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Guide to Choosing a Stand Builder in Barcelona

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Stand-building has become an important business in Barcelona, as it’s one of the most popular cities in the world to hold events of all types. This comes as no surprise as the city is known for its incredible weather, rich culture, and delicious food. Not to mention, it has a great capacity for holding large-scale events due to the infrastructure, an abundance of hotels and easy access to transportation. Barcelona hosts events such as Mobile World Congress (MWC), Comic Fair, Alimentaria, and was chosen as the location for Integrated Systems Europe 2021 (ISE 2021). Companies and individuals from all over the world gather in Barcelona to launch, promote, and network in large exhibition halls with the goal of standing out and leaving an impression. Arguably, the best way to do this is through your exhibition stand. That’s right, the physical space you inhabit for a day or a week is crucial to the success of your exhibit.

There are so many Barcelona events stand builders that it can be difficult to know which ones to trust and hire. That’s where we come in! We know stands and we know Barcelona! We have created this simple guide to aid you in designing the perfect stand, and we’re here to help you find the best stand building companies in Barcelona.

1.) Start with the Basics

There are so many different types of stands for corporate events, but as with everything in life, we must start with the foundation and basics. This means finding out the dimensions of the space of your exhibition space as well as your layout within the exhibition hall. Be sure to consider if you are near the main entrance or on a well-beaten path, or a bit hidden or in a corner, and think about anything else that makes your location unique. You will want to maximise your space with an incredible stand for your event in Barcelona. In addition, you will need to know your budget for the stand, as this will be important for your decision making on what type of exhibition stand you will contract. They say, “money talks,” so make sure you’re loud and clear.

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2.) Decide on Goals

You must decide what you are trying to achieve with your stand for your event in Barcelona. Take into consideration your target audience. Will they be corporate professionals or innovative creatives; or a little bit of both? How can you reach your audience and what type of stand will help to achieve your goal? There are many different types of exhibition stands including pop-ups, modular displays, shell schemes, a banner stand, or bespoke/customised stands. Each of these offers distinct benefits and you must decide which one is right for you. Also think about the functionality of the space. Do you need sitting or meeting areas? Will you be giving speeches or presentations? Are you launching a product? Contemplate all the things you want your stand to accomplish before deciding on a design. Also assess what type of technology you need to achieve your goals. This type of brainstorming is the most critical to make sure you come up with a vision that will leave a lasting impression on your visitors. Only the best stand building companies in Barcelona can help you with your mission.

3.) A Vision to Stand Out

You want to be the stand that everyone leaves the convention talking about. The best way to do this is through aesthetic design. You want your Barcelona events stand builder to create something with the “wow factor”. You want to captivate your audience and make them stay at your stand and even come back for a second and third time. You want your stand to keep “buzzing” after the event is over. You can do this through the use of clever themes, dynamic activities, attractive layouts, creative designs, impressive technology and smart marketing. We know some of the best stand builders in Barcelona who will make your exhibit stand a legend.

4.) Why choose Akommo as your partner to find the best stand building companies in Barcelona?

  • It’s free and transparent. We have many trusted local partners and we work on a commission basis.You see the final bill from the supplier.
  • We’re local. We’re based in Barcelona.
  • We speak different languages including: English, Spanish, French, and Catalan to ease the communication.
  • We have over 10 years of experience working in the MICE events industry.
  • We provide you with options from multiple partners to get different designs so you have a wide range of choices and creative ideas to best match your vision.
  • We save you time. Requests for proposals take time. We chase the feedback and provide quick updates.
  • You can choose to have us handle all the communication until the end of the project or we can put you in touch with the provider directly.
  • We can provide onsite support if needed.

Extra Bonus

We’re not only your stand building partner, but we can also be your “one-stop-shop” and can help with accommodation, venue and transportation services. We are saving you countless hours and this maximises your experience so you can focus on your successful exhibition and let us worry about the logistics.

When investing in something as important as stand building you want to choose a partner you can trust. Let us help you with all your event needs. Send us an email at [email protected] and we will help you stand out.