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Top Barcelona Instagrammers to Follow in 2019

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Barcelona is a city full of history, culture, unique architecture, and is easily one of the most "Instagrammable" cities in the world. From the amazing beachfront Paseo Marítimo to the views of the city from the Montjuic Castle, there are endless gems to be discovered and cherished in Barcelona. We decided to interview the kings and queens of the Barcelona Instagram scene to find out what every tourist must see, but usually misses entirely. From the best local restaurants, to the most beautiful lookouts over the city, you don't want to miss out on these Top Barcelona Instagrammers and their secret discoveries in the city. Here's our list of the Top Barcelona Instagrammers to Follow in 2019 and their local recommendations.

Where Food Bloggers Eat in Barcelona

Let's start off this local tour of Barcelona with recommendations from Barcelona's most trusted food bloggers. These Top Barcelona Food Instagrammers graciously shared some of their favourite spots to get a traditional meal, a glass of Spanish wine, and even a killer brunch. Getting hungry yet?

1.) @EatInBCN by Carla Alvaro

This superwoman is an economist, lawyer, and the ultimate finder of Barcelona's best restaurants. Carla started her blog alone 4 years ago, and since then she and her team of 4 are now working hard to share the best of Barcelona's booming gastronomy scene. Here's where @EatInBCN recommend to eat:

  • Have lunch in La Barceloneta, a great paella is waiting for you! Don’t miss Pez Vela for a great rice dish or Blue Spot for the best views over the Mediterranean Sea.
Photo of Carla from Eat In BCN
  • Start brunching in El Born as a preview of getting lost through its streets, cute shops, hidden restaurants and amazing history! Head off to Picnic if you are craving Salmon Eggs Benedict or Pancakes. Tip: the place gets very busy so book beforehand.
Brunch in Picnic by @eatinbcn
  • Both Gresca Bar and Bodega 1900 offer a “bar-casual” atmosphere with an exquisite menu full of options ready to share. Book beforehand!

What a new follow can expect to see:

If you live in Barcelona and are looking for amazing new places to try, or you are visiting the city and want the real deal when it comes to finding authentic food gems, you're in the right place! You'll also find great travel guides as the EatInBCN team are always ready for a getaway, as well as healthy, guilt-free recipes to follow. Check out the impressive EatInBCN Travel Guides here!

2.) @BarcelonaFoodExperience by Maria Åstrand

Maria was born and raised in Finland, but has lived in Barcelona for over 10 years now and calls this beautiful city her home. When she's not managing social media accounts or running a food photography session, she's busy developing her gorgeous blog and finding the best hidden spots in Barcelona. Here are 3 of @BarcelonaFoodExperience musts in Barcelona:

  • La Cova Fumada - Humble La Cova Fumada in the Barceloneta might not have changed much in the last 50 years, but why change a winning concept? The menu is on a blackboard on the wall and consists of local classic tapas, mostly seafood. Make sure you try the "bombas" and the chickpeas with squid.
Photo of Lluritu by @BarcelonaFoodExperience 
  • Lluritu - One of my absolute favourite restaurants for seafood is Lluritu in the Gracia neighbourhood. This fairly new restaurant oozes of old-time charm, and in the tiny kitchen simple but delectable dishes are prepared with plenty of love. The dried octopus is a must.
  • La Estrella - This little family restaurant is hidden away on a little side street in the Born. The focus here is on seasonal ingredients and the dessert menu is mind-blowing. Make sure you listen to the long list of daily specials before you make up your mind- that’s where all the good stuff is.

Maria from Barcelona Food Experience

What a new follower can expect to see:

Maria created Barcelona Food Experience as a place to share in a respectful, humble and approachable way, all of her favourite restaurants, cafes and bars in each neighbourhood in Barcelona. Her focus is on budget-friendly options, but where the quality excels: Barcelona is perfect for this with its many places where plenty of love is put into the dishes and only fresh seasonal ingredients are being used.

3.) @EatBiotiful by Claudia & Elisa

These two Spanish beauties are all about leading healthy lifestyles and finding wholesome restaurants who cook with fresh, natural, and organic ingredients. Claudia and Elisa are lovers of real food with an ethos: “healthy” doesn’t have to mean boring. Here are the top 3 healthiest restaurants in Barcelona according to @EatBiotiful:

Elisa on the left and Claudia on the right.

