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Top 13 Amsterdam Corporate Event Venues in 2024

If you're struggling to find an interesting location for your next corporate event, we suggest considering Amsterdam as an option. World-renowned for its famous museums like the Anne Frank House and the Rijksmuseum, its intricate canal infrastructure, and, of course, its historic buildings, Amsterdam is quickly becoming a hot destination in Europe for corporate events. We have been helping clients find the perfect venues and hotels for their corporate events for over 5 years in this city, and we wanted to share some of our most amazing finds with you! Here are the Top 13 Amsterdam Corporate Event Venues of 2018 to help you get inspired for your next corporate event.

Sustainable Mega Venue in Historic Gas Storage Building

Large-scale event venue - sustainable event production

Capacity - 3,500 people in standing reception format or 2,100 people in theatre format

This sustainable corporate event space is an impressive option for anyone looking to host a massive gathering. A former gas storage building, it was created in 1902 and used to be the largest of its kind in Europe at the time. Nowadays, this building uses a sustainable approach to event production - for instance, they use LED lighting instead of gas discharge lamps.

Want to get more information about this large-scale Amsterdam event venue? Contact us today and get a free proposal of the best event venues.

Harbour-side Dinner Party Venue with Water Access

Event by the harbour - dinner party venue

Capacity - up to 450 people for a seated formal dinner

If you're looking to host a medium-scale dinner party with guests from your corporate event, we strongly recommend this option. Located just by the Port Entrepot, the location couldn't be closer to the water and has an unusually large capacity for an event venue at such a prime spot! Imagine having your guests leave your successful conference to go off and enjoy drinks and seafood right on the water. Best of all - they can arrive by boat or water taxi!

Orchestral Concert Hall for Grand Royal Gala Dinners

Large-scale royal gala dinner

Capacity - up to 2,000 people for a formal seated gala dinner party

In the mood for something royal with musical inspiration? This event venue will surely blow your guests away with its stunning interior and immaculate golden flourishes. Primarily used as an orchestral concert hall, this venue - constructed in the late 1800s - is an Amsterdam icon. Not to mention, the central location makes it easy for your guests to arrive, hassle free.

Naval Venue for Large-Scale Corporate Events

All aboard this corporate event building!

Capacity - large-scale event - 2,000 people for a standing reception or 1,200 in theatre format

This incredibly unique event venue is structured to optimise natural daylight and continue to dazzle and shine in the nighttime. The building was constructed to replicate the feeling one has aboard a ship - in particular, on the main deck. You and 2,000 other guests can feel the lull of the waves aboard this ship-like building during your next conference or fair! The other "decks" within have a capacity for 600 and 350 people as well.

Feeling inspired to plan your next conference or fair? We'll find you the perfect options at no extra cost.

Send us an email at [email protected] with your requirements and we'll send you the best venues for your event.

Minimalist Space with Amsterdam Waterfront Views

For the creative corporate event

Capacity - medium-sized event - 900 people for a standing reception, 300 people for a seated dinner, 500 in theatre format + 100 people in outdoor waterfront terrace

Imagine holding your dinner in an elegant and minimalist venue, hired exclusively for your group. Whether you want to have a corporate gala dinner, a presentation with stunning views of the water, or even a creative event like a fashion show - the possibilities really are limitless. We love this venue because of its refreshing natural lighting and 100-person terrace. Your guests will leave the event feeling inspired, motivated, and - best of all - enchanted by this beautiful city.

Luxurious Dinner Cruises on the Water

Photo by Meng Long Bao on Unsplash

Dinner on the water

Capacity - seated formal dinner of up to 400 people, or buffet or standing dinner for up to 600 people

Why not have your next corporate event or dinner on a boat? These massive vessels can host up to 600 guests for your next dinner party, and will certainly provide a night they'll never forget. Aside from being a unique event option, the food is provided by local caterers from Amsterdam, and the service is what makes this experience truly spectacular.

