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Breathtaking Rooftop Venues in Amsterdam for Your Next Business Event

Amidst the picturesque canals and the vibrant cultural tapestry of Amsterdam, event venues of all shapes and sizes beckon with their unique charm. Yet, one type soars above the rest, both literally and metaphorically – the rooftop venue. In a city renowned for its stunning architecture and open skies, rooftop venues offer a transcendent setting that elevates any event to a memorable occasion.

Imagine hosting your event against the backdrop of the city's historic skyline, where the panoramic views promise to enchant your guests, and the open-air ambiance adds a touch of magic to your gatherings. Whether it's a corporate meet-up that leaves a lasting impression or a personal celebration that touches the sky, these elevated spaces offer unparalleled benefits.

Rooftop venues in Amsterdam offer an experience that blends the allure of the city with the exclusive nature of your event. As we delve into the world of rooftop event spaces, we'll explore why they stand as the top choice for event planners and attendees alike, offering a synthesis of accessibility, aesthetics, and a breath of fresh air quite literally above the rest.

The Pinnacle of Business Events in Amsterdam

Perched atop a historical gem, this venue stands out as one of the city's finest event spaces. Encompassing two floors beneath a grand glass dome, it presents an awe-inspiring panorama of Amsterdam, setting the stage for an event that aims for the stars. With the promise to elevate your business gatherings or conferences, this venue is the epitome of versatility and grandeur.

The spacious interior, capable of hosting up to 400 attendees, boasts an outdoor terrace and bespoke culinary and beverage experiences and is peppered with exclusive Dutch art and design, crafting an atmosphere ripe with inspiration. Whether you're hosting a select board meeting, an elegant rooftop dinner, or an innovative virtual event, their dedicated team is ready to infuse your occasion with a distinctive flair.

The intimacy of connection is not forgotten, with a lounge area that allows for up to 100 guests to mingle against the backdrop of the city's skyline, served from an iconic round bar. For a focused corporate dialogue, the venue offers conference rooms with stages for an audience of 60 each, which can transform into a singular, dynamic space for 120 when joined. At the very zenith, the venue's most exclusive space unfolds under the dome, where up to 300 guests can bask in the height of corporate event luxury with views that inspire and elevate.

Sky-High Business Event Elegance

From the moment the elevator doors open, or the staircase ends for those who prefer a climb, guests at this venue are greeted with a breathtaking vista. Located in the urban heart of Amsterdam North, this venue is not only a statement of style but also of convenience, accessible via a short stroll from Noorderpark metro station or by car with nearby parking options, in the vicinity of most major hotels in Amsterdam.

Surrounded by panoramic windows, every corner of this rooftop greenhouse offers a view over Amsterdam, with exclusive catering inspired by the renowned culinary artist, guaranteeing an experience that rises above the ordinary. Here, business and pleasure intersect with breathtaking views, inviting corporate minds to convene, contemplate, and celebrate amidst the clouds. This venue, a haven for high-profile events, offers an array of spaces, each with its unique allure.

This multi-faceted venue boasts a total capacity of up to 200 guests, making it ideal for a wide range of events. Whether it's a strategic gathering after an enlightening conference or a rooftop BBQ that transitions from insightful exchanges to a true festivity, adaptability is at the core of this venue's ethos. The dynamic interplay of indoor and outdoor settings ensures a seamless flow, regardless of Amsterdam's whimsical weather.

Historic Brewery With a View of Amsterdam

Step into a space where history and modernity blend seamlessly, nestled in the heart of what was once Heineken's bustling brewery. Since its inception in 1868, this iconic edifice on the outskirts of Amsterdam has stood as a testament to tradition and quality. After two decades of brewing the cherished Dutch beer, this former brewery has been transformed into an exclusive venue that invites guests to immerse in the rich narrative of one of the world's most famous beers.

