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The Cannes Lions 2019 Party List by Akommo

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The Cannes Lions Party List 2019

We're going to keep things short and sweet and get straight to the point this year. We know why you're here, and we know that you like to party. Last year the Akommo team put together the Cannes Lions 2018 Party List with 60 of the best events in Cannes so you could keep your party schedule organised throughout the crazy week. This year we decided we'd do the same and make an even longer list. We are happy to present to you the Cannes Lions 2019 Party List, where you'll find all of the best and most exciting parties that are happening this June. We'll update this list every week, so click here to Subscribe and stay informed about the hottest parties at Cannes Lions 2019.

Let's get ready to party, shall we?

First Party List Release - April 30th, 2019

1.) Captify

Captify at Cannes Pool Party & BBQ

Date: 18 June, 2019
Time: 12:00-20:00
Location: Captify Villa HQ 

Captify has created a reputation for themselves throughout the years for hosting the best villa party Cannes Lions has to offer. We can vouch for this - it's absolutely epic. Bring your sunscreen and swimsuit, this is going to be a pool party for the books. Click here to request your ticket. 

2.) LBB

LBB & Friends Beach

Date: 18 June - 21 June, 2019
Time: 10:30-18:30
Location: Plage Croisette Beach Restaurant, Cannes - opposite the Miramar

Remember the Little Black Book Beach last year at Cannes Lions? They're back this year and ready to offer you a drink and a beach chair by the sea with your name on it. Since 2010 they've been hosting the LBB Beach - a place where you can network with your toes in the sand. Register your interest here.


Sizzer & Sehsucht present: Lūmen

Date: 20 June, 2019
Time: 22:00-02:00
Location: Long Beach

Sehsucht & Sizzer are ready to take you on a musical journey this year with their annual party at the Long Beach, where you can dance the night away to the rhythm of the waves. Registration is now closed, HOPE YOU GOT INVITED!​
Sehsucht & Sizzer at Cannes Lions 2019

4.) LADbible

LADbible party in Cannes

Date: 18 June, 2019
Time: 19:30-01:30
Location: The Contagious Villa, 1 Boulevard de Strasbourg, Cannes

LADbible is back again to bring you one of the most talked about villa parties during Cannes Lions. With a private swimming pool, a gorgeous lawn where you can dance, drink, and be merry, and of course, enjoy a live music act which they're keeping a surprise for now - stay tuned. A little birdy told us the performers are going to be bigger, better, and louder than ever, so be sure to get there early and avoid the massive queue they had last year. Registration is live! Click here to sign up.

5.) Smart Adserver

Smart at Cannes

Date: 17-21 June, 2019
Time: Events starting as early 9:30
Location: Hutiane Yacht Jetée Albert Edouard

Two words - champagne shower. If you went to the Smart Adserver Yacht Party last year, you'll remember this (hopefully). Throughout the week, Smart will host a series of inspiring panel discussions with industry leaders, cocktail events, their legendary Smart Yacht Party, lunch and sunset cruises, and more. Register here for one (or all) of their events here before spaces run out - trust us, they go quick!

See what it's like to party on the Smart Adserver Yacht here.

6.) Rubicon Project

OBO Yacht Sun & Swim Party

Date: 17 June - 21 June, 2019
Time: Events all week long, starting as early as 9:30
Location: Jetée Albert Edouard Nord - Rubicon Project Yacht

Situated in the Vieux Port in Cannes, you'll find the Rubicon Project Yacht, fully prepared for an 
exciting week ahead at Cannes Lions. From their Sunset Cocktail Reception, to their Programmatic 
Boat Party, you'll want to be sure your name is on the guest list. More details on this invitation-only yacht party can be found here. 
OBO Yacht

ADDED ON 10/05/2019

7.) Engage Hub

Engage Hub’s Sunset Social

Date: 19 June, 2019
Time: 18:00-20:00
Location: Cannes Lions Beach - Annex Beach

Come and say hi to the new kids on the beach! Engage Hub, the Social Media and Influencer 
Agency based in London and Manchester, are coming to take the Cannes Annex Beach by storm
with their Sunset Social. 

