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The Ultimate 2024 Guide to Group Hotels in Rome

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Rome, the Eternal City, has long been a magnet for travelers, drawing in groups with its rich history, iconic landmarks, and unparalleled Italian charm. But beyond its ancient ruins and mouthwatering cuisine, Rome has emerged as a prime destination for business events and corporate group getaways.

The city's infrastructure seamlessly marries the old with the new. Amidst its cobblestone streets and historic facades, one can find state-of-the-art business hotels in Rome equipped with modern amenities to ensure every event is a resounding success. These establishments understand the unique requirements of business travelers and groups, offering facilities that range from expansive conference rooms to intimate meeting spaces, all while ensuring guests are immersed in Roman culture.

So, whether you're planning a grand corporate event, a workshop, or simply seeking the best group accommodations in Rome, this guide promises to unveil the city's finest establishments. Dive in and discover the perfect backdrop for your next Roman rendezvous.

Breathtaking Views and Business Excellence


Located in the chic Prati district, guests are treated to an authentic Roman experience, with the city's iconic landmarks just a stone's throw away. The hotel is a testament to modern luxury, refurbished and rebranded to meet the highest standards of comfort and elegance. Its 257 spacious rooms are spread across 8 floors, offering breathtaking views of iconic sights such as St. Peter’s Basilica and the Altare della Patria di Piazza Venezia.

The interiors, adorned with stylish furniture and intricate details, reflect the hotel's commitment to excellence. For those with a culinary inclination, the on-site restaurant promises a delightful gastronomic journey. And for those in town for business, the hotel's conference center, equipped with 19 multipurpose meeting rooms, ensures every event is a resounding success.

A Corporate Oasis Near Rome's Center


Nestled just a short distance from Rome's bustling city center, this hotel is a prime choice for corporate gatherings. With an impressive array of 40 meeting rooms, it's tailored to accommodate events of varying scales, from intimate board meetings to grand conferences.

Event planners will appreciate the full-service resort amenities, ensuring attendees can unwind post-meeting. The on-site spa, wellness center, and outdoor swimming pool offer a refreshing break from business proceedings. Its proximity to the airport makes it a convenient hub for international delegates, ensuring seamless transitions between travel and meetings.

A Group Hotel at Rome's Commercial Pulse


Situated in the heart of Rome's vibrant financial and commercial district, this entry is a real catch for those seeking both convenience and luxury. Its strategic location places it at the nexus of the city's business district, the New Roman Trade Fair, and both Fiumicino and Ciampino International Airports. The hotel boasts 42 meeting rooms, making it adaptable for events of all sizes. Beyond its business facilities, guests can enjoy the hotel's luxurious amenities, ensuring a perfect blend of work and relaxation. With 782 bedrooms, the hotel is suited to cater to even the largest of groups.

Historical Elegance on Via Veneto


Steeped in history and exuding elegance, this iconic establishment is a stone's throw from the renowned Piazza di Spagna and the lush Villa Borghese gardens. Often referred to as the "magnificent white palace on Via Veneto," it has firmly established itself as one of the world's premier classic hotels. The establishment boasts 316 perfectly furnished rooms and 11 meeting rooms for conferences on the premises.

Its location on Rome's famed Via Veneto, a celebrated European meeting point, evokes memories of the city's glamorous "Dolce Vita" era. Event planners will find its blend of historic charm and modern amenities irresistible. The hotel also offers state-of-the-art meeting rooms, making it an ideal choice for corporate events that aim to leave a lasting impression.

Group Hotel with Panoramic Views of Rome


Perched atop Rome’s highest hilltop and enveloped within a sprawling 15-acre Mediterranean park, this establishment offers a vantage point like no other, presenting panoramic vistas of the Eternal City, with the iconic St. Peter’s Dome in clear sight. A mere stone's throw from the Vatican City and the historic heart of Rome, the hotel has 370 exquisite bedrooms. It boasts a vast and contemporary congress center, encompassing 29 meeting and event spaces that can host up to 5,500 delegates.

The hotel’s ballroom, a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology and art from the 17th Century, can comfortably accommodate 2,100 attendees. The rooftop event space provides unparalleled views of Rome, making it an ideal backdrop for memorable occasions. The hotel is renowned for housing one of the world's most prestigious art collections and is home to Rome’s first and only 3-starred Michelin restaurant.

Tranquil Rome Retreat with Modern Amenities


Tucked away in the heart of Rome, this hotel offers a serene oasis, blending tranquility with the city's vibrancy. Just a 20-minute journey from the city center, it provides a peaceful retreat amidst picturesque surroundings. The hotel boasts 19 state-of-the-art conference rooms capable of accommodating up to 600 guests, making it an ideal choice for those looking to make a lasting impression. With 276 luxuriously furnished rooms, it can accommodate most group requests.

Art Deco Elegance on Via Veneto


Strategically located on the iconic Via Veneto, this establishment offers a blend of history and luxury, just moments away from the Villa Borghese and Piazza di Spagna. The hotel boasts 117 bedrooms and 3 meeting rooms, making it ideal for smaller groups. Its interiors are a testament to the Art Deco style, making it a favorite rendezvous for the international elite. The hotel's meeting facilities are designed to cater to a range of events, from intimate gatherings to larger conferences. Additionally, guests can indulge in the hotel's array of services, from 24-hour room service to a rejuvenating spa experience.

