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Top 50 Barcelona WiFi Cafes of 2018

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Barcelona is an international hub for all types of workers, from the stock market businessmen and women in suits on thePaseo de Gracia, to the sandal-loving startup companies in the industrial hub of Poblenou. There are hundreds of contributing factors as to why so many people from different sectors decide to work and live here. It’s no surprise that Barcelona is the number 1 destination to host a corporate event in 2018! Not to mention, the city attracts over 35 million visitors annually according to the Ayuntamiento de Barcelona, with this number increasing during Mobile World Congress. Not to mention, working remotely is becoming more and more accepted in the workplace to accommodate employees getting their creative juices flowing. As a result, we decided to go ahead and share the top 50 Barcelona WiFi Cafes for all you caffeine addicts! Whether you need a boost of energy before you begin your holiday, or you simply a comfortable place to work, these cafes are the WiFi safe-haven for your next trip to Barcelona!

Top 50 Barcelona WiFi Cafes of 2018

Below you will find the largest list of Barcelona WiFi Cafes for 2018, with a brief description of the atmosphere in each, as well as the closest metro and neighbourhood. If you came here expecting to find Starbucks and other coffee shop chains... well, you won't find them here. The list order is not an indication of preference, 'cause we do love them all equally. Stay caffeinated, friends!

1. ImaginCafé – Get Your Creative Juices Flowing! – Barcelona Centre

Carrer de Pelai, 11 – Sunday to Wednesday 8AM – 10PM, Thursday to Saturday 8AM – 12AM – Metro Plaça Catalunya

This cafe is located just a stone’s throw from the centre of Barcelona and the main metro station, Plaça de Catalunya. It’s the perfect place if you’re in the city for a week for an event and need a space to work in the mornings with a hot cup of coffee and free WiFi.

2. Morrow Coffee – Latte Art, Anyone? – Sant Antoni/Sants

Av. Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes, 403 – Monday to Sunday 8AM – 6PM – Metro Rocafort

As one of the newer speciality cafes in Barcelona, Morrow Coffee is the place to get a foamy cappuccino and enjoy a relaxing playlist. Not to mention, they know how to make some impressive latte art! What’s best, this cafe is en route to the Fira de Barcelona, making it a perfect spot to fire out some early morning emails.

3. Nappuccino – Work, Coffee, Nap, Repeat. – Eixample Esquerra

Carrer de Muntaner, 22 – Monday to Sunday 10AM – 9PM – Metro Universitat

In case you didn’t catch the name, this is the world’s first-ever ‘siesta cafe’. You can come to Nappuccino for a coffee, breakfast, WiFi, and even take a nap here! Their concept is unique to both Barcelona and the world, and they offer ‘chill zones’ when your coffee starts to wear off. The most effective use of caffeine is to have a cup, take a 20-30 minute power nap, and wake up feeling energised and ready to take on the world! Or, at least, your next project.

4. Brooklyn Cafe – For All You Early Birds – Les Corts

Carrer d’Europa, 28 – Monday to Friday 6:30AM – 10:30PM, Saturday and Sunday 8:00AM – 10:30PM – Metro Maria Cristina

If you’re staying in the Diagonal area or attending conferences at the Palau de Congressos, this is your spot. As very few cafes or restaurants in Barcelona open this early, this coffee shop is a real goldmine. Not to mention, the modern yet cosy decorations make you feel productive and comfortable at the same time.

5. Faborit – Fira – Where to Get Coffee During Barcelona MWC – L’Hospital de Llobregat

Torre Realia, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat – Monday to Friday 7:30AM – 5PM – Metro Europa | Fira

This is virtually one of the only ‘cool’ places in the area around the Barcelona Fira Conference Centre to get a coffee and healthy meal. This Spanish franchise offers great salads, sandwiches, coffee, and of course WiFi to get you ready for the MWC or Barcelona ILTM Conference!

