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Create a free profile and search for your event. Browse all available event accommodation and use our handy filters to get the best results for your event delegates.

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Save all your favourite accommodations to your wishlist. You can then ask our helpful support team questions about each saved property. You can also share your accommodation choices with colleagues on Twitter, LinkedIn or by email.

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Once you’ve made up your mind, you can easily complete your booking online. Everything will be saved to your profile right here so you can check the details anytime, anywhere.

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Akommo allows you to assign your delegates directly to your booked accommodation. You can add all their travel details, order personalised welcome packs, cleaning services, airport transfers, and other extra services you require.

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Your booking details are always accessible on Akommo. You can download your invoices and rental agreements, review your reservation history, view instructions for arrival and departure to your accommodation, and more.

Akommo Support

We love customer service! From your first search to your final checkout you will have a dedicated team of Akommo accommodation specialists available to answer your questions and concerns. Call, email, chat, tweet or come by the office. We're always happy to help.