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5 Places in Berlin to Have Your Corporate Dinner

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Berlin is becoming more popular as a business destination and it’s not hard to see why. It has barely been 30 years since the wall of Berlin fell, and no other city in Europe has re-invented itself faster and more efficiently than Berlin. In 2006, Berlin was awarded a City of Design status by UNESCO. This means that Berlin was not just designed with aesthetics in mind, but with the comfort and safety of its residents and visitors too.

Apart from the growing number of venues where you can have corporate events in Berlin, business travellers like that urban transportation in the German capital is safe, reliable and inexpensive. This makes it convenient for business travellers to explore the city after work. And because Berlin’s popularity both as a business and tourist destination shows no signs of slowing down, the number of restaurants where you can hold your business dinner is also rising. From an Italian restaurant with a dish created specifically for the Prime Minister of Italy, to a restaurant dedicated only to desserts, we found the 5 best restaurants in Berlin where you can have your business or corporate dinner.

1. Italian Cusine, German flavour

When you’re organising a corporate or business dinner in Berlin, the main thing to keep in mind is everyone’s food preferences. Fortunately, Italian food is one of those cuisines that are universally loved, so a corporate dinner here will most likely make everyone happy. Moreover, Italian food is best enjoyed with a group and this restaurant has private dining rooms available, so if you want your group to have a festive yet intimate corporate dinner then this restaurant is one of the best choices in Berlin for you.

Just a short walk from the Brandenburg Gate and the Adlon, it is considered to be one of Berlin’s most renowned Italian restaurants and boasts of a loyal clientele. And even though is mostly frequented by business people, the atmosphere remains clean, contemporary and not stiff at all. This restaurant is really most ideal for groups as they have a private dining area that they call the “Chancellor Room”. Alternatively, groups can also reserve the “family table” that can accommodate up to 12 people. This special table is made from Kauri wood, the largest and most renowned of all native timber trees and was transported from Cologne. This table also signifies moments of boding shared over good food and wine by friends and family, a hallmark tradition of Italian food.

The waiters at this restaurant are known to be very knowledgeable passionate about their menu and will likely help you choose the dish most suited to your preference. Recommended dishes from this restaurant include their “Il Gamero Rosso”, red shrimp from the Sicilian Mazzaro del Vallo, and their Paccheri alla “Ciampi”, which they created especially for the former Prime Minister and President of Italy, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi. For dessert, their goat cheese crème brulee with mandarin ice cream has earned several praises.

2. Uniqueness in the Heart of the City!

Located in the Charlottenburg district of Berlin (known for its high-end boutiques and elegant pre-war building architecture), this restaurant offers modern German cuisine with a dash of European / Central European elements.

If you happen to be entertaining guests or clients from overseas, outside of Europe, and are looking for things to do in Berlin that are uniquely German, it could be the ideal location for you. And those who are in for a business dinner in Berlin that allows the best of German gastronomy to be featured, you are in for a treat. Berlin-born chef Jean-Marc Komfort and his team are known to source and use only fresh regional ingredients around Berlin in order to stay as authentic as possible in their interpretation of German cuisine.

For dinner, they have a 3 or 4-course menu available, but à la carte is also an option. The restaurant also has an open kitchen design that allows guests to see how their meals are made. It is quite noticeable that their menu is straightforward and simple, giving the chef and his team the opportunity to focus on perfecting a well-curated menu. And although German and European cuisine, in general, are known to be mainly carnivorous, the menu is pescatarian-friendly. Their menu is seasonal but just as a sample, one of this season’s pescatarian mains is a potato risotto with saffron, spinach, sturgeon, and belper.

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3. Israel's Finest

This restaurant was one of the first in Germany to take modern Israeli cuisine to a different level. The group’s standard concept is to provide a first-class urban living and dining experience at a reasonable cost.

Keeping to this standard, this restaurant’s interior is known by its dark and elegant furniture, an open kitchen and a large fireplace. Is also known to take guests on a culinary journey from Berlin to the heart of Tel Aviv not just because of their Israeli dishes that are infused with a heaping of the Mediterranean and the Middle East. The dining experience per se is quite unique. Their menu offers dishes that encourage diners to share.

Their starters, called “Chuzpeles”, are served in small fine portions that make eating together an enjoyable and lively event. The combination of its sophisticated interiors and festive atmosphere make it an ideal venue for groups in Berlin, whether it is corporate, family, or friends. Christmas in Berlin is coming, and if you and your business or corporate group are looking for a more festive activity and not just your usual dinner.

Every month, the restaurant holds a special event called ISRAMANI where friends, groups and families get together, drink and dance on the tables. This is absolutely not your ordinary corporate dinner in Berlin! They have quite an extensive dinner menu that feature dishes that are best shared.

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4. A Trip to the (Michelin) Stars

Gourmands and foodies will be absolutely thrilled if your corporate dinner and event in Berlin is booked here. This restaurant has been awarded with 2 Michelin stars and is currently number 40 on the list of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

While he was travelling in Asia as a young man, the chef of the restaurant fell in love with the elements of the cuisine in the region, and he brought them back to Berlin where he opened this restaurant in 2010.

Their dishes can be best described as a blend of Japanese precision mixed with the aromatic factors of Thai cuisine, and the philosophy of Chinese cooking. Their signature meny, for instance, has Ikarimi Salmon with tomato and star anise, and Wagyu Chiu Chow Chili Beef with turmeric and papaya. But the uniqueness of the dishes doesn’t just stop there. The chef is also an advocate of dishes that release energy slowly into the body. And as such, Restaurant Tim Raue does not serve bread, pasta or rice. Refined sugar and gluten are also absent from all dishes.

The entire kitchen also only works with lactose-free products and they readily offer a vegan set menu.

5. Germany's First Dessert Restaurant

When you and your team have had your business dinner in Berlin – be sure to leave room (lots of room) for dessert! This one is Germany’s very first dessert restaurant and they serve multiple courses and tasting menus of modern desserts that are accompanied by intriguing cocktail concoctions. If not everyone in your group has a sweet tooth, you need not worry. This restaurant employs techniques that use mostly savory ingredients.

And because it's a dessert and dining bar, they pair the desserts with interesting cocktails such as Spanish sherry with oolong tea and cumin, or German beer mixed with whey and saffron. If you and your group prefer a bit of a ‘show’, be sure to occupy the stools at the bar front, where you can have a direct view of the open kitchen and see the dessert mixologists in action.

This one is not just perfect for groups with adventurous palates. Having dessert here could also serve as an unusual business or team bonding experience as every dish served is sure to be a point of discussion.

If you wish to know more about Berlin, from accommodation options to corporate event planning (and perhaps even more restaurant recommendations?), allow us to help you! Contact our dedicated team at [email protected] now.