6. Departure Coffee Co. – Low-key Atmosphere meets Upscale Coffee – El Raval

Carrer de la Verge, 1 – Tuesday to Friday 9AM – 5PM, Saturday to Sunday 10AM – 2PM – Metro Universitat

Tucked away at the top of Barcelona’s most eclectic neighbourhood, El Raval, this coffee shop is a true hidden gem. Come here to get creative, wash down a vegan cookie with a crazy-good flat white, and work in a tranquil atmosphere.

7. FabCafe – Coworking, Coffee and Community – Arc de Triomf

Carrer de Bailèn, 11 – Monday to Friday 9:30AM – 5:30PM – Metro Arc de Triomf

If you’re in need of a space where your creative energy can flow easily, FabCafe Barcelona is a great coworking space! Not to mention, they offer coffee and food by Milk & Co, so you can spend the whole day hard at work. FabCafe is truly one of the most unique coworking spaces in the city, so definitely check it out!

8. Hidden Café – Hotel Arts – Literally, Hidden Within The Arts! – Vila Olímpica

Carrer de la Marina, 19 – 21 – every day 8AM – 11PM – Metro Ciutadella | Vila Olímpica

OK, we know – we’re seriously obsessed with the Hotel Arts, but it’s just not because we frequently partner with them to host corporate events. Hidden Café now offers coffee and some small bites inside this glorious hotel. It’s the ideal place to enjoy the impeccable service of the Hotel Arts, regardless of whether you’re staying there or not.

PS – Their main cafe is equally as cool (and as hidden) and can be found at C/ Constança esquina Déu i Mata, 08029 Barcelona. Be sure to try their mollete sandwiches!

9. Suís & Bowls – Minimal Design, Maximum Concentration – Gracia

Travessera de Gràcia, 151 – Monday to Sunday 7AM – 10:30PM – Metro Fontana

Located in one of Barcelona’s most enchanting neighbourhoods, la Vila de Grácia, this Barcelona WiFi cafe offers a cool, friendly and modern space for working. Apart from delicious coffee and teas, they have wonderful breakfast options!

10. Coco Coffice – Where to Work in an Office, Outside the Office – Sant Antoni

Carrer de Manso, 17 – Tuesday to Friday 9AM – 8PM – Metro Sant Antoni

If you lead a nomadic lifestyle but crave a productive space to get work done, Coco Coffice is worth a visit. The idea is ‘coffee + office’ to make your hour, day, or even week there as productive as possible. The rate includes unlimited coffee, tea, fruit and snacks, and really makes this space ideal for your upcoming trip to Barcelona.

11. Pink Soda Café – Dainty Decorations and Mean Lattes – New in Barcelona! Eixample

Ronda de Sant Pere, 52 – Monday to Friday 8:30AM – 8PM, Saturday 9AM – 8PM, Sunday 10AM – 8PM – Metro Arc de Triomf

Don’t let the pink fool you! This coffee knows how to whip up a foamy cappuccino or a vibrant matcha latte! Additionally, they’ve got delicate pastries to nibble on while you get in the zone on your laptop! What’s more, they’ve got a range of treats for most dietary restrictions!

12. Little Fern Cafe – Coffee (and Kiwi) Paradise – New in Barcelona! – Poblenou

Carrer de Pere IV, 168 – Thursday, Friday and Monday 9AM – 5PM, Weekends 10AM – 5PM – Metro Poblenou

If you find yourself in the tech hub of Barcelona, El Poblenou, be sure to stop by the Little Fern Cafe! This recently-opened spot offers coffee, WiFi, goodies from New Zealand, and lots of plants of course! Don’t miss out on their speciality coffee and delicious brunch while you type away.

Photo by Joshua Sorenso from Unsplash

13. Itacate – For the Perfect Turmeric Latte! – Sant Antoni

Carrer del Comte Borrell, 107 – Tuesday to Friday 9AM – 8PM, Saturday and Sunday 10AM – 2PM – Metro Sant Antoni

This cute little cafe has gained a reputation for their friendly service, healthy meals, and interestingly enough, their kombucha! Bring your laptop, headphones, and get ready to work in a cosy environment with a delicious matcha or turmeric latte! Be sure to try the famous Itacate porridge – it’s the perfect breakfast all year round! Best of all, you can reach the Barcelona Fira by catching the L94 or L95 buses and be there in 20 minutes!