  • Green Spot - the stylish vegetarian, even if you are a meat lover you’re going to love it. Ideal for either lunch or dinner anytime.
  • Sucursal Aceitera - Spanish tapas made with seasonal and organic products, the perfect place to have lunch in the lovely Parlament street.
  • Hetta Cuisine - A cosy space where you can find not just haute-organic and seasonal products but a wide range of plant-based dishes.
Dinner at the Green Spot by Eat Biotiful

What can a new follower expect to see on your site?

On both our Instagram and our website you'll find naturally-lit, softly-edited photos of the healthiest food in Barcelona. We want to inspire you to try healthier and more wholesome options in Barcelona that will leave both your stomach and your heart feeling full. On you will find lots of restaurant recommendations that unite classic cuisine with the healthier eating habits of today.

Click here to download your free copy of the Ultimate Barcelona MWC Foodie Guide

Barcelona's Lifestyle Instagrammers

After eating your way through Barcelona, why not go shopping or bar-hopping? We interviewed a few different types of profiles to help you discover the most "Instagrammable" spots to hang out, the best places to go shopping in the city, and where to find the coolest local scene in Barcelona.  Let's see what these Top Barcelona Lifestyle Instagrammers are willing to share with Akommo.

1.) @CarlesAlmagro by Carles Almagro

Carles Almagro

Carles is a connoisseur of Barcelona and knows the city like the back of his hand. He runs endless social media accounts for local restaurants in the city, attends (or hosts) the coolest local events in Barcelona, and has a refined palate accustomed to exquisite taste. Not to mention, he's got an incredible wardrobe! Carles decided to share his perfect day in Barcelona and take on an Instagrammable tour of the city.

5 mandatory stops throughout the Barcelona neighbourhoods according to Carles:

  • The perfect day in Barcelona starts off sipping on a flat white in Three Marks Coffee (C/Ausias Marc 151), which is by far one of the most "Instagrammable" cafes and some of the best speciality coffee in the city.
  • Cut through the Santa Pere and Santa Caterina neighbourhood of Barcelona and head straight to the Raval neighbourhood. Here you can find some of the most authentic shops such as the cosmetic and perfume store Les Topettes, or Fusta'm to find unique pieces of antique and vintage furniture.
  • Walk over to the Paseo del Born and get lost in the beautiful ancient streets. After you've worked up an appetite and could use a filling, authentic Italian meal (no pizzas here, sorry), check out Le Cucine Manarosso (C/ Verdaguer i Callis, 4). The menu is simple and sweet, just how I like it, and is where I tried my first Aperol Spritz cocktail.
  • After you've eaten your meal, it's time to get walking again! Head over to the Hotel Yurbban to take some of the most gram-worthy photos in Barcelona. Don't miss a great photo opportunity in the hidden streets tucked away behind the iconic Cathedral of Barcelona.
  • To finish up my Instagrammable Tour of Barcelona, stop at Dr. Stravinsky created by Antonio Naranjo and Enric Litio and chosen as the Best Cocktail Bar in Spain in 2018, for a signature cocktail. Their bar looks like a vintage laboratory, filled with little illuminated bottles of fermented herbs.
Photo by Carles Almagro

2.) @Ssolalessa by Sol Alessa

Sol is the co-founder of @BarcelonaTravelGirls, a new services dedicated to showing women the best places to visit both in and outside of the city. When she's not busy running her new business, she's working on her Instagram account and taking landscape photos!

Sol at the Hotel Mimosa Rooftop 

The Top 3 places to shop in Barcelona according to Sol:

  • Palo Alto Market- It’s opened one weekend per month. There you can find local products, clothes and more. There is live music and food trucks. Perfect plan for the weekend. The entrance is 4€.
  • Portal de l’Àngel- Located in the center of Barcelona, in this street you can find the most famous shops like Zara, Stradivarious, Bershaka and more.
  • Mercat d’Encants- It’s a great place if you love to buy antiques! Not to mention it’s great to visit to have a more local shopping experience. The market is open Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 9 AM till 8 PM.