MAX CAPACITY REACHED, try again next year! ​

8.) Proctor & Stevenson + Acquia

Yacht Cruise with Acquia and P+S

Date: 20 June, 2019
Time: 9:00-19:00
Location: Port Pierre Canto

Ready for another yacht party?! Take a day trip aboard the the 'Rehab' yacht for their annual day 
cruise along the French Riviera and Monaco while sipping a cold glass of rosé and drinking in the Cannes summer sunshine. There's a limited number of spaces available for this yacht party, so HURRY AND SIGN UP! 

9.) Ninja Tune

Ninja Tune Street Party

Date: 21 June, 2019
Time: 21:00-05:00
Location: 5 Rue Gerard Monod

This year, Ninja Tune is throwing the Cannes Lions Unofficial Closing Party, and they're taking it to the streets of Cannes. This party is not for the weary, so come prepared to get down to the DJ set
provided by Maribou State and Leon Vynehall until the wee hours of the night. To get invited to this closing party, send an email to [email protected] and ask nicely for a ticket!


South African Beach Party

Date: 21 June, 2019
Time: 22:00-02:00
Location: Long Beach

They're back again. This invitation-only party is the largest South African Film Industry initiative at 
Lions, and every year it just keeps getting better. To get more information on how to get your hands on an invitation from one of the party sponsors, follow their Facebook page to stay updated. Good luck!

11.) JustPremium

Week-long water sports

Date: 17-20 June, 2019
Time: 9:00-18:00
Location: Majestic Beach, shared entrance with Facebook beach. 

JustPremium is back again to bring you the most exciting beach activities, including parasail rides,
tubing, wakeboarding, and more. This is definitely an event for all you adrenaline junkies out there! 
To get access to the JustPremium dock, click here to sign up and request an invitation! 

12.) Viduate

Cannes football match

Date: 19 June, 2019
Time: 11:00-13:00
Location: Revealed after signing up!

Interested in getting involved in a fun match of football while at Cannes? To run off the copious amount of rosé you'll be drinking, Viduate is renting out a few football/soccer pitches in Cannes for a unique networking experience. To sign up and get your sweat on, click here. 

UPDATED ON 17/05/2019

13.) Adweek

Abroad in Cannes

Date: 16-21 June, 2019
Time: All week, all day, events starting as early as 10:30am
Location: JW Marriott 

Ready for a week of incredible "Terrasse Talks" and cocktail parties at the JW Marriott Rooftop this Cannes Lions? It's a rhetorical question, of course you're ready. Sign up for the stacked Lions
programme Adweek have in store for this year by clicking here. 

14.) Mobile Ventures Summit


Date: 17-20 June, 2019
Time: Boat hours from 9:30-22:30
Location: Ocean Sapphire Yacht at Le Vieux Port

This year MVS will be docking their sweet yacht at the Old Cannes Port next to the Palais des Festivals for a week full of fireside chats, cocktail events, VIP cruises, and so much more. They'll have a wide range of impressive speakers from companies like Pinterest, Hilton, and even Adidas. To sign up, click the RSVP link here.

15.) Universal Production Music

Universal Production Music Beach Party

Date: 19 June, 2019
Time: 12:00-17:00
Location: Le Bénitier Plage

Universal Production Music is back again for a fourth year to host their annual beach party at the
Bénitier Beach. Come with your sunscreen and swim trunks, and prepare to get down to their DJ sets by Ministry of Sound's Dane Bradshaw. This is an invitation-only party! Have you receivved yours yet? They've reached max capacity, so let's hope that you've made it on the list! 

See what their beach party was like at Cannes Lions 2018 here. 

16.) MassiveMusic & MediaMonks

Party at the MMMMbassy

Date: 19 June, 2019
Time: 21:00- late
Location: Promenade Robert Favre le Bret, 1, Cannes

This year get ready for another MMMM dance party with MassiveMusic and MediaMonks for their Cannes Lions 2019 Party. Bring your good vibes and even better dance moves, and get ready for one of the greatest dance parties of the week. Didn't get an invitation? Don't panic, there's still hope. Follow their Instagram and Facebook pages for clues on how to get invited to this famous annual rager.