14. Bohl– Wholesome Coffee, Wholesome Company – New in Barcelona! – Arc de Triomf

Carrer de Trafalgar, 47 – Monday to Friday 9AM – 8PM, Saturday 10:30AM – 8PM – Metro Arc de Triomf

Breakfast, lunch, coffee, and pets, anyone? This brand new Barcelona bowl cafe just opened, and the concept is as fresh as its new coat of paint! Wholesome food and coffee, kind service, and WiFi are the ingredients you’ll find in this modern cafe. Be prepared to be filled with ideas and healthy food! It’s the perfect place to work in a calm environment, especially if you’re travelling with your pooch!

15. Skye Coffee – Coffee on Wheels – Poblenou

Carrer de Pamplona, 88 – Monday to Friday 9AM – 5PM – Metro Bogatell or Marina

This is without a doubt one of the most unique Barcelona WiFi Cafes, for several reasons. Firstly, the coffee actually comes from a coffee truck they’ve parked inside a refurbished industrial warehouse. Secondly, Skye Coffee was one of the pioneers in developing the speciality coffee scene in Barcelona – and they’ve got darn good coffee. This open area is both for remote working as well as meetings. Inject a shot of espresso, put your headphones in, and get to work in an oasis!

16. Camelia Art Café – Modern Meets Vintage – New in Barcelona! – Sagrada Familia

Carrer de Padilla, 264 – Monday to Friday 9AM – 8PM, Saturday 10AM – 3PM – Metro Sagrada Familia

This brand new cafe just opened a few weeks ago and is charming all who enter its doors! With adorable china, homemade pastries, and speciality coffee, this cafe is real gem in the Sagrada Familia neighbourhood. What’s more, they have comfy furniture and WiFi to get inspired to create greatness while working remotely!

17. Granja Primavera – Put a Spring into Your Step – Eixample

Carrer del Bruc, 121 – Monday to Wednesday 8:30AM – 12AM, Thursday 08:30AM – 2AM, Friday 08:30 – 3AM, Saturday 5PM – 3AM – Metro Verdaguer

If you’re in the mood for a filling breakfast, a detox smoothie, or a piping hot cup of coffee, look no further. Primavera, meaning ‘spring’ in Spanish, will give you that breath of fresh air that you need while working remotely! Best of all, they’re getting a little makeover this summer and are expected to come back looking refreshed after holidays!

Photo by Kevin Bhagat from Unsplash

18. Orion Cafe – Modern Feels and Flat Whites – Eixample Esquerra

Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 511 – Monday to Friday 9AM – 9PM, Saturday and Sunday 10AM – 9PM – Metro Urgell

Speciality coffee, avocado and hummus toasties, and decadent cakes are what Orion Cafe is known for! They offer a few little nooks within the cafe for you to concentrate and work in. Additionally, if you get there early, you can even enjoy the entire upstairs by yourself (although this isn’t ideal in the summer) and look out over the busy streets of Barcelona.

19. Bar Limón – Breakfast and WiFi by the Sea – New in Barcelona! – Barceloneta

Plaça de Pau Vila, 13 – every day from 9AM – 9:30PM – Metro Barceloneta

Conveniently located just a minute from the Barceloneta metro stop, this cafe is a new addition to the Barcelona cafe and brunch scene. Quickly gaining a reputation for their spectacular brunch options, Bar Limón is becoming a popular place in the city! Don’t worry though, they’ve got plenty of space and a killer terrace for everyone to enjoy in peace. Don’t miss out on their fluffy pancakes as they are, in fact, heavenly.

20. Nolita Brunch – Brunch, WiFi and New York Charm – New in Barcelona! – Poblenou

Carrer de Llull, 230 – every day 9AM – 5PM – Metro Poblenou

If you’re in the Poblenou area for business with nearby startup companies, the newly-opened Nolita Brunch is the place for you! Apart from coffee and WiFi, they’ve got some insane brunch options! If you order brunch during the week, you can get your coffee and juice on the house! Be sure to check out this new Barcelona WiFi Cafe!

