What is Akommo?

Akommo is an online management platform offering short-term, event-time accommodations to corporate groups & delegates attending professional congresses, fairs and trade shows.

Founded in Barcelona, one of Europe's most popular cities for meetings and conventions, Akommo has grown from a need to provide reliable accommodation to business travelers attending events.

If you do not find your event under our list, please feel free to contact us, as accommodations management specialists, we will be more than happy to help.

Akommo is a Destination Global S.L online booking management brand.

Destination Global S.L is a company registered in Spain with CIF B64497027 and Registro Mercantil de Barcelona Tomo 39605, Folio 8, Sección 8, H B 351126, since 2007.

How Akommo works?

1. Register or Login & create your profile

2. Search for your accommodation by entering the name of the city where its held as well as inputting the number of attendees you are looking to accommodate (optional).

TIP: To search by property reference, add the # (hashtag) before the property reference, directly within the search space

3. Browse the different results and filter them as per your requirements before adding your choices to your wishlist.

4. Asks questions about the properties, enquire for availability, price and conditions.

5. Once you are ready to book, confirm your booking, process to payment (Offline for now), download, sign and return our rental agreement by email at Once we received your proof of payment as well as our rental contract signed, we will send you an email with your booking confirmation and details.

6. Input your delegates information within your booked accommodation(s): name, cell phone, flight or train number, arrival / departure date...

7. Add extra services to your confirmed booking: airport transfers, custom welcome packs, maid services,...

8. Before your event start: download your booked accommodations Keys Instruction Sheet(s)

9. Keep track of your booking history: download your booked accommodations rental agreements, review your reservations history, invoices and more in one single place.

10. Easily re-book your accommodation(s) for next year event in only one click.

How to register and login?
During the beta phase, the registration process will only be available through invites. If you´d like to be one of the first to try out Akommo, simply input your email to request an access. We will contact you once your invite and credentials are ready.

Outside our beta phase, simply input your professional email, choose your password and input your first and last name. You will receive an email on the address you provided, simply click the link to confirm your registration. At that point you will be able to modify your password at any time.

Once logged in you will be able to complete your profile with your corporate information - for billing purposes - and start browsing, wishlisting the available accommodations for your upcoming event.

How to retrieve my password?

Simply click the “Forgot password” button under the login field. Input your email address and click "OK". You will receive a notification to the provided email address and be able to change your password. If you are having problems in doing so, feel free to contact us.

How to edit my profile?

Once you registered, you will be able to input your professional details under the profile section which will help us, later on, to provide you with your booking information, invoices and more. You are able to modify your profile at anytime by clicking on the “Change my details" button.

Your personal data is important to us and we will not share it with any Third Party - See our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

How to search for accommodations?

Within our Homepage Search - “Where is your event” - enter the city where your event is held and the dates will automatically be considered (If you would like to book for extra days, either before or after the event, feel free to contact us).

Then, also it is optional, you can enter the number of delegates attending the selected event for your company if you already know it.

Once you have clicked the “Search button”, the search results page will display all the available accommodations for the event you selected.

The countdown on the navigation bar shows you how many beds (equal to the number of people to accommodate) you still need to find and wishlist for all your delegates.

On the right hand side of the search results page, you will be able to refine your search as per your exact requirements either using the navigation bar filters or the right hand sliders: Type of accommodation (Apartment, Villa or Hotel room), Budget, ...etc

For an even more refined search, select the Amenities that are mandatory to you (eg: Internet, elevator, pool...)

You also have the option to share any accommodation with your friends or colleagues through LinkedIn, Twitter or by emailing them.

If you experience any difficulty when searching, simply chat, email or call us and our Support Team will be more than happy to help.

How to create my wishlist?

Under your profile, your wishlists are categorized by event and year.

To start a new wishlist, simply search the available accommodations for your event and click the “Add to wishlist button” when you find an accommodation that fits your requirements.

All your wishlisted accommodations will remain within your profile at all time.

You can easily remove any of the wishlisted accommodations by clicking the “Delete button”.

