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Why Lisbon?

Portugal is an affordable and amazing location for corporate events all year-round for obvious reasons. The Mediterranean climate is delightful, the access is easy with flight connections, the culture is relaxed, the food is fresh and who doesn’t enjoy a delicious glass of port wine? The Tagus River provides some incredible views, as do the small beach towns along the coastline of the Atlantic. This European corporate meeting destination becomes more and more popular each year as event teams are starting to notice the perks: sun, beach, sea, wine, fish... Just tell us when to stop.

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Working with Akommo was absolutely a breeze! They were so attentive to us and took care of all of our needs - they really went above and beyond to make sure we were happy and had everything we needed! The apartments were exactly as described and I would recommend them to everyone. I will definitely be using them for every apartment renting need in the future.
Akommo provide an easy and efficient service, and have access to great apartments well located for our corporate events such as MIPIM and MAPIC each year.
It is always a pleasure to work with the Akommo team, their passion and will to help make the daily tasks easier! I would highly recommend counting on Akommo if you need some tips/support on event planning :)

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In 2019, Lisbon, the gorgeous capital city of Portugal is one of the hottest destinations for corporate events due to its accessibility, affordability, and proximity to the sea, making for delicious and fresh catering options.

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