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Top 8 Barcelona Mobile World Congress Party Venues

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Though Mobile World Congress 2019 is still a ways away, we're in full swing with planning accommodation and venues for parties. After multiple requests for unique spaces for upcoming MWC parties, we decided to create a shortlist of the best venues! From beachfront restaurants by the sea, to restaurants in the mountains overlooking the city, to old warehouses in Barcelona's urban district of Poblenou, this list is here to inspire different amazing party ideas. Here are some of Barcelona's most unique spaces to have your Mobile World Congress 2019 party.

Barcelona MWC Party Venues for 2019

#1 - Views from the top​

Ideal setup for dinner and drinks for a private party

The views from this restaurant tucked away in the hills of Barcelona simply cannot be beaten. Imagine popping open a cold bottle of cava, nibbling on a few local tapas, and networking with views overlooking the entire city.

This venue has a total capacity for 220 guests for a cocktail party! Want to have an intimate dinner party with your team? Their VIP room can be exclusively used at no extra cost for groups of 25 or more.

For more details on this Barcelona venue, feel free to ask us! We're happy to share our expertise.

#2 - Industrial-themed tech party

In Barcelona's start-up neighborhood for an MWC tech launch party

Calling all tech companies! If you have an upcoming product or service you're planning on launching at the upcoming MWC 2019, this is a top place to consider. Apart from its location in Barcelona's start-up and tech neighbourhood, El Poblenou, this industrial space is the perfect place for an app, product, or service launch party.

The venue can host up to 100 guests (standing), and even has a kitchen available for use should you require catering.

Need help finding a venue? Send us over the details and we'll come back with a proposal, completely free of charge.

#3 - Blow them out of the water

The perfect place for a large networking party

Try and remember the best coporate event you ever went to. What made it special? Was it the food? The drinks? The location? Maybe it was even the music and party lineup? If you're looking to host your very own unforgettable evening and go all-out, check out this waterfront lounge.

The total capacity of this lounge is 600 people. Go big or go home, right?

Insider tip: You can rent out their yacht for 350 guests as well, just in case the lounge isn't enough.

Want to see more waterfront venues and yachts? Let us help you find the coolest venues in Barcelona!

#4 - Fine dining, even finer views

Private dinner party dream

This 75 metre-high fine dining restaurant offers impressive 360º panoramic views of Barcelona. Facing the Barceloneta beach, this central location makes for an elegant and accessible place to host a party. It's not the most affordable option, so make sure you've got the appropriate budget for this night to remember.

The layout of this restaurant is open for all unless you're willing to rent out the entire space for your party. The total capacity is 120, so if you want to treat your clients and special guests to an amazing evening, this is our recommendation.

Get in touch if you need help finding a space for your MWC launch party or dinner!

#5 - Cava and Canapés on the Rooftop

Central location, ideal for an awareness party visible branding

Located right in the heart of the Barcelona's Old Port, Port Vell, this rooftop is an ideal location for a cocktail and canapé party. Networking will be a breeze for your guests as they enjoy the views of the port on this rooftop.

The total capacity for this rooftop terrace is 80 people and another 120 inside the restaurant to eat. It's the perfect place to have an after work and mingle!

You won't believe the views from these Top 10 Barcelona Event Rooftops.

#6 - Make MWC party history

Have your party in one of Barcelona's most iconic museums

If you've got the budget and want to make a night that your clients (and boss) will never forget, why not host your event in a Barcelona museum? This building was constructed towards the end of the 1920s, and is now a fully functioning ship museum.

The capacity is for up to 1,000 people, and you can host guests both inside the museum, as well as out on the terrace if you want to have a cocktail.

Speaking of cocktails, check out these top bars in Barcelona!

#7 - Be inspired by architecture

In the heart of the impressive Joan Brossa Gardens

This beautiful building's design came as a result of inspiration from the Mediterranean sea. The unique structure of this venue makes for a memorable place to have a party. You can find this central Barcelona event venue in the heart of the gardens, hidden away from the bustle of the city.

There are various halls where you can host your guests, with capacities on average of 250. Not to mention, there is a gorgeous terrace where you can host up to 300 guests!

#8 - Party to the rhythm of the waves

Have your next Mobile World Congress party by the beach

This nightclub has been rented by many MWC clients throughout the years, and it's always been a huge success. Located just metres from the beach, this spot makes for the perfect MWC party venue. Imagine releasing news about your new app, then having a DJ entertain your guests all night to celebrate your achievement!

The maximum capacity is around 2,000 people, so make sure you've got a big guest list (and big budget).

Need a large-capacity venue in Barcelona for your next corporate event? We'll share our favourites with you at no extra cost. Let's discuss your upcoming event, we love to chat!