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Best Restaurants in Cannes for a Business Lunch or Dinner

Cannes, a shimmering jewel on the French Riviera, is not only famous for its pristine beaches and luxury boutiques but also as a bustling hub for some of the world's most prestigious events. From the glitz and glamour of the Cannes Film Festival to the innovative spirit of Cannes Lions and the influential gatherings at MIPIM, this vibrant city plays host to a myriad of high-caliber happenings.

Amidst the excitement of these events, when business professionals seek to merge work with pleasure, they find themselves drawn to the exceptional restaurants in Cannes. Whether it's to seal a deal over a business lunch or to build connections at a dinner, Cannes offers a plethora of dining venues that cater to every taste and occasion.

From chic bistros tucked away in the quaint streets and breathtaking Cannes beach spots to the opulent Michelin-star restaurants in Cannes, the city's culinary scene is as diverse as it is exquisite. So, as you navigate through the bustling city during these pivotal events, take a moment to discover the array of gastronomic delights that are perfect for any business rendezvous.


Suitable for Groups

Google Rating: 4.7

Tucked away in the charming streets of Cannes, L'Éponyme presents a delightful escape for discerning business professionals seeking a gastronomic experience. This establishment offers a tasteful bistronomic menu, renowned for its flavorful dishes, perfect for a business lunch or dinner. The welcoming atmosphere, whether you choose to dine in the elegant indoor area or on the picturesque terrace, sets the stage for a warm reception. Ideal for business dinners or corporate gatherings, L'Éponyme not only promises a convivial ambiance but also prides itself on its carefully selected national wines and highlights from trusted local producers.

The restaurant caters to large groups as well, offering to host a business dinner or conference based on availability. For more information, you can visit this link.

Restaurant & Rooftop Bella by Eyal Shani

Suitable for Groups

Google Rating: 4.2

Perched close to the sea, Restaurant & Rooftop Bella by Eyal Shani in Cannes is an embodiment of Mediterranean culinary art. With an atmosphere that speaks to the refined palate, this exceptional restaurant in Cannes, conceptualized by the celebrated Chef Eyal Shani, offers a lunch menu rich in Mediterranean classics and an evening selection boasting fresh vegetables from local purveyors. Ideal for business professionals, the rooftop setting provides an inviting ambiance for up to 20 people with the promise of a brunch, lunch, or dinner that features a diverse array of offerings, from a salad bar to homemade pastries​.

Bâoli Cannes

Suitable for Groups

Google Rating: 3.5

Nestled in the vivacious heart of the French Riviera, Bâoli Cannes emerges as a captivating fusion of a restaurant, bar, and nightclub. This unique Cannes restaurant, with its 360° view over the city, caters to an international clientele, ranging from globetrotting jet-setters to luminaries seeking an unforgettable evening in Cannes. The culinary offerings combine Asian and Mediterranean influences, satisfying diverse palates.

Chef Rémi Solaz offers delicious and inventive traditional dishes that will delight your taste buds and are sure to impress your business partners. The restaurant also caters to large groups looking to host a business event. For groups of up to 50 people, you can make a group reservation, and if you need more space, you can even rent out the entire restaurant or part of it for your business event in Cannes.

Vegaluna Beach Restaurant in Cannes

Suitable for Groups

Google Rating: 4.3

Overlooking the scenic Croisette beach and the grandeur of Cannes' palatial hotels, Vegaluna offers a culinary retreat that embodies the essence of the Mediterranean. Led by Chef Antoine Regnault, the famous beachside restaurant in Cannes is celebrated for its use of high-quality seasonal produce, creating dishes that resonate with the simplicity and sophistication of the region, influenced by a global palate. The daily lunch specials, derived from local market offerings, ensure a fresh and varied dining experience.

Vegaluna stands out as an ideal spot for business professionals to enjoy a meal that captures the spirit of Cannes with a touch of international flair​. The entire beach restaurant can also be booked for a private or corporate event in Cannes. The restaurant can cater to anywhere between 20 and 600 guests for a seated lunch or dinner or up to 1000 in a cocktail setting.

Fouquet's Cannes

Suitable for Groups

Google Rating: 4.3

Situated along the iconic promenade, Fouquet's Cannes radiates the quintessence of Parisian charm and sophistication. This gourmet brasserie, a beacon for the artistic and cultural elite, offers an atmosphere steeped in history with Harcourt Studio's black and white star portraits adorning its walls. The menu, designed by the illustrious 3 Michelin-star Chef Pierre Gagnaire, showcases a fusion of local produce and inventive gastronomy, making it an exemplary choice for fine dining with a touch of creative brilliance. The restaurant accepts bookings for up to 15 people, making it a highly versatile choice for a business lunch or dinner.