How to add comments to an accommodation?

Within the accommodations you added to one of your wishlists, you are able to add comments and questions on each one of them.

Your comments, questions will be sent to our Support Team that will answer any doubt or enquiry that you may have on the same space, allowing you to access all your conversations at any time.

For example, is it possible to make the double bed into two singles in the larger bedroom? Is there a TV in my apartment?

During business hours, Akommo´s Customer Service can also directly answer any of your questions through our live support chat. We are not using any robot, the people you will chat with are our real team experts members.

How availabilities work?

We do our best to provide our users with the most recently updated availabilities.

Once you have enquired about an accommodation availability and price through the “Request price" button, our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Once we do, you will be able to finalize your booking by clicking the “Add to booking”.

 As we can NOT guarantee price or availability over time, you will be invoiced only for the accommodations that are available at the time of your request.

If you need to book your accommodation for days outside of the event dates, simply get in touch with us either directly through the specific accommodation “Add comments" button or by contacting us by email, phone or chat. Alternatively, you will be able to request days outside the event dates once your accommodation is booked.

How pricing works?

As soon as our Customer Service team confirms you that the accommodation you enquired for is available for the event you selected and communicated you its price for the event dates, you will be able to finalize your booking.

All our prices are for the conference week and may not include security deposit, and in some cases, city taxes, utilities and final cleaning. If you are looking to book extra days outside of your event dates, please feel free to contact us.

As we can NOT guarantee price or availability over time, you will be invoiced only for the accommodations that are available at the time of your request.

How payments work?

For now, payments will not be handled through the website but offline.

Once our Customer Service acknowledges receipt of your payments for the accommodations you want to booked alongside with our Rental Agreement duly signed, you will receive our final booking confirmation.

Fifty percent (50%) of the total invoice is payable at the time of booking. Should the booking be made within 10 weeks of the rental date, one hundred percent (100%) of the total invoice is due. Confirmation of a booking will be effective only when this payment has been received. No contract with us may be considered to exist until we have received:

1) the requested rental payment, as described above

2) a signed booking form and subsequent confirmation of your booking from Akommo.

* At this moment, payments for booking any accommodation will be made by wire transfer - You will find our details on your contract and invoice PDF.

All invoices are due in Euros.The payments or any other monies held on account by Akommo do not accrue interest. Full payment of the invoice must be received ten (10) weeks before your arrival.

If the balance is not received by us by the due date, we shall be entitled to cancel the booking without prejudice to any claim for cancellation charges, and to retain any deposit received.

For bookings made within ten (10) weeks of the arrival date, the client will be required to pay the full cost, plus any security or damage deposit, at time of booking.

What is the security deposit for?

For each one of our accommodations, we are asked to request a deposit to cover any potential damages to the furniture, appliances or any other items in the rented premises.

Should the case arise, the Security Deposits will be used to cover:

1) The cost of replacing any broken or cracked objects

2) The cost of washing or cleaning any carpets, blankets, mattresses, bed linen, etc. that have been stained

3) The cost of cleaning the premises if they are not left in acceptable condition (empty bottles, rubbish)

4) Consumption charges, if applicable (gas, electricity, heating, telephone, hot and cold water).

The Security Deposit is due at the latest 10 weeks before the event, along with your second payment of the invoice.

This sum, which bears no interest, cannot be considered as a down-payment for the rent. It will be reimbursed as soon as possible after your departure from the premises assuming there have been no damages.

Any deductions for repairs relating to the rental shall be communicated to you immediately. Should the deposit turn out to be insufficient, the tenant hereby undertakes to complete the sum required.

What is Akommo cancellation policy?

The cancellation of a booking will only be accepted if it is in writing and signed by the same person who signed the booking summary and rental agreement.

It is hereby agreed that should the client wish to cancel all or any part of their booking, or if the booking is canceled by us due to nonpayment, then we shall be entitled to the following percentage of the stay costs:

1) Ten weeks or more before arrival – 1st payment ; and

2) Within ten weeks of departure - 100% of cost.

