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10 Unique Corporate Event Destinations

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Did you know that according to Forbes, being an event coordinator is the most stressful job in the world after firefighter, police officer, the military, and airline pilot? There are so many details to be considered, so many people to look after, and so many split-second decisions that need to be made in order to properly execute an event. One of the greatest factors of determining an event's success is choosing the perfect event location. We're going to help you with this decision and share the top 10 Unique Corporate Event Destinations of 2018. They are affordable, accessible, and overall, some of the best kept secrets in the corporate event industry.

The Top 10 Unique Corporate Event Destinations of 2018

These destinations are listed in no particular order - we are inspired by every single one of these cities. If you'd like for tips and information on another city not listed here, send an email to [email protected] and we'll be happy to help!

#1 Lyon - Gastronomic Paradise

Lyon has acquired an incredible reputation for itself as the gastronomy capital of the world. This fantastic city is one of the most esteemed destinations when it comes to food, especially - of course - for French cuisine. Due to its geographical location, this city is surrounded by some of the best resources and ingredients to make mouthwatering dishes. If you want to blow your guests away with a gala dinner they will never forget, this city is one of your best options.

Picture having your conference or meetings next to the famous Les Halles de Lyon market, grabbing a bite at a bouchon in the city centre in between meetings, and later dining in one of the city's finest restaurants with your event delegates. Traditional French dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients, local French wine, and a spectacular venue are the perfect ingredients for a successful event.

Photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash​

#2 Budapest - Affordable and Accessible

So you've been assigned to organise a corporate event, but you've been given a less-than-ideal budget. Fear not, Budapest is here to make the impossible possible!

This unique corporate event destination is one of the most affordable places to travel in Europe at the moment. Not to mention, most of the greatest sites to see in the city are free, such as the impressive 3-story Great Hall Market, walking along the Danube River, or gazing at the views from the Fisherman’s Bastion. This historically-rich city is becoming one of the hottest destinations in Europe for corporate events.

Photo by Daniel Horvath on Unsplash​

Best of all, accommodation is incredibly affordable as well, and Budapest airport receives flights from many major cities all over Europe. If you want to have an event to remember but you're working around a tight budget, why not consider Budapest? Whether you choose Buda or Pest is another question altogether!

#3 Gothenburg - Under the Radar

While everyone is still raving about Stockholm, we've been presenting Gothenburg to clients as a top corporate event destination. Don't get us wrong, Stockholm is an incredibly gorgeous city, but here at Akommo we like to think outside the box.

Photo by Jonas Jacobsson on Unsplash​

Gothenburg is a port city that prides itself on being an incredibly green destination. Some of the transportation options in this eco-friendly city are bus, bike, ferries, and even kayak. Yes, you can kayak your way through the canals of Gothenburg! What our clients love about this city is that it isn't too large, the accommodation and hotels are luxurious but affordable, and the craft beer scene is booming!

And of course, being a port town, the seafood could not be fresher. Consider Gothenburg and its undiscovered charm for your next corporate event!

#4 - Krakow- History and Culture

The Old Town in Krakow was listed as one of the first ever UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and is as charming as they come. Home to the pierogi and some incredible smoked sheep's cheese, it's easy to organise affordable and tasty corporate lunches or gala dinners for your event attendees. If you're a caffeine freak, Krakow has become one of the coffee havens of Europe!

Photo by Lucas Albuquerque on Unsplash​

This city is a particularly up-and-coming corporate event destination because of its wide variety of venues to host events. From large capacity conference centres to in-hotel events, this city has a handful of stunning venues. What's more, Krakow is accessible from all major European cities, most of which with direct flights.

#5 Seville - Warm Weather, Even Warmer Culture

Whether or not you're familiar with Spanish culture, you've surely heard of the beautiful capital of Andalusia - Seville. Known for it's rich history, colourful architecture, and all-round enjoyable weather, this southern Spanish city is a great option for an early springtime event. As well as the fact that the average temperature in the spring is around 16 degrees Celsius, the warm culture of the Andalusian people is year-round.

