Meet the Team

We are an international team of passionate, knowledgeable and hard-working event professionals with over 10 years’ experience in event accommodation and event planning in cities throughout Europe, such as Cannes and Barcelona.

Our multilingual team is what makes us one of the leading corporate event companies, and we want to support you to make your next corporate event an enjoyable experience. Whether you need help with corporate event planning, a Barcelona venue search, or a central Cannes accommodation booking, our team will be there to help you every step of the way.

From our headquarters in Barcelona, to our event support team in Cannes, Akommo strives to be Europe’s most enjoyable corporate event company.

We help clients enjoy Europe’s best event accommodation and venues by providing efficient, reliable, and personalised service, from first contact to check-out and beyond.

We believe that corporate event organisation should be stress-free, and that's why at Akommo we do everything we can to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. Are you ready to enjoy your next corporate event?


Founder & CEO

Involved in just about everything - recruiting great people, managing the big accounts, event planning, crunching the numbers, training and motivation, guiding web development and design, making sure Kira has water in her dog bowl...

Jason wears (and owns) many hats and is envious of how much sleep you get.
Jason's Favourite Place

+34 931 785 300


Operations & Event Manager

    Responsible for bookings, logistics, and event support, Julie will take your stress away by making sure that attendees are happy and events run smoothly. 
     Joyful and cheery, you'll easily recognise her with her pink cheeks and colourful wardrobe. If there is music playing, she's the one singing and dancing along.
 Julie's Favourite Place

+33 4 20 88 01 30


Marketing Manager

Enthusiastic and chatty, her specialty is social media and blogging. She excels in bilingual communication, and typing until her fingers fall off is the daily norm.

Jokes aren't her forte but she is a darn good cook and can run long distances without fainting. If you can't find her, just listen for incessant whistling.
Olivia's Favourite Place

+34 931 785 300


Sales Manager

Rich brings experience from a varied background that started in the creative industry. His forte now is account management and keeping his clients happy, so expect a big smile and as much help as you need to make your experience flawless. 

As well as his South East London accent and curly hair you'll notice his love for trainers next, with over 25 pairs in his ever-growing collection.

Rich's Favourite Place

+44 203 868 0980


Administrative Assistant

Eileen makes sure that Akommo's office and web platform are always under control. 

Eileen's Favourite Place

+34 931 785 300


Full Stack Developer

    In charge of the software development, Matyas adores looking at a problem, thinking about an answer and implementing solutions to everything. Most of the time, he does this with codes and business processes, but he also tries to adapt this philosophy to life in general.

     Keen for all kind of activities that involve nature and exploring new things, Matyas is probably the only person on earth that loves long, uncomfortable bus rides. 

Matyas' Favourite Place


Development & UI

Turns our ideas, designs and somewhat illegible sketches into platforms that work. Online apps and web development hide no secrets from him.

Apart from spending the majority of his days coding and creating seamless user interfaces, he's renowned for his homemade brown bread and fertile, jungle-like city garden.
Guillaume's Favourite Place


Golden Retriever

She may not be the hardest working, but she's an excellent receptionist - welcoming everyone to the office with a warm nose and a bark.

She has a keen ability to remain calm and even sleep through stressful moments, and will always lend a hand with cleaning by finding and eating anything that's fallen on the floor.
Kira's Favourite Place


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