Modern Group Hotel in Rome's Financial Epicenter


Located in the EUR-Garbatella district, Rome's financial epicenter, this establishment offers a blend of modern design and top-tier comfort. Its strategic positioning makes it an ideal choice for those on work-related or business trips. The hotel's interiors are meticulously designed, offering 323 spacious guest rooms equipped with all the essentials for a first-class stay.

Two on-site restaurants provide an opportunity to savor local cuisine, ensuring guests are treated to an authentic Roman dining experience. One of the standout features is the hotel's conference center, which houses 15 meeting rooms and an auditorium, collectively capable of seating up to 1,500 attendees. Whether a large-scale conference or a smaller, more intimate gathering, this venue ensures every event is executed flawlessly.

Rooftop Elegance Meets Business Hotel Excellence


Just a short walk from the Vatican, this hotel in Rome offers breathtaking views of Saint Peter's Basilica, especially from its summer panoramic terrace equipped with hot tubs. Its prime location is complemented by the proximity to Villa Pamphili, Rome's largest park, providing a serene backdrop for guests. With 140 meeting rooms, it promises a comfortable stay for groups of delegates traveling from abroad.

The hotel is not just about leisure; it's a hub for business and events. With a dedicated conference center and 7 meeting rooms, it houses seven meeting rooms, including a plenary room and breakout suites, capable of accommodating diverse event requirements. The rooftop terrace and pool area are unique venues, perfect for hosting corporate events under the Roman sky, accompanied by soft background music and spectacular lighting. Whether for work or relaxation, guests are promised an experience that marries luxury, convenience, and Roman charm.

Group Accommodation with Poetic Charm


This hotel nested in the EUR district is not just a place to stay; it's a lifestyle destination that resonates with a modern personality and an artful, poetic character. The hotel's design is a testament to this ethos, with spaces that encourage communal interaction while also offering moments for quiet reflection. With 234 rooms, it can cater to most business groups. The venue is also equipped to host various events, with 15 meeting spaces catering to diverse requirements.

Modern Retreat Near Rome's Bustling Heart


Marrying modern amenities with an inviting ambiance, this hotel offers a refreshing retreat just a stone's throw from the heart of Rome. A quick 5-minute stroll takes guests to the Gemelli train station, positioning them conveniently close to iconic landmarks like the Vatican Museums and St. Peter's Basilica. Its 162 rooms, some of which come with balconies, are designed with comfort in mind, featuring marble bathrooms, flat-screen TVs, and tea and coffee-making facilities.

For those looking to host events, the hotel provides 11 versatile spaces, ensuring every large or intimate gathering is executed flawlessly. Culinary enthusiasts can delight in a full breakfast or explore the lounge and upscale restaurant, while the top-floor gym, boasting panoramic views, offers a space for rejuvenation.

Modern Hotel Comfort Meets Roman Skyline


Blending the best of both worlds, this hotel offers a tranquil escape while conveniently close to Rome's iconic landmarks. A mere 5-minute journey connects guests to the Gemelli train station, opening up a world of exploration with the Vatican Museums and St. Peter's Basilica within easy reach.

The 307 rooms, designed with a touch of elegance, offer modern amenities and comforts, ensuring a restful stay. For those looking to host events, the hotel's 13 versatile spaces are equipped to cater to a range of needs. And as the day winds down, guests can take a moment to appreciate the Roman skyline, reflecting on a day well spent in the Eternal City.

Event Versitality and Mesmerizing Hotel Room Views


Nestled in the Rome Monti neighborhood, this hotel offers a serene ambiance just moments away from the Basilica Papale di Santa Maria Maggiore. Its prime location ensures that the Colosseum and other renowned attractions are within easy reach. For those who wish to venture further, the Roma Termini train station and metro station are conveniently located half a kilometer away, providing easy access to Vatican City and the Sistine Chapel.

The hotel boasts 133 bedrooms and 8 meeting rooms, making it an excellent fit for corporate stays. The on-site café and bar overlooking Esquilino Square provide a delightful alfresco dining experience. Authentic Italian dishes are showcased through the show window of the main restaurant, while the rooftop bar offers a mesmerizing view of the Santa Maria Maggiore Church. A perfect blend of location and luxury, this hotel ensures a memorable stay in the heart of Rome.

Historical Grandeur on Via Veneto


With its location on the iconic Via Veneto, this hotel blends luxury and history. The building, previously known as the Ambassadors' Palace, exudes elegance from every corner. Designed by Marcello Piacentini and adorned with frescoes by Guido Cadorin, it's a harmonious fusion of contemporary Art Deco and classical Roman architecture. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the hotel offers a range of amenities, ensuring guests experience the best of Roman hospitality. Its 86-bedroom capacity with 3 meeting rooms makes it ideal for smaller, exclusive events. Whether for a pivotal business conference or a leisurely stay, this venue promises an enriching and memorable experience.