Sol's Top 3 Spots for the perfect Barcelona Instagram photo shoot are:

  • Hotel Mimosa, Ayre Hotel Rosselló, or Hotel Colón Roof Top. These hotel’s terraces have great views, which makes it a perfect spot to take some photos while enjoying the view and a delicious drink.
  • La Barceloneta, the beach, palm trees and the amazing W Hotel. One of the best spots hands-down to take the perfect Instagram picture in Barcelona.
@ssolalessa at the iconic Arc de Triomf
  • Arc de Triomf - I love to do photo shoots here because of the Arch and all the palm trees surrounding it!

Barcelona's coolest bars and clubs:

  • The Lime House located in El Born, this bar is perfect to hang out with friends while listening to some music. You can also order some food.
  • Opium is one of the coolest and famous clubs in Barcelona. It’s located in Vila Olímpica, right in front of the beach which makes it the perfect place to be on a Summer night.
  • RazzMatazz, this club has 5 different rooms, it’s huge. They play all kind of music but especially, pop indie, alternative rock and electronic music.

Barcelona Fitness Instagrammers

If don't want to sacrifice your workout routine while travelling or you haven't joined a gym in the city yet, you don't have to worry about where to exercise in Barcelona. We've asked some of the fittest trainers in Barcelona to share information about their classes, tips on staying healthy while travelling, and their favourite workout spots. Here are the Top 3 Barcelona Fitness Instagrammers.

1.) @rvbengarcia by Rubén Garcia

This fitness guru is a peanut-butter-loving machine, and trains like an absolute beast! On his Instagram account you'll find everything fitness related, from exercises, to recipes and even fitness fashion tips. We asked Rubén to give advice for all of you who are travelling to Barcelona for events like the upcoming MWC 2019.

Where's your favourite place to give private fitness sessions?

Force Protein on Consell de Cent 230. Right in the middle of Eixample, Force Protein is a supplement store with a training room fully equipped where I offer personalised training sessions. I'm offering a special price for all MWC 2019 attendants of 50€/hour, so get in touch if you're interested!

Photo by Rubén Garcia

While travelling, Rubén recommends these favourite snacks:

  • Isolate Whey Protein packets that you can easily and comfortably carry with you and mix whenever and wherever as long as you have a water bottle with you.
  • 30 gram peanut butter sachets that you can open and eat on-the-go (or sachets of any nut butter you like, such as walnuts, cashews or almonds)
  • Turkey Jerky. One the best protein sources that will fill you up and cover your protein needs any time without taking up hardly any luggage space. It's available here in 4 different flavours.

Use Rubén's discount code - RVBENGARCIA10 to get a 10% discount on any of the snacks mentioned above!

Rubén's favourite fit-friendly restaurant in Barcelona:

Honest Greens. Absolutely your best option to have real, good, cheap and delicious food in generous amounts in Barcelona on La Rambla Catalunya, 3.

2.) @MoandMace by Lena

Lena, creator of Mo and Mace

Lena might be small, but she'll give you a workout session that will leave you sore for days after. This certified personal trainer and creator of Mo and Mace offers some of the best outdoor fitness classes in the most beautiful locations! Here's where this Barcelona Fitness Instagrammer likes to offer her killer workout sessions.

Lena's Top 3 Outdoor Fitness Locations:

  • In front of the ocean on the promenade of the Olimpic Port
  • At the Outdoor Gym at the Barceloneta Beach
  • Under the palm trees of the Moll de la Fusta

The Top 3 Classes Lena Offers:

  • Core & Yoga by the sea
  • Bodyweight Team Workout
  • Functional Beach Workout

For information on her fitness classes, check out her website here.

Mo and Mace Workout at the Outdoor Gym in La Barceloneta

Lena's Favourite Fit-Friendly Restaurant in Barcelona:

Roots & Rolls - Here you can enjoy delicious vegan and 100% plant-based meals like vegan gyozas or vegan sushi rolls!

3.) @Absmo by Alessandra Oram

If you're looking for a little bit more zen in your life while travelling to Barcelona, Alessandra has the perfect fix for your craving. This model and yoga instructor will leave you feeling calm, relaxed, and strong after one of her intense yoga sessions. Alessandra Oram is the founder of RecklessRed-Om yoga mats, and is passionate about supporting local boutique yoga studios.Here's a bit about @absmo's experience as a yoga instructor here in Barcelona.

