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Top 11 Lisbon Event Venues of 2024

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When it comes to hosting memorable and enjoyable corporate events, location is one of the most important deciding factors. Every year, event planners scramble to come up with ways to outdo last year's corporate event in the hottest city, incorporating the latest event trends, and finding creative ways to capitalise on their budgets. In 2024, Lisbon, the gorgeous capital city of Portugal is one of the hottest destinations for corporate events due to its accessibility, affordability, and proximity to the sea, making for delicious and fresh catering options. Today we're sharing the Top 11 Lisbon Event Venues of 2024 so you can plan a corporate event your guests will continue to talk about for years to come.

Unique Lisbon Venues for Your Event

1.) Seaside Dream

Area: Praia do Guincho (Guincho Beach)
Landmarks nearby: Água Doce, Cresmin Fort
Capacity: Up to 1500 using the entire venue
Sqm: 4000m2
Event ideas: Corporate gala dinners, cocktail receptions, summer pool parties, product launches, corporate conferences, and weddings.

Set up options in a large-capacity Lisbon venue

Looking for a place where you can bring your guests to relax, enjoy the fresh ocean air, and host a massive group of up to 1500 people? This incredible seaside dream venue is exactly what you've been looking for. Located just a 45-minute car ride from Lisbon city centre, your guests will feel like they've been transported to a remote oasis facing the beach.

The pool and sea views from the venue

This venue in total is 4000m2, but can be broken down into 7 different naturally-lit spaces in total, including multiple oceanfront terraces that can be set up in cocktail, banquet, theatre, or single-table format. Want to go for a dip but not quite courageous enough for the sea? Enjoy the private swimming pool on the sea terrace and cool off with a cocktail after a refreshing swim.

2.) An Event Space Fit for Royalty

Area: Sintra
Landmarks nearby: Sintra National Park, National Palace of Pena, Cascais
Capacity: Up to 500 if using all of the spaces combined
Sqm: Total spaces combined, 323m2, plus the terrace during summer months
Event ideas: Gala dinners, cocktail parties, high tea parties, workshops, presentations, business 
luncheons, any sort of corporate event ​
Impressive palace for your next Lisbon event

This regal space is located in the highest point of the Sintra mountain range in a fairy-tale castle which was constructed during the reign of King D. Fernando II. Can you imagine having your guests arriving at this castle for your next corporate gala dinner in Lisbon?

Historical dining hall within the palace

There are various spaces that can be used within the venue, a few of which correspond to major halls and great rooms within the former king's palace. From gala dinners in a dining hall with original 19th-century stained-glass windows, to cocktail receptions in a restaurant that resembles a hidden vault, the unique event possibilities here are endless. The largest space allows up to 200 guests in cocktail format or 120 in banquet format. Ready to blow your guests away?

3.) Lisbon Pool Party

Area: Santa Maria de Belém
Landmarks nearby: MAAT, Chafariz da Junqueira, and the 25 de Abril Bridge
Capacity: Up to 970 if using all of the spaces combined
Sqm: Nearly 1683m2
Event ideas: Private cocktail parties, summer pool parties, influencer events, acoustic or DJ music
performances, gala dinners, and so much more

Swimming pool with views of the 25 de Abril Bridge

This new Lisbon event venue combines a perfectly modern and chic feel with classical regal accents. Overlooking the famous 25 de Abril Bridge and the Tagus River, the outdoor deck with a private swimming pool makes for an incredible location to host a cocktail reception or opening party in Lisbon.

Regal Lisbon dining hall for your next gala dinner

If you're in search of something along the lines of waterfront pool party meets corporate dinner party, this place is the best option. Start with a warm cocktail reception outside, then have up to 400 guests retire into the grand banquet hall for a formal gala dinner with ornate crystal chandeliers.

4.) Urban Garden Oasis

Area: Alto do Ajuda 
Landmarks nearby: Viewpoint of Montes Claros, Keil do Amaral Amphitheatre
Capacity: Up to 500 guests
Sqm: Total spaces combined 732m2
Event ideas: Weddings, corporate team building activities, corporate conferences, gala dinners, 
presentations, and more
Banquet setup for a corporate dinner party

There's nothing better than having an event in the comfort a private space where you know you and your guests can enjoy your event in peace and quiet. This gorgeous green Lisbon event venue is the perfect place for up to 500 guests for private events.

The perfect Lisbon terrace for a cocktail reception

Need a smaller space for a more intimate group of people? Not to worry, there are multiple spaces for more private events. The panoramic terrace offering views of the lake nearby is a crowd favourite among event planners and guests alike. Enjoy an evening in the hills of Lisbon overlooking the gorgeous capital city.

5.) Historical Lisbon Event Venue

Area: Beato
Landmarks nearby: Palácio Xabregas ou Marqueses de Olhão, Convento do Grilo
Capacity: Up to 4100 people using all of the venue spaces
Sqm: 3868m2
Event ideas: Corporate dinners, fairs, fashion shows, movie shootings, TV programmes, conventions, 
outdoor events, weddings, and more
Convention centre space in Lisbon

This iconic and historic Libson event venue is the perfect place to host an enchanting corporate event for up to 4100 people! From libraries to galleries, to refectories, massive staircases, and even a former church, this multi-room event venue offers various options for your next event in Lisbon.

Photo from Tendencias Online

The history of this emblematic space dates back to the 16th century, constructed with Portuguese white marble and hints of red jasper, creating a strong foundation that even withstood an earthquake in 1755. From fashion shows to corporate gala dinners, this venue is an ideal place to host a memorable event in central Lisbon.