21. Hush Hush Cafe – Late Risers, Welcome – El Born

Carrer del Fonollar, 4 – Tuesday to Saturday 10AM – 12AM, Sunday and Monday 10AM – 5PM – Metro Jaume I

Sandwiches, coffee and a minimalist atmosphere. The French owners are as friendly as can be and offer service with a smile! Feeling like working in the fresh air? No problem, the WiFi connection reaches outside which is a rarity in Barcelona. Take advantage of this sweet spot and enjoy their good vibes!

22. Billy Brunch – Eggs Benedict and Blog Posts – New in Barcelona! – Eixample

Carrer de Bailèn, 115 – every day 9:30AM – 6PM – Metro Verdaguer

Billy is the name, brunch is the game. This breakfast cafe offers speciality coffee to go along with their amazing brunch options. If you’re staying in a hotel near the Paseo de San Juan, fuel up at Billy’s. They’ve got WiFi, a relaxed atmosphere, and apart from coffee, they also offer traditional Moroccan mint tea!

23. The SweetOphelia Cafe – Delightful Speciality Coffee – Urquinaona

Ronda de Sant Pere, 39 – Monday to Friday, 9AM – 2:30PM, Saturday 10AM – 2PM – Metro Urquinaona or Arc de Triomf

This sweet little spot will serve you up a fresh cup of delicious speciality coffee and a homemade pastry with a smile! They offer a lovely open space, minimalist decoration and soothing music to get your productive day off to a great start!

24. Espai Joliu – Breathe in the Green – Poblenou

Carrer de Badajoz, 95 – Monday to Friday 9:30AM – 7PM, Saturday 10AM – 3PM – Metro Llacuna

If you want to escape from the city and breathe in fresh air without having to leave Barcelona, check out this plant concept store and cafe! Espai Joliu has made a name for itself as one of the greenest cafes in the city! They offer speciality coffee with cute latte art, vegan and gluten-free treats, and of course, WiFi.

25. Pudding – Eat your Way Through Alice’s Wonderland – Eixample

Carrer de Pau Claris, 90 – Monday to Thursday 9:30AM – 8:30PM, Friday and Sunday 9:30AM – 9PM – Metro Passeig de Gracia

Pudding, the Alice in Wonderland-themed cafe is a little escape from the world within the city. Let your imagination go wild among the life-sized mushrooms and crazy decorations while sipping a coffee and enjoying a quiche! The service is friendly, the location is perfectly central, and you honestly have to see this place to believe it. The only warning is children frequent this cafe for obvious reasons, so go early in the morning and during school hours if you want to focus.

26. Jansana – Gluten-Free Options to the Rescue! – Eixample

Carrer de Balmes, 106 – Monday to Saturday 8:30AM – 8PM, Sunday 9AM – 2PM – Metro Provença

For any of you pastry lovers who have been cursed with gluten allergies or intolerances, cry no more. This Barcelona gluten-free cafe offers pastries that will satisfy your carb cravings instantly! Not to mention, their WiFi and service create a comfortable place to get a bit of early morning work done!

27. Sally Sucrå – Smoothie Bowls and Work Flows – Eixample Dreta

Carrer de Bailén, 83 – Monday to Friday 8AM – 8PM, Saturday 9AM – 1PM – Metro Girona

A play on words meaning salt and sugar, this minimalist cafe is one of the best Barcelona WiFi Cafes to hide in while enjoying a healthy breakfast or lunch. Even though they are still located in Barcelona city, you feel like you’re actually in a Scandinavian cafe. Best of all, the second floor of this cafe makes for the perfect place to hide behind your laptop and smoothie bowl.