La Môme

Suitable for Groups

Google Rating: 4.4

Stepping into La Môme in Cannes is akin to entering a realm where the French Riviera's glamour meets the charm of the Mediterranean. This business restaurant in Cannes, nestled near the famed Croisette, is a homage to the iconic Môme Moineau, echoing a time when the city was the playground of the 20s stars. The atmosphere at La Môme harmonizes chic with comfort, featuring iridescent velvet seating and polished concrete, all set to the rhythm of the in-house DJ.

For the discerning palate, the menu offers a modern twist on Mediterranean and Italian classics, such as truffle risotto and beef carpaccio, made from fresh, seasonal produce. Starting the evening with a cocktail paired with homemade focaccia promises a beginning as exquisite as the main course to follow​. The restaurant offers an option to book the entire restaurant or make a group reservation for a private event during your business visit to Cannes.

La Palme d'Or Restaurant in Cannes

Google Rating: 4.5

La Palme d'Or in Cannes, the culinary jewel of the Hotel Martinez, is not merely a restaurant but a legendary dining destination. Under the mastery of Chef Christian Sinicropi, it is a place where the Cannes International Film Festival jury gathers, and gastronomy is an art form.

Each dish, a tribute to the Mediterranean's bounty, is presented in bespoke ceramic, with the menu's inspiration drawn from the rhythm of the seasons. La Palme d'Or, a two-Michelin star restaurant in Cannes, offers an experience that transcends mere dining, elevating each visit into a memorable journey through Mediterranean flavors with a global touch.

Le Roof Cannes

Suitable for Groups

Google Rating: 4.2

At the pinnacle of the Five Seas Hotel, Le Roof Cannes presents a culinary escapade courtesy of the innovative Chef Lori Moreau. This rooftop restaurant in Cannes offers a choice of atmospheres: an intimate dinner at "la Table de Lori," with signature menus that highlight seasonal, local produce, or a relaxed lounge setting on the terrace, complete with DJ sets that add a vibrant pulse to the night.

For those looking to indulge in a gastronomic experience, the restaurant offers a leisurely brunch where show cooking takes center stage, featuring delights like freshly prepared Brussels waffles. For a breathtaking business lunch with a perfect view, the restaurant offers bookings for up to 40 guests.

Le Speakeasy Restaurant in Cannes

Suitable for Groups

Google Rating: 4

Immersed in the jazzy echoes of the past, Le Speakeasy in Cannes offers a chic and intimate dining experience reminiscent of a Prohibition-era American speakeasy. With its red velvet decor and live soul, jazz, and blues music from international artists, this business restaurant near the Croisette provides a vibrant atmosphere. Catering to epicurean desires, the restaurant serves an eclectic menu featuring refined French and Italian dishes, from linguine with langoustine to fillets of beef with truffles.

The restaurant accepts group reservations for up to 15 people, making it perfect for smaller groups looking for a unique experience in Cannes. Each weekend, the restaurant transforms as the DJ sets the mood, ensuring every night is a luxurious celebration in this beloved Piano Club.


Suitable for Groups

Google Rating: 4.4

In the heart of Cannes, Mido stands as a haven for those who delight in culinary innovation. The restaurant's decor, a fusion of green and gold, sets a backdrop for a menu inspired by the exotic flavors of Nikkei cuisine, marrying the delicate art of Japanese dishes with the vibrant zest of South American ingredients.

Founders Ugo and Antoine, who ascended from waiters to restaurateurs, infuse their passion for quality hosting and service into every aspect of Mido. Open every evening, Mido caters to both casual diners and business professionals seeking private or corporate event services, ensuring each experience is not just a meal but a journey of gastronomic discovery.

Paradiso Nicole & Pierre

Google Rating: 3.6

Nestled within the Hotel Barrière Le Majestic Cannes, Paradiso Nicole & Pierre elevates the dining experience with its chic and gourmet ambiance. This culinary gem, highlighted by warm lighting and materials like Sicilian stone and rattan, celebrates the spirit of the Mediterranean. The restaurant, led by Michelin-starred chefs Pierre Gagnaire and Nicole Rubi, is known for its convivial character and fresh, gourmet dishes with Italian nuances. With live musicians by day and DJs by night, it promises an engaging, festive atmosphere, perfect for a business luncheon or a relaxing dinner after a day's work

L'Écrin Beach

Suitable for Groups

Google Rating 2.6

L'Écrin Beach, a secluded gem on Pointe Croisette, offers a tranquil escape with views of the Lerins Islands. It’s a haven for business travelers and companies looking for private event spaces, promising discretion and exclusivity. The Cannes restaurant at L'Écrin Beach, under the vision of owner Patrick Tartary, serves an escape on a plate, with a menu featuring sushi and Thai-inspired dishes.