17.) The Drum

The Drum Arms

Date: 17 June - 21 June, 2019
Time: Events all week long
Location: Morrison's Lounge, The Drum HQ

The Drum is back again to offer a place where you can cool off from the blazing summer heat in Cannes, have a pint, enjoy informal panel discussions, quizzes, pub lunches and debates, and much more. You can find them at the Morrison's Lounge, or just listen for their drumbeats... Click here to register.

18.) APA

APA'S Cannes Fringe

Date: 19-20 June, 2019
Time: Events starting as early as 9:00
Location: Maema Plage du Midi, La Pantiero, Cinema Les Arcades, JW Marriott

The Advertising Producer's Association is here to bring us all back to what Cannes Lions is really about - creativity. Their two-day list of events aren't focused on overflowing glasses of chilled rosé, rather, it's to recognisegreat talent at Cannes Lions. APA is bringing the World Producers Summit, Young Directors Awards, and yes, OK, one party. Click here to sign up!

19.) Tantor Films, Taprod, Madam, Hamlet, AntiEstatico

Tantor BBQ Sessions

Date: 18-21 June, 2019
Time: 13:00-17:00
Location: Tantor Cannes Lions Villa

THE TANTOR BBQ SESSIONS ARE BACK. This year at the Tantor Villa you'll find South American steak, Chimichurri, poolside vibes, a spirit of togetherness, and a steady flow of drinks and popsicles. If you didn't make it to their epic BBQ sessions last year, you'll want to come this year. PS - live act by De Falcon on Wednesday!Sign up here.

20.) Amobee

Converge Cafe

Date: 17-21 June, 2019
Time: 9:00-16:00
Location: Promenade Robert Favre Le Bret, inside Medalink beach

Amobee is taking on the responsibility of serving up a vital element to surviving the chaos that is Cannes Lions - coffee, of course. Stop by the Coverage Cafe and meet for coffee and conversation about the convergence of TV, digital and social. If you haven't experienced the heat of summertime in Cannes, you'll seriously appreciate one of Amobee's iced lattes.Request meetings and double shot espressos here.

21.) Ad Age

Ad Age Cannes Lawn Party

Date: 19 June, 2019
Time: 17:30
Location: Le Grand Hotel lawn

Ad Age is back again with their annual event at the famous lawn at Le Grand Hotel, where the rosé is far from a scarcity. Get your networking on in your bare feet at this lawn party, mingle with excellent company, and enjoy a few drinks - it's on Ad Age. To request an invitation, send an email over to [email protected].



Date: 18 June, 2019
Time: 15:30-20:00
Location: Olympia Cinema

Thunderdance Film Festival (TFF) is a bi-annual event and focuses on mental health and independent cinema from around the globe. This year, Thunderdance is proud to announce they are introducing their first pop-up festival at the Olympia Cinema. The event will include a screening of the winning films, a presentation of the awards and a meet and greet/after party. Sign up for the TTF here!

23.) Tracks & Fields

Hangover Rehab

Date: 18-21 June, 2019
Time: 12:00-15:00
Location: 25 Rue des Etats-Unis

This year the lads from Tracks & Fields are back again to help you nurse your impending hangovers that will most certainly follow your intense week of partying. With plenty of food, all kinds of beverages from coffee to cocktails, as well as painkillers, antacids and multivitamin supplements, Hangover Rehab is a great way to kickstart an action-packed day and mingle with fellow party animals. Sign up here!

24.) OpenX

OpenX at Cannes Lions 2019

Date: 17-21 June, 2019
Time: 9:00-18:00
Location: Cannes Lions Beach

OpenX is joining forces with the Mobile Marketing Association as the presenting sponsor of the official Cannes Lions Beach, and they're bringing a range of different events this year. To get invited to one of their exclusive events, reach out to an OpenX representative, or click here to sign up and register interest!

UPDATED ON 24/05/2019

25.) HelliVentures

Catch the Early Bird

Date: 21 June, 2019
Time: 08:00-10:30
Location: Majestic Beach, Croisette, Cannes

This year HelliVentures is back to promote their annual beach party where only the early birds will truly be able to enjoy. Leave your hangovers at home and come prepared to get wet! To RSVP to this early-morning water sport event, send an email to [email protected]. Fingers crossed!