Alessandra Oram

Where can we try your yoga classes?

I teach a fast-paced Vinyasa method, called Navakarana Vinyasa. I teach regularly Thursdays & Friday's in a yoga studio called VIVEA, located in the suburbs, in Viladecans. If too far for you to go during the weekday, once a month or more, I teach weekend workshops! So come down and enjoy a morning class with me and then enjoy a stroll on the beaches nearby in Castelldefels, or Gava, etc.

What are some tips for staying healthy while travelling?

I up my intake of Lemon and Ginger before I travel. And as soon as I land, I'm sure to find a supermarket where I can buy or order some lemon in the restaurant. I stay extremely hydrated. I hate the prices of airport water, so I travel with my empty water bottle!

Alessandra Oram

Your favourite fit-friendly restaurant in Barcelona:

Fit-friendly to me, is something health-conscious but delicious! And this VEGAN restaurant hits the spot! I am LOVING right now the restaurant Alive. Any excuse and I pop by their place. :) I don't think they have a website but they do have Instagram!

Top Barcelona Instagram City Guides

Barcelona is a city full of endless hidden alleyways and tucked away museums among some of the most breathtaking architecture in the city.  We asked the most well-known Barcelona Instagrammers to share a few secrets on where to capture some of the best pictures of the city.

1.) @ZuckerandSpice by Sam Zucker

The bold and colorful style of Sam's Instagram photos and the inspiring scenes he chooses to capture — whether at home in Barcelona or on one of his many travels abroad — have earned him a loyal following from around the world and landed him on the “Top 20 Instagrammers in Spain" list. Follow @zuckerandspice for regular doses of travel lust and inspiration and check out his beautiful website

Sam Zucker

According to this Barcelona Instagrammer, these are the Top 3 Must-Sees in the city:

  • Explore the old street and boutiques of El Born - The Passeig del Born, Carrer Banys Vell and Carrer Mirallers
Photo by @zuckerandspice

  • Get a view of Barcelona’s skyline and the Old Port from above - Have a drink and take some photos from the 24th floor of the Torre Colón at the Marea Baja bar terrace.
  • La Boqueria Market - Take in the sights, sounds, and smells of the city’s most famous market. Head there before 10am to avoid the crowds and blow right past the touristy fruit juice stands. Wander through the whole market from front to back for an authentic experience, then have an early lunch at El Quim restaurant inside the market.

Sam's talent for capturing so many memorable and iconic landmarks in Barcelona is what makes his work so legendary. For all you new followers - expect to be tempted to move to Barcelona after scrolling through @ZuckerandSpice's profile!

2.) @TheBarcelonaDiaries by Soledad Abella

Born and raised in Uruguay, this lovely Top Barcelona Instagrammer happily shows you around the city she feels so lucky to live in on her page. What Soledad loves most about Barcelona is its diversity; in its cultures, traditions, architecture, food scene, the events it offers, and even the people it attracts. Barcelona is a city full of energy, optimism and creativity, and a city where anything is possible. Soledad is the co-founder of the @BarcelonaTravelGirls as well!

Photo by @thebarcelonadiaries

The fact that more than 30 million tourists visit Barcelona every year only proves how attractive the city is. Looking to host a new and exciting corporate event in Barcelona but don't know where? Click here to get a proposal with some of Barcelona's most unique event venues, completely free of charge.

The top 3 must-sees according to Soledad are:

  • Jardines Mossèn Costa i Llobera: a beautiful cactus garden on top of the famous Montjuic Hill.
  • Temple of Augustus: Can you believe this Roman Temple lost in the labyrinth of streets of El Gótico in the heart of the city? Barcelona is so full of surprises!
  • Convent of Saint Augustine: This Medieval convent in El Born is a very special and remote place.

What you can expect to see on @TheBarcelonaDiaries:

Soledad at the famous Hospital de Sant Pau

A collection of Soledad's favourite places and moments enjoying Barcelona, from street corners to restaurants, rooftops, hotels, pretty buildings, cafes. Be sure to check out her blog as well!

