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Barcelona Panoramic Event Venue - El Miramar

Ever wondered what it would feel like to host a corporate event in Barcelona with panoramic views of the city? If you haven't, we're going to help you think outside of the box today. The Barcelona Panoramic Event Venue, El Miramar, is one of the only venues in the city with incredible views of the city, the mountains, the port, and so much more. Today we're going to help you get inspired for your next corporate event by giving you a private tour of this iconic Barcelona venue. Ready to get started?

Barcelona Miramar Events Venue

In Spanish, "Miramar" literally means "looking at the sea", which is exactly what you and your guests could be doing at the Barcelona Miramar Events Venue. This multi-purpose venue has the capacity to host 100s of guests, provides in-house catering with a full kitchen, and, of course, offers some of the most unbeatable views of the city.

Not to mention, the Miramar Events has recently undergone refurbishments and now sports a fresh, clean new look. What's more, the management has changed entirely, and things are running smoother than ever at this panoramic Barcelona event venue. Let's begin the tour through various spaces in this multi-purpose event venue!

Prefer to watch the private tour on YouTube? Watch Jason below as he takes you around the Miramar Events venue-

The Miramar Venue Spaces

El Jardí (The Garden) 
Total space -  415m2
Total capacity - 200 people in cocktail format

The private garden terrace at the Miramar offers a soft and relaxed atmosphere, making it the perfect
place to host a pre-dinner or pre-event cocktail reception. In the warm spring and summer breeze of
Barcelona, there's truly nothing like having a cold glass of white wine in hand, soft jazz playing in the
background, and the mouth-watering smell of fresh Serrano ham and baked Catalan croquettes to
start of the evening. This garden space can be completely privatised for your event, which provides 
extra benefits for marketing and signage purposes. 

Sala Miramar
Total space - 260m2
Total capacity - 250 people in banquet and 400 in cocktail format

The Sala Miramar is an excellent option for an intimate gathering for the top-level employees for a 
VIP corporate dinner party. After enjoying cocktails in the garden, you and your guests can proceed
to the Sala Miramar to enjoy dinner prepared by the in-house catering and kitchen, which makes for
a smooth transition and much less prep time. Your guests can step out onto the balcony with their 
wine in-hand, have a smoke break, or simply just relish in the spectacular views that this Barcelona
panoramic event venue provides. 

Miramar Panoramic Event Venue Views
Sala Gaudí 
Total space - 195m2
Total capacity - 120 people in banquet and 200 people in cocktail format 

If you decide to rent out the entire Barcelona Miramar event space, you'll be able to make use of 
the first and second floors of this venue. Gaudí room, on the ground floor, is a multipurpose space 
where you can do small banquets, cocktails or even an open bar. To keep your guests entertained 
all night long, you can even set up a dance floor here, and enjoy the local wine, local musicians, and 
the relaxed Barcelona way of life. 

Miramar Events Venue - Ready for lunch!

A Well-Connected Venue Space

El Miramar is located in an exclusive area overlooking the port, the famous street, "Les Rambles", the sea, and is connected to the famous Montjuïc Cactus Park "Els Jardins de Mossèn Costa i Llobera". The cactus park provides an enjoyable (and safe, don't worry you won't get pricked!) journey up to the top of the hill, where you'll find three emblematic establishments in Barcelona.

The first that you'll reach is the Barcelona Funicular, which is actually connected to the Miramar Events venue. If you're looking for a unique transportation method to your corporate event at the Miramar, you're guests can take the Funicular from the Barcelona Metro Paral·lel station to the hill of Montjuïc. As you continue to read the word, "Montjuïc" (pronounced 'mont- joo-eek') you'll begin to understand that this prominent hill overlooking the Barcelona harbour played a crucial part in the defense of the city, and has great significance to Barcelona.

Want to see what other historic Barcelona event venue is on the other side of the Montjuïc hill? Click here to see what the  National Museum of Catalan Art looks like when its closed!

The second emblematic establishment you'll see is the famous 5-star Hotel Barcelona Miramar. If you're having a conference and hosting guests for 1-2 nights in Barcelona, this makes for an incredibly convenient commute to the dinner reception at Miramar Events. The Hotel Miramar resides in a former 1920's building that has received impeccable care and refurbishment, and offers a luxurious stay in a secluded and exclusive area.

The third and final emblematic establishment nearby the Miramar Events venue is the famous paella restaurant, La Terraza Martinez. To continue to enjoy views of the Barcelona port and the iconic Cemetery of Montjuïc, you'll want to grab some paella and seafood on the terrace. It's a relaxed atmosphere with some of the best food and views in town!

Getting hungry thinking about paella and seafood? You'll want to download the Essential Barcelona Food Guide for your next trip to Barcelona! Click below to get your free copy.

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