26.) FreeWheel a Comcast Company


Date: June 17 - 20, 2019
Time: Events starting at 9:30
Location: Plage du Goéland

FreeWheel is back again this year to bring a mix of diverse leaders, trendsetters, and a few surprise guests to discuss the importance of industry innovation and evolution! Join their panels to stay on top of your game this Cannes Lions. Not to mention, they are going to host Afterglow Vibes every day to finish off your afternoon with fresh music and a cold glass of wine on the beach. Secure your spot here!

27.) Facebook

Facebook Beach at Cannes

Date: 17-20 June, 2019
Time: 10:00-17:00
Location: La Plage Barrière Le Majestic Cannes

Facebook is back again to bring you one of the most impressive events on the Boulevard de La Croisette as they take over the La Plage Barrière Le Majestic. They'll host a wide range of important panel discussions, touching on topics like the exploring the creative potential of VR for St. Jude's Hospital, gender dynamics and equality in advertising, a photo experience hosted by Instagram, and so much more. Sign up here!


Unified at Cannes

Date: 17-20 June, 2019
Time: Afternoon events throughout the week
Location: Various Cannes locations

The Unified team are gearing up for Cannes Lions this year by bringing a handful of classy events to the party scene. From dinner parties, to luncheons at a private island off the coast of Cannes, and last but not least, a helicopter trip to the French countryside. For those of you who want to experience all that the French Riviera has to offer, we'd suggest teaming up with Unified and registering your interest here.

29.) 33Across x Minute Media

Aboard the Chantella Yacht at Cannes Lions

Date: 17-20 June, 2019
Time: 9:00-20:30
Location: Chantella Yacht Jetée Albert Edouard on Le Vieux Port

33Across and Minute Media are manning the Chantella Yacht this year and bringing you daily events, both on and offshore. Enjoy all the luxuries that the Chantella Yacht has in store, like Sunset Soirées, Hangover Brunches, Daily Unwind cocktail receptions, Out to Sea events, and more.

This party has reached full capacity, better luck next year!

30.) LiveRamp

LiveRamp Innovation Roundtables

Date: 18 June, 2019
Time: 12:00-14:30
Location: Le Gray D’Albion Penthouse, 3 Rue des Serbes

If your main intention for attending Cannes Lions is to network and learn from some of the industry's most powerful stakeholders, LiveRamp definitely has you covered this year. Enjoy their Innovation Roundtable discussion over lunch with leaders from across the board, followed by a cocktail happy hour on the penthouse rooftop of the famous Cannes Grey d'Albion. Spaces are limited, so be sure to sign up quickly.

31.) RTL/ AdConnect


Date: 17-21 June, 2019
Time: Events all week
Location: RTL AdConnect Beach at Cannes

This year RTL/AdConnect are hosting an exciting week of innovative discussions with industry experts around trends, challenges, and opportunities in media and advertising. What's more, their beach is going to be popping off with tropical parties and summer activities that you don't want to miss. Chill out and network in a shady spot, grab a drink, and enjoy all that RTL/AdConnect have to offer at Cannes Lions 2019. Register for their wide range of events here!

32.) AdMedia

AdMedia Yacht at Cannes Lions

Date: 17-20 June, 2019
Time: Different times throughout the week
Location: The AdMedia Yacht

Digital media debates and discussions, views of the Mediterranean, and lots of rosé are a few things you'll find aboard the AdMedia Yacht at Cannes Lions! Sign up here to join them for meetings and a few classy exclusive events throughout the week. Limited spaces available!

33.) YoungDogs

Marking Our Territory

Date: 18 June 2019
Time: 21:00-late
Location: Long Beach

The YoungDogs are back again to host a party where all are welcome and free to party, not just the major marketing agencies and advertising mongrels. Be sure to bring your dancing shoes because the YoungDogs know how to get down. Want to get your hands on an invitation to this all-night rager? Be sure to follow their Facebook page here to get clues on how to get into this famous Cannes Lions dance party.