Historical Group Hotel in Rome's Heart


Nestled in the heart of Rome, this hotel is housed in the antique Palazzo Lozzano on Via del Corso. The building's rich history dates back to 1834, with its design uniting several pre-existing structures. Over the years, it has transformed from the Architect Sarti’s Inn in the 1860s to the more internationally recognized "Plaza" recently. The hotel offers 193 bedrooms and 8 meeting rooms for business travelers.

The hotel's prime location places guests within walking distance of iconic landmarks such as the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Colosseum, and the Pantheon. Moreover, the Vatican and other significant sites are easily accessible. Surrounding the hotel are Rome's most elegant fashion streets, offering a shopping experience with boutiques from renowned brands. With its blend of history, luxury, and prime location, guests are guaranteed an unforgettable Roman experience.

Modern Group Hotel in Rome's Marconi Zone


This hotel is positioned in the Marconi zone and is a harmonious blend of modern trends and Italian tradition. Its privileged location near the Trastevere ensures guests are always close to the heart of Rome's vibrant culture. Recognized as one of the Trendiest hotels in Europe by Tripadvisor readers, it offers 181 rooms equipped with all the modern comforts. The hotel's facilities are not just about relaxation; they're designed for business, too.

With 7 meeting rooms benefiting from natural light, it's an ideal venue for conventions and celebrations. Two of these rooms can be combined to accommodate up to 220 attendees. After a day of meetings or sightseeing, guests can unwind by the outdoor swimming pool, indulge in the Despacio Beauty Centre, or savor signature dishes at the on-site restaurant. A stay here promises both productivity and pleasure right amid Rome's allure.

Architectural Marvel in Eur District


Designed by the renowned Archistar Massimiliano Fuksas, this hotel stands out with its unique dark and elongated shape, reminiscent of a blade, or "lama" in Italian. Located in the EUR district, it's surrounded by iconic architectural buildings, offering a glimpse into Rome's rich architectural heritage. The hotel is not just a visual treat; it's also equipped for business needs. With seven meeting rooms, it can cater to various events, from intimate gatherings to larger conferences. The largest room can accommodate up to 240 attendees, ensuring flexibility for different event sizes. After a day of meetings, guests can retreat to one of the 493 rooms, designed with both comfort and luxury in mind.

Modern Luxury Meets Roman Charm


This hotel offers a delightful blend of style and modernity and offers a fresh perspective on Rome's charm. Nestled in the chic Prati neighborhood, it provides guests with an authentic Roman experience. The newly opened space is a nod to mid-century modern design, ensuring every corner resonates with style and sophistication. With 240 bedrooms and 10 meeting rooms, it is perfect for event planners catering to large business groups.

The hotel’s rooftop bar is a highlight, where guests can savor cocktails against Rome's bustling life. The hotel's meeting facilities are tailored to cater to diverse event needs, ensuring every gathering, large or small, is a success. As the day concludes, guests can immerse themselves in the local culture, cuisine, and the unique coordinates that make Rome special.

Modern Comfort in Rome's Bustling Business District


and amenities cater to leisure travelers and business travelers. A notable feature is the hotel's proximity to key attractions and transportation hubs, making it an ideal choice for those keen on exploring Rome. The interiors are designed with a touch of elegance, ensuring guests feel at home in one of the hotel’s 215 exquisite bedrooms.

For those looking to host events, the hotel boasts 16 meeting rooms, all bathed in natural light and suitable for various event sizes. After a day of meetings or exploration, guests can indulge in the hotel's spa and fitness center or take a refreshing dip in the heated pool. Concluding the day at the on-site restaurant, which offers a range of delectable dishes, ensures a delightful end to a Roman adventure.

Tranquil Oasis in Rome's Marconi Zone


Set against Rome's picturesque landscape, this hotel offers a tranquil oasis while remaining conveniently connected to the city's vibrant pulse. Located in the Marconi zone, it's a haven for those seeking a blend of modern comforts and Italian charm. With 201 elegantly designed rooms, guests can enjoy views of the serene swimming pool or the lush garden.

Beyond relaxation, the hotel is equipped to cater to business needs with its congress center, boasting 15 versatile rooms. The largest of the spaces can comfortably accommodate up to 350 attendees, making it ideal for various events. As the day draws to a close, the on-site restaurant invites guests to embark on a culinary journey, capturing the essence of Rome in every bite.

Finding the Best Group Accommodation in Rome with Akommo

As we've journeyed through Rome's finest establishments tailored for groups and business events, it's evident that the city offers more than just historical allure. Its modern infrastructure and Italian hospitality ensure every group stay or business event is memorable and efficient. But finding the perfect accommodation or event space in a city as vast as Rome can be daunting.

That's where Akommo comes in. With a deep understanding of Rome's hotel landscape and a commitment to providing unmatched service, Akommo ensures you get the best rates for group hotels in Rome. So, whether you're planning a corporate event, a group retreat, or simply seeking the best accommodations for your team, reach out to Akommo. Let us make your Roman experience seamless, luxurious, and, most importantly, tailored to your needs.