Where once the hot brew was cooled by the crisp Dutch air on the top floor, now the panoramic city views provide a stunning backdrop for business meetings, where ideas flow as freely as the beverages once did. With 350 square meters of space and a theatre-style setup for 174 people, it offers a sophisticated setting for corporate events where discussions can be as robust as the beers once crafted here.

A nod to the site's heritage is the second rooftop space, once the heart of malting, which now serves as an intimate ode to the Parisian café culture within Amsterdam's most famous brewery. With 330 square meters accommodating receptions of up to 255 guests, it's the perfect place to strategize, celebrate, and toast to success.

Elevated Corporate Panoramas for Stunning Business Events

Within the iconic Amsterdam tower lies a collection of versatile spaces, each designed to elevate business affairs to new heights, catering to events ranging from close-knit board meetings to grand corporate celebrations of up to 600 guests.

Each area within this distinguished tower shares a unifying feature: an extraordinary view of Amsterdam's pulsing heart, framed perfectly for an audience of 50 to 600 individuals. The 16th floor unveils a striking event space, enveloped by seven-meter-tall windows that draw the eye out to Amsterdam's colorful city center. More than just a room, it is a canvas of over 400 square meters, where the fusion of space and design creates a warm and inviting atmosphere despite its impressive size.

Ascend to the 18th floor and find yourself in a circular realm where the city is the centerpiece. This space wraps you in a 360-degree embrace of Amsterdam's architectural marvels. Designed for occasions that seek to impress, from sophisticated business cocktails to elegant dinners, it is equipped with a professional sound system, atmospheric lighting, and a sustainable DJ booth. The space, well-appointed and ready to serve, stands prepared to accommodate up to 125 guests in a celebration of success and ambition.

Rooftop Event Bar Like No Other in Amsterdam

Encased in glass, the sophisticated indoor lounge exudes chic elegance with its contemporary decor, creating a stylish and versatile event space. Step outside onto the balconies that hug the building, where rows of lounge chairs invite relaxation beside a stunning rooftop pool, creating an ambiance of upscale leisure.

Elevate your corporate gatherings to the sixth floor, where options range from the grandeur of the outdoor terrace to the intimacy of an indoor conference space. With a total of 440 square meters at your disposal, the event possibilities stretch as far as the view from the venue, accommodating everything from a 240-seat formal affair to a 350-guest gala standing reception.

Skyline Synergy for Corporate Minds

Elevate your business events to an atmosphere where the sky is not the limit but the setting for success. With two highly versatile top floors to choose from, event planners can cater to almost any type of event.

Located on the 18th floor of the building, five modern board and meeting rooms offer panoramic views of Amsterdam's skyline. This space is a catalyst for creativity, turning brainstorming sessions, meetings, and training courses into experiences that resonate above the norm.

For those seeking to host a large event with an impressive panoramic backdrop, the city’s loftiest roof terrace awaits on the 17th floor. Available for private hire, it accommodates up to 400 guests, offering a space that is as adaptable as it is extraordinary.

With an ethos that celebrates the departure from the mundane office environment, this venue invites you to indulge in team-building activities or corporate celebrations that will be etched in memory.

Ready to Host Your Stunning Amsterdam Event With A View?

Amsterdam's rooftop event experiences are as varied as they are breathtaking. Whether you're looking to impress clients, plan a memorable corporate event, or simply enjoy a serene sunset meal, the city's rooftops cater to every occasion with impeccable style and ambiance.

Ready to take your event to the top? Akommo is your go-to partner for securing the best rates at some of Amsterdam's most impressive rooftop bars. But we don't stop there – our dedicated team is on hand to streamline every aspect of your event. From seamless transportation and comfortable accommodation to expert event management and exquisite catering options, we ensure your experience is as stress-free as it is spectacular. Trust us to tailor every detail to your needs, all while keeping a close eye on your budget.

Elevate your next event with Akommo, where unforgettable rooftop moments await. Contact us today, and let’s start planning!