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Top 12 Team Building Activities in Barcelona

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Creating a positive, healthy, and motivational office culture can be challenging and requires putting in additional work. The benefits that come out of putting in the extra effort to build strong work relationships are endless, and workers value a healthy and positive office culture more and more nowadays. So why do team building activities that are intended to improve the workplace environment and strengthen office culture have such a bad rap? Because they're usually forced, cheesy, and just downright boring. Here are the Top 12 Team Building Activities in Barcelona to get your group inspired to bond and strengthen relationships outside of the office.

"If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else." – Booker T. Washington

1.) Giving Back to Your City

Larry Fink, CEO of Blackrock once shared a bit of advice with his fellow CEOs, about how to make a business thrive: "To prosper over time, every company must not only deliver financial performance but also show it makes a positive contribution to society." If your company doesn't already participate in corporate social responsibility activities, there's no better time to start than now. The Akommo team is a proud sponsor of the Sant Joan de Deu Magic Line organisation here in Barcelona, which presents a corporate challenge to raise funds for a 10km walk as a company. When it comes to building up your team, building up your community is a great place to start. Here are a few ideas for your team to give back to Barcelona:

1.) Clean up the beaches of Barcelona here

2.) Volunteer to involved in local community organisations here with Agape here

3.) Help with food donations for the needy in Barcelona here

2.) Cooking Competition - Espai Boisà

Finding an activity that everyone can enjoy can be challenging, but when it comes to food, all preferences are instantly put aside. This is the power of cooking, and moreover, the power of eating. Take your team to the newest cooking space in Barcelona, Espai Boisà to partake in the most exciting cooking class you'll ever take part in. With 4 different kitchens and 4 different teams, build your work relationships and join forces to see who will prepare the tastiest dish and win the title of "Master Chef".

To get a 5% discount on your team building cooking classes, mention the word"AKOMMO" when you're booking your reservation and enjoy this one on us!

3.) Karting / Bowling / Laser Tag

You're never too old to play! Bring out the inner kid in your team and go wild with one of these fun recreational activities. At Indoor Karting Barcelona, there are options for everyone to enjoy! For all the adrenaline junkies with a competitive streak, go-karting is a great option to release the need for speed. After a couple of laps around the track, jump into an exciting game of laser tag and divide into teams! To cool down and finish off the day, enjoy a couple of pizzas, cold beers, and a good old-fashioned bowling match!

Indoor Karting Barcelona

4.) The Gaudi Code - Treasure Hunt Game

Get ready to experience Barcelona like never before as your team searches for clues and information around the city streets in order to unlock the mystery of The Gaudí Code! This team building exercise is a great way to get out of the office, create a healthy competitive spirit, and learn a bit about the city and its famous beloved architect, Antoni Gaudí. The teams are provided with all the clues from a road book, a cryptex, a map and a digital camera to help them complete the tasks and crack the code!

Gaudí Code by Sagrada Familia

5.) Team Retreats in Barcelona

Participating in team building activities in the city centre is an easily-accessible option, but there's nothing like getting out of the city to connect. Team retreats help bonding reach another level as your colleagues are taken out of their comfort zone and into an opportunity to build stronger relationships through unification. Plan activities in the great outdoors like hiking, yoga, meditation, team volleyball, and so much more to get your team feeling more connected than ever.

 Kylie Lugo on Unsplash

Don't know where to have a team retreat near Barcelona? Send an email to [email protected] with your details and we'll send you a list of gorgeous locations for your next team building retreat.

6.) Stand Up Paddle

Dive into the Barcelona waves during your next team building activity with Stand Up Paddle classes! Paddle surf is a great way to get your team out on the water and get a quick endorphin kick from a unique outdoor exercise. The instructors at Ungravity provide you with all the material you need, including wetsuits and even a class beforehand for those who are new to the water sport. Paddle around the sea, enjoy the salt water, even lay on your board, and just chill out to the rhythm of the waves for an enriching team building experience in Barcelona.

Ungravity Barcelona SUP

7.) Make Your Own Movie

For all of the secret divas and divos in your office who have always dreamed of being a famous movie star or director, here's the big break they've been waiting for. This movie-making team building exercise in Barcelona is an opportunity to bring creative ideas together and create your very own film with a professional camera crew, casting and director assistants, as well as guidance on choosing the best locations to film your movie. Find out how to make your next award-winning movie here.

Fresh Activities BCN

8.) Wine and Painting Classes

There's nothing like a fresh canvas and a couple of paintbrushes to get your mind off of work. Art isn't your forte? That's what the wine is for, of course. The instructors at ArteBar will guide you and your team through a 3-hour class of learning easy painting techniques, sip on delicious wine, enjoy a break with local Catalan nibbles, and listen to their awesome playlists. Let your team's imaginative side come to life and get lost in the strokes of your paint brushes.

Arte Bar Class

9.) Barcelona Axe Throwing

If you're looking for a good team stress reliever, there is literally no better way than to chuck dangerous weapons at a wooden board. Axe throwing is a popular bar sport in London, and it's made a smooth transition over to Barcelona in the past year. If your team has just undergone a stressful event at work and need a sweet release, Barcelona Axe Throwing is an exhilarating and highly-entertaining option.

Barcelona Axe Throwing

10.) Cava Workshop

Ready to celebrate and pop open some bubbly with your workmates? This cava workshop is a great opportunity for your team to appreciate a new trade native to the Catalan region. Learn to make your own cava at ArtCava at the Can Battle rural home in the Penedes region, just 40 minutes outside of Barcelona. Their all-natural and chemical-free cava will leave your team in good spirits, minus the hangover the next day.

Art Cava Class

11.) Sailing Regatta

One of the greatest advantages of living in Barcelona is the proximity to the sea. Take your team to the Barcelona Port and begin a sailing adventure they'll never forget. Take a competitive spirit to the sea, and divide your teams up into groups of 7 players for a sailing regatta! Become a unified front and learn how to work together to man your sailboat and win a high-speed sailing competition!

12.) Team BBQ

There's nothing like a BBQ in the Barcelona sunshine to bring your team closer together. Assign a couple of members to be in charge of the grill while the rest prepare the other dishes and get ready for a warm, sunny feast! Whether your team is 5 people or even 50, there a few great options just outside of Barcelona to enjoy the great outdoors at an affordable price. Here are our top 3 Barcelona BBQ spots:

1.) Parc de la Trinidad (Metro L1) Prices here

2.) Font de Les Planes Merendero (FGC train from Plaza Catalunya) Prices here

3.) Cansarda (From Plaza Catalunya with a change) Prices here

Scott Madore on Unsplash

Coming from out of town and need accommodation from your team? Get in touch and we'll sort your accommodation, transportation, and find you the perfect team building location at no extra cost to you. Send your requirements to [email protected] and we'll send over your free proposal.