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5 Cannes Neighbourhoods - Must-Sees in Cannes

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The bustling Riviera town of Cannes is made up of different neighbourhoods, giving it a unique and diverse attraction. From the Old Town to the elegant Boulevard de la Croisette, there is something beautiful to see in every corner. Continuing our series of How to Survive Cannes Lions, this edition is going to be more about pleasure than survival, sharing the knowledge we’ve accumulated over the years of working in Cannes. Here’s what we consider to be the very Best of Cannes, from the best neighbourhoods to the most adored streets!

Cannes Neighbourhood - The Martinez / Boulevard de la Croisette

This is by far the most expansive area, stretching from one end of Cannes to the other. Apart from the incredible views of the Mediterranean and the beaches, you’ll find the Palais des Festivals. You can also ogle at some of the most breathtaking luxury hotels and incredible restaurants. This is where celebrities tend to stay in Cannes.

Insider tip: if you go all the way to the end of the Croisette, you can see an adventure movie pirate ship, The Neptune, docked at the end of the yacht harbour!

Cannes Neighbourhood – Centre Ville

The city centre hosts our personal favourite streets - Rue d’Antibes and Rue Hoche (the most beautiful pedestrian street in the city). This is one of the most desired areas for accommodation, considering that it is only 5 – 10 minutes from the Palais des Festivals (Convention Centre) or the Martinez Hotel. This is where you will find the most entertaining bars (French wine, s’il vous plaît!), shops, and best eateries in Cannes.

Insider tip: the Akommo team had one of the best overall dining experiences in Cannes at Le Cirque, located on Rue Hoche. We highly recommend it!

Cannes Neighbourhood – Le Suquet (the Old Town)

In Cannes’ charming old town you can find some of the best seafood restaurants, and narrow alleyways and staircases. What’s more, there is an 11th century watchtower, the Tour du Mont Chevalier, to discover. The main shopping street of this district is Rue Meynadier, which since the 16th century was used by horses and carriages! Today it’s a popular tourist street with a lot of souvenir shops.

Definitely bring back some delicious French delicacies from Provençe or macaroons for friends and family (or don’t share - we wouldn’t!). You can also find the traditional Provençal Forville Market, with fresh produce and local seafood. It’s a must when visiting the South of France and definitely worth an early wake up call! It is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 07:30–13:00.

Insider tip: the Eglise Notre Dame d’Esperance (Notre Dame Church) was built in the 16th century in a traditional Gothic style, and offers some of the best panoramic views of the city.

Cannes Neighbourhood – La Californie

Claim to fame: the famous Spanish artist Pablo Picasso used to live here in the 50s! It was named for its green scenery, similar to that of the state of California. The affluent of Cannes have their mansions and estates in this wealthy neighborhood. Most of the estates boast breathtaking views of the French Riviera. It’s a perfect place to escape the city without going too far.

Insider tip: check out the St. Michael the Archangel Russian Orthodox Church - it has a breathtaking varnished tile roof.

Cannes Neighbourhood – Le Vieux Port

The Old Port of Cannes, located just below the Suquet, is right on the water. Classic yachts and boats from people who have lived here for generations are found here. On top of that, The Royal Regatta, a major sailing event, leaves from here every year in September.

Insider tip: check out Le Marché de brocante — Les Allées de la Liberté, a market that takes place in Cannes every weekend, where people bring their items out to the streets to sell.

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