Get in touch to choose the boat experience your delegates will rave about.

5-Star Central Hotel Near Anne Frank Museum

Concept hotel, luxury experience and service

Capacity - 122 hotel rooms in total

Located just a few blocks from the Anne Frank Museum, this central hotel offers comfort and luxury in the heart of Amsterdam. This is the perfect 5-star hotel for your guests to rest their heads after a long day of event attending! Not to mention, the gastronomy scene at this hotel has gained quite a reputation in the city. Sunday brunch, anyone?

Let us help you find the perfect accommodation for your next event in Amsterdam!

Neo-Gothic Church for Unique Amsterdam Events

Photo by

Neo-Gothic corporate event

Capacity - 200 people for a seated dinner, or 300 people in a congress set-up

If you're looking to hold a unique, medium-scale dinner party or congress, this neo-Gothic church is one of the most impressive venues in Amsterdam. Imagine having your guests dining surrounded by some of the greatest architecture in the city, and then going into the underground vaults to have drinks and dance. Doesn't that sound unforgettable?

Get in touch to get more information about this original event venue!

Creative Multi-Purpose Space in Amsterdam

Multi-space, creative performance venue

Capacity - maximum of 500 people

Do you have an upcoming product launch or brand party that you want to celebrate? This multi-purpose event venue is the perfect place for you to freely express your creativity! Leave your guests speechless with performances, concerts, show-cooking, or even a live fashion show in this theatre. There's a reason why designers and major corporations frequently use this space - it's one of the best in the city.

Central Amsterdam Trade Show and Conference Hub

Central conference and trade show centre

Capacity - 1,300 people in a congress or trade show set-up

Thinking of introducing a new conference or trade show to your sector? Why not choose a city as diverse as Amsterdam to host your event and guests? This space boasts high arches, impressive lighting systems, and an overall buzzing atmosphere to encourage business and networking. Make your conference or trade show one that people want to keep attending!

If you're ready to start planning your conference or trade show and need more options, let's find your perfect venue together! Fill out your event requirements here and we'll be in touch ASAP!

Eco-Friendly Greenhouse for Sustainable Dining

Locally sourced lunch or dinner party

Capacity - 140 people in the main greenhouse

Amsterdam is one of the most sustainable and green cities in Europe, and offers many options when it comes to conserving energy and reducing emissions. One of their most interesting venues for an eco-friendly, locally-sourced lunch or dinner is actually a greenhouse! This gorgeous greenhouse dates back to the early 1900s, and they grow their own vegetables and herbs. If the weather is good, you can even enjoy some sunshine and fresh air on their patio!

Get in touch to have an environmentally-friendly meal with your guests today!

Iconic Brewery for Intimate Reception Parties

Large-scale reception party

Capacity - 850 people for a reception

Are you working with a smaller-scale event scope that requires a private dinner party? Why not choose one of the most iconic breweries in the city? This former brewery is located on the European Route of Industrial Heritage, and makes for an impressive space to have a reception party. There's nothing like a refreshing beer to make a networking dinner or special evening come to life. Crack open a cold one and let the fun evening begin! Be sure to sneak up to the balcony to get one of the coolest views over the heart of Amsterdam.

Integrated Hotel and Conference Venue for Seamless Events

Medium-scale internal conference

Capacity - 750 people in theatre format, and 476 hotel rooms

If you want to hold an internal production and conference and keep your guests all together in one space, this 4-star hotel is your best option in Amsterdam. Avoid logistical complications and sorting separate accommodation for guests by having them rest easy right at the conference location. With varying suite options, you can give your VIP delegates the luxurious treatment they deserve!

Don't hesitate to request information about any of the venues and hotels mentioned above! Not finding the perfect fit for your upcoming event? One of the Akommo venue sourcing experts will gladly take on the task at hand! Let us find your venues and you can focus on the details of your event.