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Top 5 European Venues for Large Audiences

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According to a World Report by Smart Meetings, 8 out of the top 15 global international cities for meetings are located in Europe. (Smart Meetings reports on industry trends and news in the Hotel, Destinations and Food & Beverage areas). Due to its safe environment for tourists, convenience in transportation, availability of event venues of all sizes, Europe certainly is a popular choice for corporate events and celebrations.

The rise of meetings, conferences and events in Europe has created a greater demand for large audience venues in the area. In this post, we’ve gathered the top 5 European venues for large audiences. And in true European style, this list doesn’t just impress with its sheer magnanimous capacity. From a former warehouse to a sprawling romantic garden, our list shows that style and ambience need not be sacrificed in order to have a large audience venue.

Event planning has also become more convenient and easier than ever. We decided to try out and share our list of Top 13 Apps for Event Planners.

1.) Palace of Pillars

For nearly two centuries, this venue was the home of the French Stock Exchange. The construction of this Corinthian-style building began in 1807 under Napoleon, through the direction of architect Alexandre Theodore Brongniart. Today, this historic venue serves as host to major events with large audiences in the heart of Paris.

It hosts over 400 events every year, and in particular, they promote initiatives towards solidarity, economic, and social innovation. This one is by far the perfect venue for conventions, award ceremonies, seminars, congresses, cocktail buffets, product launches and receptions. Gourmands and those who consider good food at an event a must, will enjoy the fact that it has “Le Spoon” restaurant, which is operated in partnership with renowned Chef Alain Ducasse. Chef Alain Ducasse is the first chef to ever own restaurants with three Michelin Stars in three different cities.

We’ve also learned that people are more apt to participate in events that have been planned and thought-out with consideration to our planet. Our guide on How to Make Your Event More Sustainable will surely help you with that.

2.) Warehouse to Wonder

Spread over 2,800m2, this venue is a 100-year old former warehouse which has 11 rooms available for events. All of the 11 multi-purpose rooms are equipped with modern equipment to ensure all events, conferences and meetings are ready with state-of-the-art media, light, sound and technology.

It has a very unique industrial appeal and vibe, as restoration of this former warehouse ensured that the interiors still retained its rustic but comfortable ambience. This space is a popular venue choice for corporate events in Europe and is perfectly suited for gala dinners, product presentations, concerts, meetings and other events.

In terms of logistics and transportation, it is useful to note that it sits just 2.5km away from the main train station, 4.3km away from Tegel (TXL) airport, and 20.9km from Schonefeld (SXF) airport.

When planning your next corporate event in Europe, it’s best to think and organise ahead. Be sure to check out our list of Best Cities to Host an Event in 2020.

3.) More Than a Venue

If your next corporate event in Europe requires a large audience venue, you need not look further than this venue, one of the largest stadiums in Spain and Europe. Completed in 1957, it has a seating capacity of 99,354, making it the 3rd largest football stadium in the world in terms of capacity.

If your corporate group is not quite as big—don’t worry. This venue is also available for private events. They have 14 rooms and auditoriums that are well-equipped and available in all sizes. Whether it is a lounge for 70 people seated or an auditorium terrace for 4,500, it can host your corporate event of any size.

And even though this venue is associated with a well-known football team, there have been numerous concerts from performers worldwide that have been held here. One of the very first to perform was Spanish singer Julio Iglesias, who in 1982 played in front of 60,000 people. Bruce Springsteen also had his concert here in 1988 and has since played a number of times. Michael Jackson very famously performed here during his Bad World Tour in front of an audience of 95,000. Any event you have here will surely make a memorable experience for your guests!

4.) Grander than Grand

This defining monument was designed by architect Hendrik Petrus Berlage in 1896. It was designed as a commodity exchange, and for almost a hundred years, served as Amsterdam’s stock and commodities exchange.

Today, it is a popular venue for international conferences, conventions and meetings. The main hall has a surface area of almost 1,600m2, making it the largest main hall in the centre of Amsterdam. When it comes to planning your corporate event, this venue offers full service in organising –from culinary catering to technical support and logistics for attendees.

Getting to the door of the venue is also a breeze as it is just walking distance from Amsterdam Central Station.

5.) A Natural Beauty

There are many corporate event venues in Europe for large audiences but none as magical and romantic as this venue! It is a manor house built in 1946 and surrounded by a massive, 30,000m2- English-style garden where events of various nature and all sizes can be accommodated: from Gala dinners, award ceremonies, anniversaries, to car presentations.

It has 8 venue areas (halls and gardens) to choose from ranging from 17m2 to 362m2. (The garden is 30,000m2). Because of its great location, it has an exclusive parking space for its guests with a capacity for 380 vehicles.

This venue was recently renovated by interior designer Luisa Olazabal, who is known for her love of natural materials. Hence when she renovated it, she was able to retain its essence of being an escape from the city without really leaving it. It is owned and managed by a corporate group, who with more than 75 years of experience in the hospitality industry, is also one of Madrid’s most established restoration partners.

It is located 25km from the airport, 3.5km from Cercanias Aravaca station, and 9.5km from the city centre.

We here at Akommo are experts in corporate event planning in Europe. Contact us now or email us at [email protected] so we can start planning your next corporate event in Europe!