Photo by Fabio Ballasina on Unsplash​

In Seville you will find traditional Flamenco performances, affordable hotels with amazing amenities, and best of all, the food culture! It's traditional to get complimentary tapas that come along with your drink! Though the typical destinations for corporate events are usually Barcelona or Madrid, why not put a little heat into your next event?

See some of our favourite Barcelona Corporate Event Venues here!

#6 Edinburgh - Scottish Charm

The capital of Scotland, with its stunning architecture and year-round culture, has an irresistible charm that's downright magical - it is the birthplace of Harry Potter, after all. Imagine hosting your next corporate event in a venue overlooking Edinburgh Castle, or tucked away down a secret cobbled alleyway.

Photo by Matthew Kalapuch on Unsplash​

When it comes to choosing an event venue, you will also be spoiled for choice! From luxury to boutique, the range of accommodation in Edinburgh is also huge. Once your conference is over, the perfect way to wrap up the event is with a Scottish ceilidh - dancing accompanied by a traditional band. If your delegates have two left feet, they'll be perfectly happy to settle down instead in a cosy pub with a dram of whisky... or two...

#7 Riga - Modern Meets Tradition

The capital of Latvia is one of the largest cities in the greater Baltic region, and is one of the most unique corporate event destinations for many reasons. Riga has direct flights, especially from London, for less than 80€ return and in less than 3 hours! Not to mention, you can stay in 5-star hotels for less than 140€ per night, depending on the season.

Photo by Sascha Israel on Unsplash​

This affordable city is overflowing with tradition, yet welcomes modern trends and culture at the same time. Organise a gorgeous traditional breakfast to start the day, host your conference in your 5-star hotel, then enjoy a night out in the heart of the Old Town with your event delegates. The architecture of this UNESCO World Heritage town enchants all who walk along its cobblestone pathways. To escape from the usual high-rise buildings and busy city life, consider Riga as your next corporate event destination!

#8 Dublin - Bars and Nightlife

The capital city of the Republic of Ireland has much more to offer than Guinness and Champ, though we cannot deny that they are delicious. Dublin has the youngest population in all of Europe, with more than 50% being 25 or younger. This youthful spirit is contagious, inspirational, and honestly, great fun!

Not to mention, Dublin has become quite a digital hub in Europe, as it hosts major European centres for world powerhouses such as Google, Facebook, Hubspot, Slack, and more.

Photo by Lucas Miguel on Unsplash​

Want to host a memorable evening for large event? Try out the Guinness Storehouse for you and up to 2,000 guests! Or maybe your company would prefer to host an internal corporate conference? Dublin has many a unique corporate event venue just waiting to be discovered.

#9 Copenhagen - Experience the Nordic Joy

Did you know that the Danish have a reputation for being the happiest people in the world? Their values are freedom for the individual, equality, respect, tolerance and mutual trust. In short, Denmark is a place where your guests will feel a strong sense of safety and security, and best of all, get a glimpse of what makes the Danes so happy.

Photo by Anton Karatkevich on Unsplash​

From the white, Nordic architecture, to the clean streets and reduced air pollution, this city will provide a breath of fresh air for your guests and clients. The 4- and 5-star hotels are abundant, the food and coffee scene absolutely booming, and the respectful and joyful way of life will leave your delegates feeling inspired!

#10 Vienna - Easy to Navigate

Wiener schnitzel or würstel, apfelstrudel, goulash... If you didn't understand any of that, make sure to Google these words AFTER your lunch break. Austria is known for its rich and comforting dishes that are designed to keep you feeling full and happy. If you've been tasked with organising an event in the winter months, we recommend considering Vienna as your cosy corporate event destination.

Vienna is also known as the home of arguably the best public transportation in Europe, that even the locals enjoy using. Transportation, accommodation, and the incredible cuisine are all reasonably-priced, and come with great service. Treat your event delegates to a gala dinner and some traditional Austrian beer to round off a corporate event they will never forget!

Your Unique Corporate Event

Are you ready to begin your enjoyable event planning process? Delegate the research and negotiating to Akommo this year so you can focus on the details of your event! Send us your event details and requirements to [email protected] and we'll be back