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Akommo's Trip Down Memory Lane - Our Top European Corporate Venues and Events in 2019

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We can all agree that 2020 won’t be the big year that many of us in the events industry had dreamed about. The Coronavirus is a global pandemic that has caused and will continue to cause cancellations of events across the world. As a European venue finder and corporate events organiser, we are feeling the effects first hand. Instead of focusing on the negative, here at Akommo, we wanted to take this time to bring positivity to our industry and remind everyone that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we will overcome this together. We want to take this moment to highlight some of the wonderful events we sourced venues for in Europe in 2019. By looking back and celebrating these events, we can all look forward to what will come after this global crisis passes.


1. Ballrooms, Buffets, and Banquets

INDUSTRY: Real Estate
Number of attendees: 420

As a European venue finder, we were able to help this client find various spaces for a large-scale 2-day conference in Barcelona. The conference took place in one of Barcelona’s premier 5-star hotel ballrooms. It included a luxurious buffet-style lunch on the terraces overlooking the sea, followed by a gala dinner at a stunning, historical gothic building, which can be seen in the picture above. The client also used one of Barcelona’s best local catering companies so the guests left the event satisfied both with the gastronomy and experiencing unique venues.

2. Sites, Sunsets, and Show-cooking

INDUSTRY: Real Estate
Number of attendees: 50

This corporate event happened near Barcelona’s beaches on a rooftop with panoramic views of the city. Everyone wants to sip on a glass of wine while enjoying the coastline and colourful sunset. As you can see from the picture, the show-cooking of paella and fideuà is incredible and tastes just as good.

3.Urban Jungle

INDUSTRY: Translation/Communication/Information Technology
Number of Attendees: 50

This corporate dinner, celebrating the company’s 20th anniversary, took place in the heart of Barcelona. With luscious green plants everywhere, it gives the sensation of being outside of the urban sprawl. The calm and fresh vibe, along with a live guitar player, created an incredible ambience. There is also a 2nd floor with a large projector and sound system, where the client was able to make an engaging presentation. Check out a testimonial from this event by clicking here.


4. 360 on Top

INDUSTRY: Real Estate
Number of attendees: 70

This incredible rooftop venue offers a 360° view of Madrid and was host to a successful cocktail dinner with an open bar. Take in the beautiful sunset on the furnished terrace or you can step inside and head to the bar and enjoy a cocktail by the pool. This venue is affordable and offers both an indoor and outdoor area, making it perfect for any time of the year. Read a testimonial of this successful event by clicking here.

5. Party in a Palace

INDUSTRY: Pharmaceutical
Number of attendees: 150

This beautifully maintained authentic Spanish palace is located in the countryside about 20 minutes from the Madrid city centre. Our client enjoyed a welcome drink on elegantly decorated terraces, followed by a sit-down dinner inside the palace with live musical entertainment. Your guests will really feel like royalty with an event in this palace!


6. Bike for a Cause

INDUSTRY: Real Estate
Number of attendees: 110

We had the pleasure to assist with a charity bike ride last year that included 6 cities in southern Spain: Seville, Cordoba, Jaen, Granada, Salobreña, and Almeria. We ensured the client had hotel accommodations in each city, as well as meals, bike storage, and vehicle parking. This is an ongoing annual event, and as a European venue organiser, we can help with the logistics of multi-city events.


7. Versatile Villa

INDUSTRY: Real Estate
Number of attendees: 600

Our experience as a European venue finder, with a speciality in Cannes, was an asset as we not only sourced this venue, but we also hired the security and coordinated with the production company to build the tents. This impressive villa not only can serve as a luxurious accommodation but also as the splendid backdrop for various types of events. With a swimming pool and a large garden, this venue is versatile and the possibilities are endless! You can check out the testimonial by clicking here.


8. Nice Venue in Nice

INDUSTRY: Software
Number of attendees: 100

This event was held on the rooftop of a high-end hotel in Nice. The views of the French Riviera are spectacular and the food was amazing. The guests savoured the catering and open bar while networking in the furnished lounge area. Who doesn’t want to feel the fresh breeze of the Mediterranian, while enjoying a cocktail and canapes on the roof?


9. Motion by the Ocean

INDUSTRY: Pharmaceutical
Number of attendees: 140 pax

This venue will absolutely take your breath away. Our client started their evening with a welcome drink next to the pool overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. They followed up with an exquisite gala dinner, also with views of the ocean through the large glass windows. This venue is so impressive and provides so many different options for all types of events.

10. Medieval Magic

INDUSTRY: Real Estate
Number of attendees: 250

We found this unique venue in Lisbon for our client who was looking for a memorable experience for their company Christmas dinner. This warehouse has been turned into a multifunctional space and with the option to use candlelight, it creates a medieval feel. The guests not only relished the dinner, but it was turned into a dance venue afterwards so they could boogie the night away.


11. A Room with a View

INDUSTRY: Technology / Software Solutions
Number of attendees: 100

This company partner summit took place in a 5-star luxury hotel in the heart of Prague. The hotel was used as accommodation for the event attendees, as well as the site for the conference, including catering. The meeting space comes complete with a large screen, podium, and the highlight of the room is the floor to ceiling windows that provide a sweeping view of the city.


12. Majestic Marvel

INDUSTRY: Real Estate
Number of attendees: 130

This palatial 5-star hotel was used as the venue for both a conference and gala dinner. This landmark building is impressive both inside and out and we have to spotlight the ballroom featured above, with its white and gold decor and lavish chandelier. There are many different spaces for all types of events and this historical building with its majestic atmosphere is a real pleasure for guests.


13. Rollin’ on a River

INDUSTRY: Real Estate
Number of attendees: 50

We were happy to help one of our regular clients with venue finding and accommodation for a corporate consultant meeting in Dublin. It was held in a central hotel with a boutique feel, creating an aura of intimacy. The best part is that this hotel overlooks the Grand Canal, offering guests a pleasant visual. Being in the heart of Dublin, it also allows guests to explore the city with ease and comfort.

If you want more information about any of the venues you see in this blog post please write to us at [email protected] and we would be happy to answer all your questions. Because of the quarantine happening all over the world, social gatherings will have a huge comeback once all this is behind us. We look forward to knowing more about your future events so we can source the best European venue possible and make your next event one to remember.