A New Era of Advanced TV

Date: 18 June, 2019
Time: 17:00-19:00
Location: 29 Rue du Commandant André

Join Samsung and IAB UK at their beachfront studio to discuss the new era of advanced TV, enjoy the views of the Bay of Cannes, and network over a glass of cold rosé with some of the Ad industry's key players. Spaces are extremely limited - will you be one of the first to sign up?Click here and try your luck.


Sony/ATV x EMI PM Cannes 2019

Date: 19 June, 2019
Time: 15:00-19:00
Location: Blue Horizon Villa

Sony x EMI are back again to bring you the freshest beats with at their villa party this Cannes Lions 2019! They'll have an open bar, a BBQ, a swimming pool, and an incredible DJ set by Jaded. Be sure to bring your swim trunks, sunscreen, and your best dance moves! Want to attend this highly-anticipated pool party? Although it's invite only, you can request an invite by signing up here!

36.) BCMA x Whalar

The Amazing World Of Branded Content

Date: 19 June, 2019
Time:15:45 – 16:30
Location: Whalar Influence Beach Cabana (next to Facebook Beach)

Come prepared with a pen and notebook as BCMA members, Red Bull, Mirriad and Splash share about the amazing world of branded content at the Whalar Influence Beach Cabana. This panel discussion will provide insight into current and future trends for branded content, so be sure to attend if this your marketing forte! Click here to register.


Almost Ready x Cannes

Date: 20-21 June, 2019
Time: 13:00-17:30
Location: Vallauris, Cannes. (exact location to be announced via email)

This Romanian-based production and talent management company are organising their debut Cannes Lions Almost Ready Villa Party! You can expect to enjoy a mix of Romanian flavours, both in terms of food and drinks, as well as and artists, and a lively international crowd. This is a 2-day villa party that you don't want to miss out on. Sign up here, and be sure to bring your swimsuit - this party is going to get hot.

38.) Emoteev


Date: 19 June, 2019
Time: 18:00-22:00
Location: Emoteev Yacht, Jetée Albert Edouard

The Akommo Cannes Lions 2019 Party List is happy to present the afterwork you've all been waiting for. Emoteev is hosting an afterwork party aboard their yacht (yes, another yacht party!) where you can enjoy the sounds of the sea, drink endless rosé, and experience a chance to kick back and relax after a crazy day of meetings and events. Click here to get your yacht party on.

39.) Murphy Cobb MCA

Who's Giving a S#*T?

Date: 19 June, 2019
Time: 9:30-10:30
Location: LBB & Friends Beach, opposite the Carlton Hotel

MurphCobb & Associates, leaders in production innovation, are coming to Cannes to host a breakfast panel at the LBB & Friends Beach to discuss advertising and creativity with a handful of the industry's most outspoken insiders. Expect drama at this breakfast, things are going to get heated during this morning debate. You can also expect delicious flaky croissants and coffee as well. Shoot an email to Kat at [email protected] to get a spot at this breakfast!

40.) SHOTS X FELT Music

Shots x Felt Music DJ Set

Date: 20 June, 2019
Time: 22:00-02:00
Location: The Terrace, Palais Des Festivals, Cannes

SHOTS X FELT Music are back again for Cannes Lions 2019 to pump up the volume at the Palais des Festivals with their annual DJ set and dance party. Last year this was one of the most talked about beachside dance events of the week, and this year they're coming to kick things up a notch. Want to get invited? Send an email to [email protected] to ask to get your name on the list!

41.) Nielsen

Nielsen at Cannes Lions

Date: 18-20 June, 2019
Time: Events starting as early as 10:00
Location: Nielsen Yacht, Jetée Albert Edouard

Remember the Nielsen Yacht Party last year? If you don't, you're going to want to get on board this year. Nielsen is back to host a wide range of events, from morning recharges with fresh juice and even fresher conversation, various panel discussions with key industry leaders, as well as, of course, their Revel in the Riviera cocktail party aboard the Nielsen Yacht. Want to join the party? Click here to sign up.

