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Born Centre Cultural - Barcelona Historic Event Venue

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El Born Mercat, now known as El Born Centre de Cultura i Memoria, serves many different purposes within the city of Barcelona, such as a recognised landmark, a significant historical site, as well as one of the largest central venue spaces in the heart of the city. The Born Cultural Centre is located in one of the most enchanting historic neighbourhoods, El Born, and attracts people from all over the world due to its unique structure. Today we're going to take you back in time to help you understand both the past and present significance of this impressive large-capacity Barcelona event venue tucked away in the middle of the ancient cobblestone streets of Barcelona. Ready for a blast into the past?

Rather watch a video instead of reading all of this? Here's Jason giving a private tour of the Born Centre Cultural!

History of The Born Market

Contained within the walls of one of the most remarkable open-to-the-public archaeological excavation sites are thousands of stories and memories from times long ago. The Mercat del Born has attested to major moments in Spanish history, and the city of Barcelona has preserved this history in an exceptional way.

The openly exposed archaeological remains serve as a witness to14th-17th century Barcelona, and make for a tangible atmosphere of the strife and countless battles Catalonia has undergone throughout so many years.

Between 1874 and 1876, architect Josep Fontserè I Mestre headed the project of refurbishing the market after the deconstruction of the walls around what is currently the most famous green area in Barcelona: The Ciutadella Park. After a few collaborative projects in the Ciutadella Park, Josep Fontserè Mestre would later gain fame as being one of the first to spot a genius in the making: Antoni Gaudí, Barcelona's beloved architect.

The market, which used to host fisherman, farmers, and all sorts of local artisanal craftsmen for nearly 100 years, the government decided to utilise the space as a library. Upon venturing to renovate and convert the market, they discovered impressive archaeological remains and ceased to continue the library project. Since 2002, the project was destined to become a cultural centre, open to all to better comprehend all that this city has seen throughout the ages.

Imagine your guests enjoying a cocktail reception or a gala dinner within the walls of 3 centuries of Barcelona's rich history. Sound like an event to remember? We're just getting started!

The Born Neighbourhood of Barcelona

One of the trendiest and the most endearing Barcelona neighbourhoods, El Born, is a cultural gem during the day and an exciting party area during the night.

Before the 13th Century, the district area was famous for being home to the sailors, fisherman and dockworkers of this seaside city. As time went on, the walls of the city of Barcelona slowly but surely developed the Born neighbourhood, making for an acceptable living area for noblemen, revered aristocrats and rich merchants to settle down in.

The narrow medieval streets of El Born tell tales of rich Catalan history at every corner throughout the neighbourhood as if it were a little village within the city. The following major landmarks can be found scattered throughout the winding alleyways of El Born:

The Picasso Museum - This famous museum is home to over 3,500 pieces of famous Spanish artist Pablo Picasso’s work, paying homage to his time in the Catalan capital.

Palau de la Música - One of the most astonishing theatres for music and instrumental performances, The "Palace of Music" is indeed a royal experience for anyone who enters its mosaic-strewn walls.

Sant Maria del Mar - Famous for exhibiting pure gothic style, this is one of the most impressive architectural works in the city, built by the people for the people. This church was initially constructed by the poorer citizens of Barcelona who rolled the stones down from the hill of Montjuic one by one to create a place of worship within the city.

Currently, its rustic alleys are home to charming designer boutiques, violin makers and clusters of cafes and bars that are occupied by the night owls of the city from the moment the sun sets. This vibrant and lively area makes for a perfect atmosphere of any type of large-capacity event in Barcelona.

Various Event Spaces within The Born CC

Open Market Space

Capacity: 1210 people standing, 830 people in banquet format at tables of 10
Measurements: 2818m2, ideal for large-capacity events.
Event ideas: Banquets, fairs, art exhibitions, cocktail receptions, fashion shows, gala dinners, photoshoots, even film shootings.

The intact structure of this former market space makes for an open, bright, spacious and lively ambiance for your upcoming corporate event in Barcelona. Watch as your guests mingle and converse within a historically-significant venue in the heart of the city and travel back in time. They say if you listen close enough you can still hear the sounds of old women haggling with fisherman to get the best prices for the catch of the day.

If you're looking for an open space to host a large amount of guests but don't want to travel outside of the city, this is without a doubt your best central option. The natural lighting, unique distribution of floor space, and of course, the open excavation site, are just a few of the contributing factors to this unique Barcelona event venue.

Sala Moragues

Capacity: Max capacity 280 in concert or conference format
Measurements: 611m2
Event ideas: Here are the possible event options when it comes to different event types:

Classroom - 100 people
Rectangular seating plan - 80 people
Banquet - 200 people
Cabaret - 200 people
Cocktail - 200

As you can see above, this multipurpose room can be enjoyed in various different event formats. Whether you're looking to have a book launch, a conference meeting with a cocktail reception to follow, or even a private film screening, this is the ideal space for your next corporate event. Best of all, there's natural lighting, complete privatisation options, as well as a full technical sound room with AV, lighting, and chairs included in the Sala Moragues.

Looking to host a unique event for your company in Barcelona but aren't sure where to go? We're committed to making corporate events as enjoyable as possible. Let our venue specialists provide free venue-finding services for you and your team so you can worry about the bigger picture challenges of your upcoming corporate gathering. Here's to more enjoyable events!