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Esferic Barcelona - Unique Event Venue Space

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Barcelona is a city renowned for its charm, gorgeous weather, stunning architecture, rich history, and prominent culture. Throughout the city, the alluring streets dance with mosaic tiles and pops of vibrant colour. This city welcomes foreigners with open arms to fall in love with all that is Barcelona. Due to its unparalleled beauty, this European hotspot is one of the most popular places to visit, study, work, and host events. There are thousands of spaces for hosting events in Barcelona, but Esferic is one of the most Unique Event Venue Spaces in the centre of the city. On this 5th Episode of the Akommo Venue Experience, we're going to dive in deep and find out what makes this venue such an interesting choice for corporate and social events alike.

Skip the reading and go straight to the Akommo Venue Experience tour of the Esferic here.

Esferic - Where it All Began

The Esferic Barcelona event venue is hidden away in the oasis-like Montjuic Park, the hill which overlooks the city with its historical castle that was built in 1640 and formerly served as a military fortress and a prison. The Esferic is situated in between the Joan Brossa Gardens the Mossèn Jacinto Verdaguer Gardens, surrounded by lush, green grass and tall trees, making for natural privacy and protection for events hosted on the premise. What's more, the venue is located just 10 minutes away from the Fira, 15 minutes from downtown Barcelona, as well as 15 minutes from the Barcelona El Prat Airport.

Montjuic Park has an extensive cultural impression on Barcelona, such as some of the best panoramic view points of the city which can be visited by taking the funicular up to the top. Not to mention, this is the home of the 1992 Olympic Games, which is accredited for making Barcelona the world-renowned city that it is today. In addition to the Joan Brossa and Mossèn Jacinto Verdaguer Gardens, one can also discover The Grec Garden inspired by its Ancient Greek-inspired amphitheatre carved out of rock, The Laribal Garden, inspired by the Generalife Gardens near Granada, and the Cactus Garden, formally known as the Mossèn Costa i Llobera Garden. This area makes for a green paradise to host the perfect outdoor event in Barcelona.

To be able to further understand the historical importance of the Esferic Barcelona, let's look at the timeline of this event venue:

  • 1929 - built as the Science Pavilion for the International Exhibition of Barcelona.
  • 1960’s - it was Damm’s old brewery and it was part of the Montjuïc amusement park, that closed in 1998.
  • 2003 - The amusement park of Montjuïc was transformed into the Joan Brossa gardens, opened in 2003, and this building was one of the few that were preserved.
  • 2004 - the project of restoration, extension and improvement began by the architect Joaquim Matutano Ros, and the work ended in 2008.

Today, Esferic features original architecture characteristics that help to provide form and definition to the building, while at the same time giving new life to the event space with modern installations and equipment.

The Esferic Event Spaces

Esferic Event Venue Barcelona

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Esferic has two distinct indoor spaces: The main floor, the Sala Brossa, which offers a large terrace to host outdoor events, as well as the upper level, the Sala Vidreres, which is characterised by its breadth. It offers two terraces to accompany each of the rooms, where guests can enjoy the incredible views over Barcelona that Esferic offers.

Sala Brossa (The Brossa Room) 
Total space:
Height: 2.5m
Capacity: 230 people in cocktail format, 160 in banquet format

Esferic Event Venue in Barcelona

The Brossa Room is a great space for welcome drinks, or even a pre-dinner cocktail to encourage guests to chat and begin mingling before their meal. Located on the ground floor and with a round composition of 12 columns in a V-shape in the middle, the Brossa Room is a heterogeneous zone with original decoration. Half of the room is composed of glass windows while the other half is made of white walls, the combination leaves guests in good spirits, enjoying the iconic design and distribution.

This space within the Esferic makes for a memorable welcome area for attendees to enjoy a delicious cocktail, to develop workshops, or even to host product presentations. Additionally, it can be used as a wonderful place to share drinks after dinner or continue the party after dinner with some live music.

This space also includes WiFI, lighting, 8 Bose speakers, and two 60" TV screens.

Sala Vidreres (The Vidreres Room)
Total space:
Height: 3m
Capacity: 290 in cocktail, 240 in banquet, 250 in theatre, 125 in classroom, and 160 in cabaret format

The Vidreres Room opens up to a clear, open space, encased by glass walls which offer an impressive view of Barcelona. The roof sports Catalan vaults, a famous ceiling architectural structure, and a dome, which stands out as an emblematic element of the building. The combination of the glass offering 360 degrees coverage of the entire room with the dome at the top makes for a brilliant naturally-lit venue. What's more, during night events, guests can stargaze and enjoy the moonlight flooding in to light up the room.

There are all kinds of technical amenities to set-up and connect AV materials. It’s a versatile room with multiple possibilities of use, such as a gala dinner, a meeting, a product presentation or a celebration such as a wedding or anniversary party.

Best of all, the Vidreres opens up to a breathtaking private terrace, making an ideal outdoor Barcelona venue space. Should there be an inclement weather forecast on the date of an event, Esferic can cover the terrace entirely!

This space also includes WiFi, 3.2m screen, projector, lighting sound with 8 Bose speakers, and a microphone.

Esferic Sala Vidreres

Terraza Vidreres (Vidreres Terrace) 
Total space:
Capacity: 160 in cocktail, 160 in banquet, and 100 in theatre format.

The Vidreres Terrace makes for a great area to cool off with some fresh air, enjoy a drink, and take in the great Barcelona weather. Connected to the Vidreres Room, the Vidreres Terrace is the perfect spot to have available for guests to be able to freshen up during an entertaining event.

Terraza Brossa (Brossa Terrace) 
Total space
: 250m2
Capacity: 300 in cocktail, 200 in banquet format

Companies almost always use this as a welcome area when guests are arriving to their event. Oftentimes, hosts like to throw out a red carpet, and there are tons of possibilities to make the perfect grand entrance for guests.

Though this space is best enjoyed during outdoor occasions, there's a possibility to cover it entirely in case of a rare rainstorm or chilly weather.

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