Evenings are transformed with a lounge bar atmosphere, providing a cozy yet friendly setting ideal for unwinding before a night out at Baôli​. The entire beach restaurant can be rented out for private events, with a capacity for 70 seated guests or 100 guests in a cocktail setting. For larger events, the fully covered terrace can also be rented out, expanding the capacity by 170 or 250 guests, depending on the format respectively.

Table 22 by Mantel

Suitable for Groups

Google Rating: 4.3

Table 22 by Mantel in Cannes’ historic Suquet district offers an inviting dining experience from Tuesday to Saturday, welcoming guests to an evening of fine gastronomy. Open all week during Cannes's notable events, it provides an intimate setting for larger parties upon request. The menu, a reflection of the seasons and the market's best includes delicacies like Lobster Raviolis in creamy shellfish sauce and Italian risotto accented with truffles or cepe mushrooms. The Catch of the Day and Filet of Beef with pure sea salt is a testament to the chef's commitment to freshness and regional flavors.

Restaurant EricKa

Suitable for Groups

Google Rating: 4.7

Nestled among the quaint streets of Cannes, Ericka offers a distinctive culinary adventure, balancing home-style cooking with a brisk, laid-back vibe. This is no ordinary eatery; Ericka invites patrons to savor the essence of French cuisine within an informal, yet uniquely engaging atmosphere. The establishment, passionately run by Karine and Eric, is perfect for those seeking to organize a business lunch or special event in the heart of the city.

Chef Karine, with a gastronomic heritage and a Bib Gourmand recognition under her belt, infuses love into every homemade dish. Her fondness for truffles is a highlight, featuring standout dishes like truffle brie and signature risottos. Ericka's innovative spirit shines through its menu, where modern twists meet traditional flavors, promising a dining experience that's both authentic and avant-garde.

Astoux et Brun

Google Rating: 4.5

In the bustling heart of Cannes, just moments from the Palais du Festival, stands Maison Astoux & Brun, a revered culinary beacon. For over three generations, this distinguished restaurant in Cannes has been a bastion of seafood excellence, offering an array of oceanic delights, from fresh fish to shellfish and crustaceans.

The brasserie's terraces offer picturesque views of Suquet and the Place des Allées, inviting business diners and seafood connoisseurs alike to revel in gourmet offerings accompanied by a curated selection of white wines. Maison Astoux & Brun's commitment to freshness is evident in every dish, with ingredients sourced directly from local market gardeners at the Forville market. Here, visitors can indulge in a variety of dining experiences, from seafood specialties and vibrant Mediterranean dishes to beloved local flavors, all crafted with an unwavering dedication to quality that has persisted since 1953.

Le Pompon

Google Rating: 4.7

Tucked between rue Meynadier and the sparkling Croisette lies Pompon, a culinary gem that gourmands might wish to keep secret. At this intimate counter, Chef Bruno Baccati, a pastry connoisseur by training, showcases his meticulous skills through seemingly simple yet profound dishes. The menu, purposefully concise, invites discovery with each plate served: an egg in a cereal crust lies atop a celery root cream touched by vanilla; a herb-crusted rack of lamb pairs with smooth mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables curated by Muriel Brun from the nearby Forville market.

For the sweet-toothed, the desserts command attention, from the creamy white and blue Auvergne chocolate on almond crumble with kiwi to a dark chocolate and coffee ganache resting on a tender lentil biscuit. The wine list is an ode to natural winemaking, featuring selections from Jura, Alsace, Provence, and beyond. And, true to the restaurant's unpretentious charm, Pompon maintains prices that defy the exclusivity often associated with Cannes' red-carpet luxury.


Google Rating: 4.6

Nestled on rue Lafontaine, in the heart of Cannes, L'Affable stands as a testament to Jean-Paul Battaglia's lifelong culinary dream. After perfecting his craft for over 30 years in Mougins, Battaglia presents an establishment that radiates with charm and warmth, offering what many acclaim as the best value for money in Cannes.

This lively contemporary bistro draws in patrons with a menu that speaks of tradition and finesse. Start with the light zucchini flower fritters, savor the perfectly seasoned rack of lamb roasted with thyme, or indulge in the house specialty, a must-have soufflé with Grand Marnier. The menu, rich and ever-changing with the market's offerings, invites you to a gastronomic journey with seasonal products at the helm.

But be warned, the popularity of L'Affable is no secret among gourmets, and securing a reservation is as essential as the experience itself. Jean Battaglia, "the benevolent," awaits to delight your senses with his gourmet creations.

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