to be Europe’s most enjoyable corporate event company and this implies many different factors. We work on specific details, from choosing ethical, trustworthy and reliable partners, to selecting accommodation and venues where standards are respected. We also have a recycling process in our office and work on reducing our ecological footprint.

We care and highly understand the impact of energy consumption on our environment and do our best to minimise it on a daily basis.

We are dedicated to creating a brand that aligns with our core values, moral principles and beliefs. The foundation of the Akommo brand is based on transparency and awareness of both our client's and our community's needs, and an unyielding commitment to quality service.

Over the past 10 years, we've created an open, tolerant, and accepting office culture, filled with beautiful people who share these values. Our team is multicultural, made up of women, men and a dog. We promote diversity and non discriminatory recruitment. This year, we also participated in the Christmas Jumper Day to raise funds for Save the Children.

Making the corporate event industry more enjoyable, starts with building a respectful, fun and genuine office environment.

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Magic Line Partnership

To get involved in our city this year, we have chosen to sponsor the Magic Line Sant Joan de Déu for a second time! As we are based in Barcelona, it's important for us to collaborate with local organisations that share similar values.

The Magic Line is a community movement in support of people who are in vulnerable situation. It features a non-competitive walk of solidarity, where teams need to reach an economic goal in order to participate. The funds raised will support different housing, employment and health programs helping sick children, people with mental disorders or disabilities and people facing homelessness.

We work closely with the Magic Line team, and to support them this year, we've donated countless hours to help translate their website from Spanish and Catalan, to English. By providing these services, we're allowing them to reach a larger audience, raise greater awareness of their organisation, and ultimately, raise more financial support.

Magic Line works hard to defend those who cannot defend themselves, and we wholeheartedly believe in their cause. If you'd like to join us in supporting the Sant Joan de Déu, click below to help us raise money for our annual 10km walk.

Sponsor the Magic Line

Doing Good Doing Well Partnership

Since 2018, Akommo has been the Official Accommodation Provider for the student-run Doing Good Doing Well conference at IESE Business School.

We strongly commit to empowering young, motivated entrepreneurs, as the Akommo story had a similar beginning. The IESE Doing Good Doing Well (DGDW) Conference is completely organised and run by students. By providing them with accommodation, transfers, and private event venue finding services in Barcelona, they can focus on the details of their conference.

The focus of this conference is based on an inspiring and unique theme every year. This year, DGDW will focus in on Responsible Business in an Era of Radical Change. The panels will include debates about: Employment in the Age of Automation and Artificial Intelligence, Climate Change and Recycling, Agriculture, Food, and Nutrition in an Age of Scarcity, and many more.

Akommo is happy to support and sponsor the bright students of IESE in their endeavors!

To get more information about this event and how you can get involved, click to see the conference details.

Attend DGDW

Employee Commitment

Each of our team members are involved within their own community. We do our best to spread the humanistic and sustainable development movement. Because the social and environmental commitment we have goes beyond the Akommo office.

Jason: Plays on a local basketball team and is a parent volunteer at his son's school.

JulieBarcelona Amnesty International Group Coordinator, runner in the Carrera de la Mujer, raising funds in the fight against breast cancer.

Richard: Captain of a local football team in an expat league in Barcelona and growing plants like no one else with his green heart.

Eileen: Collaborates with an orphanage in Ghana, participant in the basketball league Tot Basquet.

David: Collaborated as a volunteer in many local sporting events in his Girona hometown, and donates to NGO like Greenpace periodically.

Matyas: Co-Creator of The Helping Network and constantly minimising his carbon footprint.

Sabina: Raised funds for Mind the mental health charity in the UK by organising a series of wellness events.

Meet the Team
Working with Akommo was absolutely a breeze! They were so attentive to us and took care of all of our needs - they really went above and beyond to make sure we were happy and had everything we needed! The apartments were exactly as described and I would recommend them to everyone. I will definitely be using them for every apartment renting need in the future.
Akommo provide an easy and efficient service, and have access to great apartments well located for our corporate events such as MIPIM and MAPIC each year.
It is always a pleasure to work with the Akommo team, their passion and will to help make the daily tasks easier! I would highly recommend counting on Akommo if you need some tips/support on event planning :)

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