Photo Andy Plesser from Beet TV

UPDATED ON 31/05/2019

42.) Braze

Braze Humanity in Action

Date: 17-21 June, 2019
Time: Various daily events
Location: Various locations

Join Braze at Cannes Lions as they explore how to put brand humanity to work, strengthened by democratised data within a well-architected tech ecosystem, empowering you to break down team silos, test, and learn. They'll be at various locations throughout the week, such as TFQ headquarters, the ROLA yacht, and the MediaLink Beach. Get involved this year!

43.) Peach

Peach on the Beach

Date: 18-21 June, 2019
Time: 16:00-18:00 Happy Hour
Location: LBB Beach, La Plage Croisette.

To keep things short and sweet, peach is going to be representing at LBB Beach on the La Plage Croisette to offer food, drinks, conversation, revolutionary video workflows and structurally questionable seafaring inflatables. Sign up for LBB x Peach and be sure to pick up your wristband!

44.) MadHive

MadHive at Cannes Lions

Date: 17-20 June,  2019
Time: Events all day
Location: MadHive Yacht

MadHive, AdLedger, and Gabbcon are joining forces this year during Cannes Lions aboard their yacht to teach you all about how to protect yourself from fraud through cryptography and everything you need to know about blockchain. Sound like your technologically-advanced cup of tea? Sign up here.


Goals House Cannes Lions 2019

Date: 17-21 June, 2019
Time: Events starting every day at 10:30
Location: Goals House

Every day during Cannes Lions, the Goal House will host dynamic leaders who hold high-level conversations to envisage the way ahead for the world, including a sequence of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and evening events.The Goals House is also a venue for informal and impromptu meetings around the UN Global Goals. If you're looking to make meaningful, global connections, this week-long event is exactly what you've been looking for. More information about the house agenda here and to sign up for specific events, click here.


Le Grand Brunch at Cannes Lions

Date: 21 June, 2019
Time: 10:00-12:00
Location: Revealed with Invitation

Le Grand Brunch is about to be a real game changer in the Cannes Lions brunch and overall hangover rescue scene this year. Enjoy croissants, fruit, coffee, and a few ibuprofen as you recover from your night out with a morning brunch from DAS WERK. This brunch party is by invitation only, but you can get in touch with the organiser and ask ever-so-nicely for a seat at the table here.

47.) MarketMakers

Catch me if You Cannes

Date: 17 June, 2019
Time: 7:00-8:00
Location: Palais des Festivals Main Entrance

MarketMakers are coming to Cannes Lions to make a difference this year by offering a chance to build strong relationships while improving your physical well-being and fulfill a meaningful purpose during their 5K run! They first launched the 5 at IAB ALM 2018 to support industry friends who dramatically transformed their lives because of cancer, and now they're teaming up with LinkedIn and NBC Universal to bring awareness for their cause to Cannes Lions! Get ready to break a sweat and sign up here.

48.) TVSquared


Date: 17-19 June, 2019
Time: Events starting as early as 9:00
Location: Vouch Voyager Yacht

Join TVSquared at Cannes Lions for multiple events and discussions around TV’s transformation in the digital age — including advances in measurement, data and delivery channels. This year they're bringing cocktail parties, closed-door luncheons, Let’s Talk and Conversations With panel experiences, and so much more. Want in? Try and secure a spot here.

49.) KFTV

KFTV Rooftop Networking at Cannes Lions

Date: 20 June, 2019
Time: 18:00-20:00 
Location: Radisson Blu Roof Terrace

Around 150 guests will attend this rooftop networking party on 20 June, including professionals from advertising agencies, production companies and post-production facilities. The event is being sponsored by Iceland's Sagafilm, Germany's Delight Rental Services, and Turkey's Mental Film. Interested in getting involved in this international scene? Send an email to Sarah Keegan here.

50.) Brand Innovators

Brand Innovators Roundtable Series @ Cannes Lions

Date: 17-20 June, 2019
Time: All day events, check their agenda here 
Location: Various locations throughout the week - find out after registering!

Brand Innovators Roundtables @ Cannes Lions are exclusively open to the Brand Innovators community: senior brand marketers & agency friendlies. As we highly value your contribution at Cannes, we are happy to offer your brand-side + agency colleagues first priority for registration. Please respond as soon as possible providing a list of which colleagues will be attending, along with their email addresses, and we will get them added to the guest list right away.

