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5 Historical Venues in Berlin

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Attracting 13.5 million visitors each year, Berlin is no doubt a top European destination, ranking 3rd after London and Paris in terms of tourist population. If you’re looking for a venue that is ideal for corporate crowds of all sizes and at the same time is not your usual common event place, here are options for your historical event venue in Berlin.

1.) Market By Day, Event Hall By Night

Opened in 1891, this restored market hall is surely one of the most unusual and historical places to book as a corporate venue in Berlin. It has local food, crafts, art and event venues in one place.

This market hall is more popular with locals rather than tourists, so apart from food, wine and coffee that are unique to Berlin, you will also find many actual Berliners on the spot ( it is said that it is almost impossible to meet an actual Berliner in Berlin) as the place is known for its authentic, no-fuss, Berlin cuisine.

For 6 days a week, it offers all kinds of groceries, and in the evening, the market hall changes its atmosphere to a more festive one as it has become a popular event venue in Berlin. They even have a dedicated team of experienced staff to look after your event planning and help you decide what food to order, and which hall to book, as the place can accommodate celebrations of 20 people to corporate events for up to 800 people. This market hall is no stranger to hosting events in Berlin. Companies that have booked for their corporate events include American Express, Samsung, Dell and many others.

Highlight: It was a bustling food market in the 1920s. Re-live this buzz with foodie colleagues and delegates as the market currently serves not just local food but international culinary delights from Peruvian Ceviche, modern Balkan tapas, specialities from southern Italy and many more.

2.) The Glamorous 50's

If you would like to do a little time-travelling and have a corporate event in Berlin in a venue that has the vibe of the golden age of the 1950’s, this is the perfect option for you.

This was an exhibition ground built in 1937 in the precinct of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf of Berlin. One of the buildings is a venue for events which was built in 1956-57 by Berliner architect Bruno Grimmek. During the fabulous 50’s and 60’s, it was the venue to be in for balls, banquets, receptions, and lectures.

Fast forward to today, it remains to be Berlin’s largest ballroom with its retractable staircase, moveable partitions, and chandeliers which can be adjusted to height depending on the event. It can accommodate up to 2,400 guests attending either a conference or ballroom event. In true 50’s and 60’s style, there is an adjacent hall measuring over 30 metres in height that is perfect for cocktail receptions before or after your main event.

With its decorated gold leaf ceiling, curved designs and a patio with fountains, delegates and attendees of your event will no doubt have fun re-living the glamour and vogue of the chic, elegant style of the 50’s and 60’s in Berlin.

Highlight: there are plenty of hotels and accommodation nearby. Some of them have an old-world theme which makes it a befitting match for the venue.

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3.) If These Walls Could Talk ...

This is located in a multifunctional event site in the Alt-Treptow district. There are a number of venues and this is the most striking of them. It faces the canal Flutgraben and River Spree, and along with it being covered in old-style windows, it provides a serene and elegant mood especially during sunsets.

Mood and lighting aside, what makes this venue quite remarkable is that during the GDR regime (German Democratic Republic), the Berlin wall divided the building, and today, the fragments of that division are still visible on the property.

The property is divided into 3 venues, and each of them can be hired separately. For bigger events, the entire venue can, of course, be booked, and the smaller venue space is a popular choice as a rest area or a place to gather VIP’s.

Highlight: The fragments of the Berlin Wall division make for an interesting conversation starter, perfect for delegates who have just been acquainted, and come from different places.

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4.) The Perfect Place for History Buffs

This venue is considered one of the most important and frequently visited museums in Berlin.

In 1987, Berlin celebrated its 750th anniversary and this venue was also founded in the same year. True to its name, it's devoted to everything pertaining to German history, from the Middle Ages to the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

The buildings of the museum itself have a Baroque style of architecture so it has become a popular choice as an elegant venue setting in Berlin. It provides roughly 2,000m2 of event space and this consists of the museum’s foyer, restaurant and reception areas for private events and functions.

Highlight: The museum has over 900,000 objects in its collection. There are tours for groups of up to 25 people for 75€. This can be a great add-on activity to your event.

5.) Keep Calm and Write History

History is often made starting with small steps. This loft is a living example of that. At only 90m2, the loft may not be grandiose but it is the perfect venue for private dinners or small conferences. With wooden blinds, unique wallpapers from the UK, and a curated selection of antique pieces as décor, this loft was made as a tribute to a legendary American writer.

The loft is designed with an entrance hall and a smoking room, making it truly a space to step back in time for guests and attendees. This venue is perfect for intimate events like private dinners, small conferences, whiskey or wine tasting.

Highlight: The loft has a classroom setting area, which can accommodate up to 12 people. This can be a good venue for poetry reading, writing classes, etc.

Looking for more venues in Berlin? Here is our list of other unique venues in Berlin that may provide inspiration for you! Contact us now so we can help you arrange your corporate event in Berlin.