3.) @BarcelonaInspira by Anita Jimenez

This mama of two, originally born and raised in Ecuador, has been on the hunt to discover all that Barcelona has to offer for the last 16 years! Anita says that she created this Instagram account to be a sort of diary for her children so they can see all that she has done while they are young. Anita is truly inspired by Barcelona, and wants you to be inspired by her beloved city too.

Anita, creator of @BarcelonaInspira

The top 3 spots every tourist should see according to Anita:

  • One the absolute musts while visiting Barcelona is to wake up and go get lost walking around the streets of the Born and Gothic neighbourhoods. It's where everything started in the city, and even if you live here, you feel like you're taken back in time if you just take a moment to appreciate it.
  • The Casa Batlló takes you into the the magical mind of Antonio Gaudí, and it makes you wonder how he thought to construct something so spectacular in a time when no one else dared to.
  • The Park Guell, another work by Gaudí, is worth the hike. The architecture is so unique, and not to mention it offers some of the best views overlooking Barcelona. I love to go there and just sit, reflect, and enjoy my city without a care in the world.
The World Begins With Every Kiss Mural by @BarcelonaInspira

What a new follower can expect to see on @BarcelonaInspira's profile:

You'll get to know Barcelona through Anita's pictures and beautifully-written descriptions. She'll show you the best spots to enjoy Barcelona, current events and happenings in the city, and some of her favourite restaurants as well!

Top Barcelona Photography Instagrammers

There's nothing quite like waking up at the golden hour to capture Barcelona in her most tranquil state of the day. It's easy to capture beautiful moments in the picturesque ancient neighbourhoods of Barcelona, but how do you find the best spots to take photos? You ask the experts, of course. Check out Barcelona from these Top Two Barcelona Photography Instagrammers.

1.) @FlordeFum by Sònia Rubio

To be able to see the city through the lens of Sònia Rubio is a truly memorable experience. Her talent and dedication to capturing this city shows her passion through her photographs. We asked this Top Barcelona Photography Instagrammer to explain why she loves her hometown so much and why she is constantly inspired by the city.

La Sagrada Familia by @FlordeFum

Sònia's Top 3 Spots in Barcelona to take a memorable picture:

3 spots to take a memorable picture are the Gothic Quarter, la Barceloneta and the Sagrada Família. These are some of the most emblematic areas of the city.

What a new follower can expect to see on @FlordeFum's profile:

Anyone who wants to get to know and discover the genius work of @FlordeFum on Instagram will see how she is in love with the city of Barcelona. All her pictures show her artistic point of view on everything around her. Warm and vivid tones, perfect symmetries and frozen and unique moments are her key ingredients to composing a beautiful picture.

Sunset over El Born by @FlordeFum

What do you love about Barcelona and how did it inspire you to become a photographer?

The Barcelona mountains, the sea and its cosmopolitan atmosphere. All those ingredients allow me to play with architecture, the beams of light between the trees or buildings, and the skyline of Barcelona.

2.) @Fecstime by Ángel Pastran

This account is a mixed collection of some of the most beautiful photos of Barcelona, and some of the best food photography in the city. Originally born and raised in Venezuela, this expat came over to Barcelona in 2015 and fell in love with the city. He recently opened up his own gastronomical marketing agency,

Sagrada Familia by @Fecstime

What inspires you about Barcelona?

For me, Barcelona is a city that's alive and breathes, it has a pulse. This city never sleeps, I always feel safe here, and I really feel at home here. Barcelona is so incredibly beautiful, it's hard not to be inspired here.

Ángel's top 3 lookouts over Barcelona:

  • Sky Barcelona
  • Tibidabo
  • The Hotel Barcelona Catedral

Where can you catch the most beautiful sunset in Barcelona?

One of the most unique and stunning panoramic views over the city can be found at the Carmel Bunkers. These used to be the Spanish Civil War bunkers where anti-aircraft guns were installed, and now people go up there with a picnic, a couple of beers, and watch the sun go down over Barcelona.

Casa Batlló by @Fecstime

To find out what's happening in the city, where to eat in Barcelona, and the best places to take pictures and make memories, be sure to follow these Top Barcelona Instagrammers!