28. Molika Cafe – Familiar Meeting Point – Eixample Dreta

Carrer de Casp, 57 – Monday to Friday 7:30AM – 8:30PM, Saturday 7:30AM – 1:30PM – Metro Arc de Triomf

This cosy cafe makes for a perfect meeting spot to get a great start to the day. Apart from delicious coffee and homemade baked goods, they offer wonderful smoothies and trendy lattes to get the day started – think charcoal or turmeric. We’d suggest going here to have a meeting rather than plugging in, as they literally only have one outlet! Nonetheless, we still love this cafe.

29. Roast Club Cafe – Quick Pick-Me-Up – Eixample Esquerra

Carrer de València, 143 – Tuesday to Friday 8:30AM – 2PM, Saturday and Sunday 9AM – 3PM – Metro Hospital Clinic

If you’re looking for a cute little nook with a rustic feel and delicious coffee, look no further. WiFi, speciality coffee, and friendly service is all you really need, right? Not to mention – their avocado toast and smoothie bowls are awesome!

30. Sabio Infante – Blast From the Past – Gracia

Carrer del Torrent de l’Olla, 39 – Monday to Friday 8:30AM – 9PM, Saturday 10AM – 9PM, Sunday 10AM – 6PM – Metro Gracia

Decorated with mismatched vintage and 80s-style furniture and radiating with natural light, this is one of the most interesting Barcelona WiFi Cafes. Thanks to the comfy furniture and relaxing music, you’ll easily slip into a workflow. Best of all, they’ve got absolutely delicious coffee and breakfast options!

31. The Corner Hotel – Work by the Fireplace – Eixample Esquerra

Carrer de Mallorca, 178 – everyday 9AM – 12AM – Metro Hospital Clinic

Although it’s a hotel lobby, The Corner is a well-used meeting and group workspace in Barcelona. Their coffee always comes with a little chocolate truffle! It offers great service and excellent WiFI. What’s more, they even have a little fireplace you can cosy up to and write an inspiring blog piece by.

32. Molinet Café Antic – The Dream Outdoor Workspace – Poble Sec

Carrer d’Elkano, 69 – Wednesday to Sunday 10AM – 3PM then 6PM – 1AM – Metro Poble Sec

You will truly feel as if you’re in an antique shop when you come into Molinet! From coffee to cocktails, this curious little spot has comfortable sofas, perfect for bashing out some great work. Not to mention, they also have a secret interior patio with a garden! This is truly the most unique Barcelona WiFi Cafe in Poble Sec, Barcelona!

33. Citizen Café – Feel Like a Local – Urquinaona

Plaça d’Urquinaona, 4 – Monday to Friday 8AM – 11PM, Saturday 9AM – 11PM, Sunday 9AM – 4PM – Metro Urquinaona

Due to its convenient location near many Barcelona hotels and public transportation, Citizen Café is full literally every hour of every day of the week. From coffee and typical Catalan flautas and sandwiches for breakfast to South American-inspired dishes for lunch, Citizen has it all. More importantly, they’ve got great tables in the back for you to set up for a morning of remote work!

34. La Esquina – The Cosiest Corner of Barcelona – Barcelona Centre

Carrer de Bergara, 2 – every day 8:30AM – 6:30PM – Metro Universitat

Located in the heart of the city, La Esquina (‘the corner’ in Spanish) is indeed the cosiest corner in Barcelona. Their speciality coffee and friendly waitstaff make working remotely and having meetings an enjoyable experience! If you need to catch the train to the Fira de Barcelona, start your day in this Barcelona WiFi Cafe.

Photo by Annie Spratt from Unsplash

35. Green Kiss – Sagrada Familia’s Healthiest Cafe – Sagrada Familia

Av. de Gaudí, 87 – Monday to Friday 9AM – 9PM, Saturday 10AM – 6PM, Sunday 10AM – 9PM – Metro Hospital Dos de Maig

Green Kiss is one of the few Barcelona WiFi Cafes available in the Sagrada Familia neighbourhood. Surrounded by a slew of paella places and tourist traps restaurants, Green Kiss provides both healthy options and a tranquil place to work while enjoying a cold press juice! Try their refreshing smoothie bowls, they’re fantastic!

