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La Casa Llotja de Mar - Event Venue in Barcelona

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Casa Llotja de Mar

Did you know that Barcelona is one of the most desirable cities in Europe to host a corporate event abroad? Barcelona is known for its proximity to the beach, the mountains, the wine country, and the forests, rich with soil for some of the best produce in Spain. Not to mention, incredible cuisine, some of the best nightlife, and of course, the most stunning venues for events. Today we're going to share the first feature on our brand new series, The Akommo Venue Experience, La Casa Llotja de Mar. Sit tight as we take you through this emblematic venue, and get inspired for your next Barcelona event! Here's one of our favourite recommendations of Where to Have Your Event in Barcelona.

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This iconic event venue is a favourite amongst both local and foreign corporate event planners due to its spacious halls and rooms, the Gothic and Neoclassical architecture, and its overall major historical significance to Barcelona. As we have helped multiple clients find this venue and negotiate the best rental rates at the Casa Llotja, we hold this venue very near and dear to our hearts. As Jason, the CEO and founder of Akommo, takes us around the Casa Llotja de Mar, the various event spaces truly come to life to help you visualise your upcoming corporate event in Barcelona. Before we get into the details of each space, here's a bit of history behind this Barcelona landmark, so you can truly get a feel for how incredible it is to host a venue here.

Brief History of Casa Llotja de Mar

Constructed in the late 14th century, the Casa Llotja de Mar has played an important role in the growth of economy and merchant trade in Barcelona. Officially constructed on July 5th, 1392, this historic building has served various different purposes, such as:

  • A great trading hall, especially among sea merchants due to its location near the port
  • An army barracks during the 1700s
  • The Barcelona Stock Exchange
  • And today it functions as the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce

Through various different kings and rulers, wars, and economic crises, the construction of this building has taken hundreds of years to achieve its current pristine state. Nowadays, the Casa Llotja de Mar hosts government officials, politicians, and even The King of Spain, in order to sign new laws and decrees for the country.

Check out the YouTube Video here and read along to get more information about each space!

Barcelona is celebrated as one of Europe's finest cultural treasures. The mystical blend of architectural virtuosity rooted in this great enchantress will leave an unforgettable impression when you host your next event in this city. Click here and get your proposal for some of the most unique Barcelona event venues, free of charge.

The Featured Venue Spaces

As the Casa Llotja de Mar is located right in the heart of the city, its easy accessibility and proximity to the water make this space instantly attractive for events. Located on the outskirts of the ancient Gothic Quarter and Borne neighbourhoods, from the outside, you'd never guess what's hiding beyond the humble doors of the Chamber of Commerce.

El Pati i Escala d'Honor

As you walk through the doors, the first space you'll see is the Courtyard and Staircase of Honour. The brightly lit courtyard is illuminated by soft, natural lighting coming from the open ceiling, and is decorated with white marble sculptures, regal light fixtures, and spectacular architecture throughout. Not to mention, it's the perfect place to make announcements or grand entrances using the Staircase of Honour.

Capacity: 400 people
Usable space: 649 m2
Event suggestions: Use this space to host your guests for a pre-dinner cocktail
and hors d'oeuvres. Enjoy a classy cocktail with live musicians, such as flamenco
guitar players or a jazz quartet.

The Contracts Hall

This grand hall is the perfect Barcelona corporate event venue, due to its spaciousness, the ornate decorations, 14m-high ceilings, and the fact that it has been conserved throughout the years since Medieval times. Imagine having your next gala dinner here, with up to 430 seated guests, all enjoying a delicious meal in one of Barcelona's most iconic great halls.

Capacity: 710 people
Usable space: 709 m2
Event suggestions: Use this great hall to host a banquet or gala dinner, or even
an important internal conference.

Interested in hosting your own corporate event at the Casa Llotja? Write to us at [email protected] and we'll help you every step of the way, free of charge.

The Golden Room

As you can imagine from the name, the golden hues of this room make for a 
majestic atmosphere for an important meeting or even a VIP dinner. The detailed
decorations, Damascus silk tapestries, and hand-cut teardrop chandeliers will 
add an extra boost of importance and value to your next corporate event. 
Capacity: 170 people
Usable space: 202 m2
Event suggestions: Use this regal golden room to sign important contracts, host
VIP meetings, or even a private an exclusive catered dinner party. 

Lucretia Hall

This important welcoming hall acquired its name after once hosting the
masterpiece by Damià Campeny, the Lucretia sculpture. Still located on the first
floor, this hall serves as a grand place for important meetings with company 
figureheads. See the ceiling in the YouTube virtual guide above, it's absolutely
Capacity: 20 people
Usable space: 87 m2
Event suggestions: For your next event, you can use this space to have board
meetings for your top company employees.

The Consulate Hall

The large painting that takes centre stage in the Consulate Hall is of Antoni 
de Capmany i de Montpalau. You'll also see the large mural work by Pere Pau 
i Montanya, painted in 1802 covering the ceiling. In addition, you'll notice in the video
tour that the walls are covered in damask upholstery, attributing to the refined air 
in the room. 

Capacity: 25 people
Usable space: 79 m2
Event suggestions: We recommend using this delicate space as an intimate 
hall for a gala dinner. Your guests will be blown away by the artwork and attention 
to detail in this room.

For more information regarding any of the spaces mentioned, send us an email to [email protected] or give us a ring at +34 931 78 53 00. Ask to speak directly to Jason, our CEO - he'll tell you all about his beloved Casa Llotja!