6.) Private Auditorium Space

Area: Campo Pequeno
Landmarks nearby: Museu Calouste Gulbenkian, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian Gardens
Capacity: Up to 612 in the main auditorium
Sqm: 621m2 in meeting spaces apart from the auditorium
Event ideas: Corporate conferences, congresses, meetings, festivals, concerts, theatre and musical 
The main auditorium stage

For all lovers of theatre, dance, and music, get inspired by this central Lisbon auditorium for your next corporate conference meeting. There are 11 spaces total, 2 auditoriums, 6 meeting rooms, and 3 foyers, all of which are fully equipped to host any sort of production.

Foyer space with natural lighting

If you're looking to host a conference for up to 612 guests with comfortable and spacious seating arrangements, this is a perfect central Lisbon venue. Host a complete conference at this venue with internal catering, rooms for breakout sessions, and even a smaller auditorium to host simultaneous talks and presentations.

7.) Green and Gorgeous Venue

Area: Eduardo VII Park
Landmarks nearby: Eduardo VII Park, Palacete Henrique Mendonça
Capacity: Up to 1100 Cocktail format, 900 theatre format, and 700 banquet format
Sqm: 931m2
Event ideas: Large-scale corporate dinner party, weddings, fashion shows, performances, congresses,
conferences, and more
Gala dinner set up in this green Lisbon event venue

Ever wanted to host a large-scale corporate event in the heart of a city without the traffic and air pollution? Lisbon has the perfect greenhouse venue for you. Since the 1950s, this glamorous event venue has been enchanting its guests with natural lighting and greenery growing on the ceilings. Here you will see hundreds of different plant species from all over the world to give your event a breath of fresh air.

Green and naturally-lit event space

From concerts, to small-scale exhibitions, and even large-scale gala dinners, this semi-buried building is the perfect place to host a down-to-earth event in a remarkable and central location.

8.) Warehouse Event

Area: Santos 
Landmarks nearby: Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga, Museu do Oriente
Capacity: 410 seated, and 1200 cocktail or buffet format
Sqm: 700m2
Event ideas: Gala dinner, cocktail reception, banquet, corporate luncheon
Dinner event venue in Lisbon

This former 19th-century engine warehouse serves as a remarkable event space and functions as one of Lisbon's great landmarks. It was fully rehabilitated, and now is recognised as one of the greatest spaces in the city, both for dinners and other event ideas in central Lisbon.

Views of the Tagus from the Venue

Due to its location just next to the Tagus, the views of the river can be enjoyed while your guests drink delicious Portuguese wine and feast on the local seafood catch of the day. This restaurant can fit up to 410 guests for a seated dinner party, or 1200 for a standing buffet and cocktail event. If you're looking for an industrial-chic feel at your next event, this Lisbon warehouse is the place.

9.) Nautical Shipyard Venue

Area: Santa Maria de Belém
Landmarks nearby: MAAT, Centro de Congressos de Lisboa
Capacity: Up to 1700 pax
Sqm: 3120m2
Event ideas: Seated gala dinner, cocktail dinner, art exhibition, app or product launch parties, and 
much more
National landmark in Lisbon

Located just a stone's throw from the Tagus and other famous landmarks in Lisbon, this special event venue makes for an opportunity for guests to be taken back into time. This historical Portuguese naval shipyard was constructed in the late 1700s, and used to be a factory for making linens, ropes, and cables for the Portuguese Navy fleet.

Perfect app launch space in Lisbon for the Web Summit 2024

Today this covered space serves as one of the most unique event venues in central Lisbon. Thinking of hosting a launch party for your new app during Web Summit Lisbon 2024? This is the perfect option for your tech industry event.

10.) Traditional Lisbon Event Venue

Area: Santo Amaro
Landmarks nearby: Ajuda National Palace, Jardim das Damas
Capacity: Up to 1500 guests using the combined spaces
Sqm: 1005m2
Event ideas: Have a large-scale BBQ, weddings, dinner parties, corporate events, gala dinners, 
cocktail receptions, and much more 
Courtyard used for private events in Lisbon

Imagine drinking a delicious glass of Portuguese wine while your guests are seated enjoying fresh fish and local delicacies from Lisbon. At this private patio venue decorated with traditional Portuguese tiles and ceramics, your guests will be able to experience an authentic evening in the capital city of Portugal.

Restored historical dining room in Lisbon

Within this space, there are various rooms where you can dine and enjoy a gala dinner with your company. From recently restored noble rooms, to the outdoor interior patio area, as well as a bakery with a wood oven that's ready to use, you'll have a wide range of options when it comes to deciding the perfect venue for your corporate dinner party in Lisbon.

11.) Lisbon Rooftop Venue

Area: Santos 
Landmarks nearby: Museu da Marioneta, Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga
Capacity: 150 pax
Sqm: 250m2 over two floors
Event ideas: Summer BBQ, outdoor event, informal cocktail party, corporate "house party", major
birthday celebration, team building space
Lisbon rooftop event venue

New in town! This new event venue is making a splash in the event venue scene in Lisbon, due to its various spaces distributed over 2 floors, including a rooftop terrace! This unique Lisbon space can be as informal or formal as you like, as the objective behind this venue is to make the guests feel comfortable and at home.

Lisbon rooftop event venue

The outdoor terrace found on the cafeteria floor gives breathtaking views of Lisbon, as well as the iconic 25 de Abril Bridge. If you're looking to host an atypical and memorable corporate or private event, this new Lisbon event venue is your best bet.

If you want to learn more about these spaces or discover more Lisbon event venues, send us an email to [email protected]. One of our venue specialists will send you a proposal of event venues based on your needs, completely free of charge.