36. Elsa y Fred – Spend the Morning in Paris – Arc de Triomf

Carrer del Rec Comtal, 11 – Monday to Friday 8:30AM – 1AM, Saturday and Sunday 9AM – 1AM – Metro Arc de Triomf

Elsa y Fred has been in Barcelona for over 5 years and has been enchanting the city ever since. Their décor makes it feel as if you are walking into a vintage Parisian cafe, from the paintings to the music. Get there early, snag a table by the window, and feel inspired to while away the hours scribbling as writers so often do in Paris.

37. Europa Café – The Place for Bagels in Barcelona – Sant Gervasi

Av. Diagonal, 469 – Monday to Friday 7AM – 1AM, Saturday and Sunday 9AM – 1AM – Metro Hospital Clinic

From the ornate decorations to the extensive menu, Europa Café is one of the top Barcelona WiFi Cafes to work on the famous Avinguda Diagonal. In fact, it’s one of the only cafes of its type in the area, with various spaces in the restaurant to sit and enjoy. Not to mention, they’ve got a lovely terrace with umbrellas if you need fresh air! What’s more, they’ve got some of the best bagels in Barcelona!

38. Enkel – Speciality Coffee… Or Beer! – The Gothic

Baixada de Sant Miquel, 6 – Tuesday to Thursday 10AM – 4PM then 7:30PM – 12AM, Friday and Saturday 10AM – 12AM, Sunday 10AM – 5PM – Metro Liceu

Fancy a cold brew coffee and pancakes in the morning, and a cold beer with nachos in the afternoon? All in a work-friendly space? Conveniently located in The Gothic neighbourhood, Enkel ticks all of these boxes.

39. Hole – The Remote Worker’s Paradise – Eixample Dreta

Carrer de València, 352 – Monday to Friday 8AM – 7PM, Saturday and Sunday 8AM – 2:30PM – Metro Verdaguer

Apart from insanely fluffy pancakes, this wooden walled-cafe with elegant tables and chairs is a comfy spot to settle in for deep work. Moreover, you’ll feel motivated by all the bearded hipsters who frequent this Barcelona WiFi Cafe with their laptops ready to work.

Photo by Sabri Tuzcu from Unsplash

40.Federal Cafe – Work in the Open Air – The Gothic

Passatge de la Pau, 11 – Monday to Thursday 9AM – 12AM, Friday and Saturday 9AM – 1AM, Sunday 9AM – 5:30PM – Metro Drassanes

This was one of the first cafes in Barcelona with open doors and window seats, not to mention their avocado toast and, of course, delicious coffee. Federal is something of an icon amongst cafes in Barcelona, and is filled with both locals and tourists alike. Get there early to secure a good seat by the window and let creativity flow from your keyboard.

41. Frenesí – Happiness is an Iced Latte – Eixample Esquerra

Carrer Comte d’Urgell, 115 – Tuesday to Thursday 9AM – 7PM, Friday 10AM – 5PM, Saturday and Sunday 10AM – 2PM

Frenesí, meaning ‘frenzy’ in Spanish, is one of the quaintest coffee shops in Barcelona. This tiny little nook of a cafe is filled with outlets, great WiFi, incredible iced lattes and homemade pastries. Not to mention, their açaí bowl with peanut butter is a refreshing way to start your day with healthy energy. Say hi to Grisel, the adorable owner, from us!

42. Black Remedy – The Remedy for Your Remote Working Problems – The Gothic

Carrer de la Ciutat, 5 – Monday to Friday 9AM – 7PM, Saturday and Sunday 10AM – 7PM – Metro Jaume I

Located right in the heart of the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, Black Remedy is one of the best Barcelona WiFi Cafes in the area. With open windows and doors, natural and neon lights alike, and speciality coffee, this spot is a go-to for many creatives in the area. This is home to one of Barcelona’s best flat whites, you don’t want to miss it.

