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Mobile World Congress Networking – Top 3 Terraces

As much as Mobile World Congress is about business, it’s equally about enjoying all that Barcelona has to offer. Last year there were some amazing networking parties, and the Akommo team attended a few of them! Although the events were entertaining and very informative, there are some amazing site venues that weren’t considered – and they should have been. Here are Akommo’s Top 3 Terraces for Mobile World Congress Networking.

Mobile World Congress Networking – One Ocean Club

Located in the heart of the Port Vell in Barcelona, this terrace is the best in the area. This exclusive lounge and club offer a delicious menu, an elite ambiance, as well as a stunning terrace for cocktails and mingling. We recommend booking this venue far in advance, as it is one of the hottest spaces in the Barceloneta neighborhood.

Local tip: people usually organize a pica-pica (Spanish for pre-dinner hors-d’oeuvres) with a DJ during Mobile at this specific venue.

Mobile World Congress Networking - Touché

This oasis of a restaurant couldn’t have a more prime location. Situated practically underneath the Casino of Barcelona, this restaurant and lounge have a maximum capacity of 220 people for cocktails. This is a perfect spot for any attendee who is planning on going out afterward!

Touché is just 5 minutes from Barcelona’s most famous clubs. The atmosphere is unbeatable, the cocktails are absolutely fantastic, and it’s spacious enough to fit large groups.

Local tip: if you’re looking to organise a private party or exclusive networking cocktail, this is the best option out of the beach lounges in Barcelona.

Mobile World Congress Networking – Arola

This elite restaurant is located within the Hotel Arts and works wonderfully both during the day and night. We organised a corporate lunch this past June in Arola, and our clients occupied the entire space. As you can see in the photos, we had speakers set up on the terrace to enhance the already cool ambiance.

Local tip: this is a perfect option for somebody with a large budget. It’s exclusive, luxurious, and stunning.

Interested in organising your own corporate event? If there was ever a time to throw a party, Mobile World Congress is the perfect moment. Akommo is your go-to for app-launch parties, new product releases, networking cocktails, or even VIP corporate dinners. We provide services for a wide range of budgets and have an incredible list of contacts within Barcelona.

Get in touch, we’re happy to share our local knowledge!