How to monitor my bookings and invoices?

Under your profile, you will be able, at all time to view and download your past bookings and invoices per year and event.

You will also be able to download your extra services invoice(s) for each single accommodation you booked. Similar to your rental(s) invoice(s), the extra services invoice will be displayed against the accommodation and directly downloadable once our Support Team as confirmed you such services prices.

If you have any doubt, do not hesitate to contact us.

How to confirm a booking?

Once our Customer Service as provided you with availability and price of the accommodation(s) you enquired for, you will be able to confirm easily such booking(s).

Simply go to your wishlist, tick the "Add to booking button" for the accommodation(s) you are interested in and finally tick the "Proceed to booking button".

Our team will get back to you as soon as possible confirming that the accommodation(s) you want to book is still available for you.

You will only be invoiced for the available accommodation(s). Otherwise no charge or agreement will be made.

Please remember, we can NOT guarantee availability over time.

Once you receive our team confirmation, you will be able to download your contract(s) which includes our Rental Agreement, your Booking(s) Summary and related Invoices for you to proceed to payment.

Once all of this process is completed, you will receive our final booking confirmation

How to assign delegates to a booked accommodation?

Once you booked your accommodation(s), you will be able to add directly your delegate(s) details against any property.

Enter their name, contact details, arrival & departure time and date, etc…If you have any special request for a specific delegate you can also add it there.

Please also finalize your order for any extra services for your delegates (Special Welcome Pack, airport transfers, extra maid services) at least 7 days prior to the event starts. We won’t be able to guarantee the delivery of requests sent later than this.

How to add services to a booked accommodation?

The same way you can add your delegates details against a booked accommodation, it is as easy to add extra services.

Simply select the options you require whether it is a transfer request, an extra mid-stay cleaning or change of linen and our customer service team will provide you with such services prices directly against the related accommodation.

Easy to do and easy to control. All extra services will have a specific invoice, different from the accommodations rental invoice and always accessible from the related booked accommodation for you to track.

Please also finalize your order for any extra services (Special Welcome Pack, airport transfers, extra maid services) at least 7 days prior to the event starts. We won’t be able to guarantee the delivery of requests sent later than this.

How Keys Instructions Sheets work?

Once you have booked your accommodation(s), the week before your event actually starts, you will be able for each single property, to download the Keys Instruction Sheet which contains:

a) The reference, address, and map of your accommodation

b) Our contact numbers:

- One Key Information Line number: Upon arrival at the Airport, simply call the number at the bottom of the page to confirm your arrival and coordinate a meeting time at your rented property. For Hotel simply directly go to the hotel reception-desk.

- One Support Line number: During the event our team is on the ground providing non-stop support and monitoring the arrivals and departures of our guests.

How Check In Sheets work?

Alongside with your booked accommodation keys instruction sheet, you will also find your rental Check-In Sheet.

This document provides you with your accommodation specific details such as the entrance code to the building, the Internet name and password, the floor and door of your rental and any other commentary / information that could be practical to you during your stay.

How to contact with Akommo support?
Akommo makes available all the following ways to get in touch with us

Opening hours: Monday to Friday - 09h to 18h (CET - UTC/GMT +1h)

Email us:

Call us:
+34 931 882 406 (ES - HQ)
+33 4 20 88 0130 (FR)
+44 207 193 8460 (UK)
+1 818 926 4850 (US)

Let's chat:

Once you are logged in on our website and during office hours, on the bottom right hand of our website, feel free to chat, drop us a message and our support service team will answer you as soon as possible.

Connect with us:

On LinkedIn: company/akommo
On Twitter: @akommo

Visit Us:

Akommo is Destination Global S.L online booking management brand. Our offices are located in Barcelona, carrer Ramon Turró 100-104 - Atico - 3

Destination Global S.L is a company registered in Spain with CIF B64497027 and Registro Mercantil de Barcelona Tomo 39605, Folio 8, Sección 8, H B 351126, since 2007.