43. Foodies Barcelona – Barcelona’s Tech Health Food Haven – Poblenou

Carrer de Pujades, 225 – Monday to Thursday 10AM – 4PM, Friday to Sunday 10AM – 9PM – Metro Poblenou

Attending Mobile World Congress and have meetings in the tech hub of Barcelona? You don’t want to miss out on the nutritious options at Foodies Barcelona! Their gorgeous cafe is decorated with lots of soft lighting, wooden chairs and tables, and of course, green plants! What’s more, they have a ton of truly healthy food options to fuel you through the day!

44. EatMyTrip - Work Hard, Brunch Harder

Carrer del Consell de Cent, 378, Wednesday - Monday 9:30-5PM

If you're looking for the perfect place to enjoy a gorgeous specialty latte, a mouth-watering homemade cake, or even a refreshing smoothie bowl, EatMyTrip is the place to go. The service is friendly, the food and coffee are delicious, and the WiFi connection is great. What else could you ask for in a cafe? Be sure to try out their curry eggs benny, they're out of this world.

45. Alsur Café & Backdoor Bar – Work in the Heart of the Born – The Born

Carrer de la Ribera, 18 – Sunday to Wednesday 9AM – 12PM, Thursday 9AM – 2AM, Friday and Saturday 9AM – 3AM – Metro Barceloneta

If you’re looking for a big cup of coffee and a relaxed area to fire out a blog post, go get inspired at Alsur Backdoor. Because of its central location, it’s an easy walk from anywhere in the Born or Gothic neighbourhoods of Barcelona. What’s more, Alsur have a few more amazing spots throughout the city, all with great WiFi! Cosy up on their sofa and get writing!

46. Woki Organic Market Plaça Catalunya – Organic Galore – Barcelona Centre

Ronda de la Universitat, 20 – Monday to Saturday 8AM – 12AM, Sunday 11AM – 12AM – Metro Plaça de Catalunya

Organic coffee, juices, and even scrambled eggs are what’s on the menu at Organic Market. This is one of the most central Barcelona WiFi cafes, located just 5 minutes from the Plaça de Catalunya. Additionally, this cafe has various spaces where you can hide out in the morning and get work done in peace and quiet!

47. Soho House Barcelona – Members Only, But Worth the Money – The Gothic

Plaça del Duc de Medinaceli, 4 – open all day, every day to members – Metro Drassanes

One of the most Instagram-friendly hotels and hangout spots in Barcelona, Soho House is the place to be. Located just a stone’s throw from the Barcelona Port, this members-only club also functions as a brilliant coworking space! The only caveat is that you have to be a member to get in. If you know a friend, beg them to let you join them for a day to work remotely – it’s so worth it.

48. ChichaLimoná – Coffee in the Morning, Cocktails in the Evening – Arc de Triomf

Passeig de Sant Joan, 80 – Tuesday to Thursday 9:30AM – 1AM, Friday and Saturday 09:30AM – 2AM, Sunday 09:30AM – 5PM – Metro Verdaguer

Located on the lively Paseo de San Juan, this cafe and bar is calm and tranquil in the morning, and a major after-work scene in the evening. What’s better than remotely working hard all day and earning a glorious glass of Catalan wine as a reward afterward? We can’t really think of anything, can you?

49. Laie – Curl up With a Book, Surf the Web, Drink Coffee. Repeat – Eixample Dreta

Carrer de Pau Claris, 85 – Monday to Saturday 10AM – 9PM – Metro Passeig de Gracia

Laie Barcelona is a fantastic bookstore, coffee shop and bakery all in one! Buy a pastry and a coffee, plug in your laptop, and get into the zone. It also makes for a great place to hide away in the city thanks to a few little nooks within the store itself.

Photo by Tyler Nix from Unsplash

50. Three Marks Coffee - Make it a TRIPLE Shot

Carrer d'Ausiàs Marc, 151 – Every day, 8:30AM – 6:00PM, Saturday 10AM – 2PM – Metro Marina

This brand new coffee shop just opened a month ago, and they've in Barcelona with their espresso machines roaring. If you're in the mood for speciality coffee, bright, natural lighting, and a cool spot to work with your laptop, Three Marks Coffee has a fresh cup waiting for you. Affordable prices, incredible coffee, friendly staff, and zero pretension - what more could you possibly need?