Brand marketers are also welcome to register HERE.

51.) LUMA

Cannes Blanc White Party

Date: 17 June, 2019
Time: 18:00-21:00
Location: 67 Boulevard de la Croisette, Le Rooftop

Luma is back again with the highly-exclusive Cannes Blanc White Party. Some of the most well-known industry leaders will be attending the elusive White Party with gorgeous views of Cannes and overflowing bottles of champagne and rosé. The dress code is all white, so come prepared. This is an invite-only party, but you can get in touch with the organiser by clicking 'contact' at the bottom of this page.

Photo from Cannes Blanc 2018

52.) Signal

Signal at Cannes Lions

Date: 16-20 June, 2019
Time: 10:00-14:00 meeting, 18:00 every day for cocktails
Location: Albert Edouard Jetty, Signal Yacht

If identity resolution and data onboarding are your real-time marketing niches, then you don't want to miss this. The Signal team are making a splash at Cannes Lions this year aboard the Signal Yacht, offering informative meeting sessions, industry insight from leaders, and last but not least, daily cocktail and canapé events. Sound like a smashing good time to you? Register here.

53.) Media Plus

6th Annual "Party Before the Good Parties Start"

Date: 18 June, 2019
Time: 16:00-23:00
Location: Villa Eleo, 22 Avenue du Roi Albert 1er

Back for the 6th year in a row, Media Plus is here to help you get prepared for the best week of the summer by kicking off Cannes Lions with their "Party Before the Good Parties Start" event. Enjoy their swimming pool, munch on some freshly-grilled hamburgers, and ice cold beer. Be sure to bring a towel and swimwear, and remember to pace yourselves, ladies and gents - it's going to be a long evening. Sign up here.

54.) Havas

Havas Café

Date: 17-21 June, 2019
Time: 9:00-17:00
Location: 45 Boulevard de La Croisette at the Grand Hotel Lawn, you can't miss it!

Every year the Havas Café opens up its doors and takes centre stage at the famous Grand Hotel Lawn. If you've never been to Cannes, this is a major party scene and you'll need to make an obligatory stop here. If you've been, you'll already be well aware of the Havas Café legacy! The cafe will be open to clients and partners, so if you fall under that category, stop by for some quality mingling and networking.

Havas Café Cannes Lions 2018

55.) Isobar x Contagious

Walk the Work

Date: 20 June, 2019
Time: 16:00-17:00
Location: 47 Boulevard de la Croisette

The exclusive panel will talk attendees through the unique strategies behind the campaigns winning at Cannes and introduce the key themes and trends on display at the festival – and then tell you how you can implement these insights upon your return to the office. Ready to be advised by the experts? Sign up for this hour-long panel at the Dentsu Aegis Network Beach House here.


PHD / Overthrow II Book Launch

Date: 19 June, 2019
Time: 8:30-10:00
Location: The Contagious Villa, 1 Boulevard de Strasbourg, Cannes

Hear directly from the authors of Overthrow II, Adam Morgan, founder and partner of eatbigfish, and Malcolm Devoy, chief strategy officer of PHD EMEA, as they invite guests from the leading disruptor brands challenging the status quo to discuss and debate what it means to be a challenger. Start your day off bright and early with a few canapés and an orange juice by the pool at the Contagious Villa! Click here to register interest.

57.) MediaMath x Oracle

MediaMath x Oracle Data Cloud Beach Party

Date: 19 June, 2019
Time: 20:00-01:00
Location: Rado Beach

MediaMath is tackling the issues that continue to distract the industry from delivering purposeful marketing that drives brand health and growth. Join them at Cannes Lions to learn how you can work together to modernise the supply chain. They'll be hosting meetings at their space all week and have exciting events lined up throughout Cannes Lions. Best of all, they're teaming up with Oracle to host a beach party you do not want to miss out on. Sign up here and get ready to dance the night away.

58.) ICCO PR

The House of PR

Date: 17-20 June, 2019
Time: Events starting daily at 11:00
Location: 25 Rue Hoche

The House of PR is a hub for the PR community at Cannes Lions to congregate, network, relax, enjoy some cold refreshments, have private meetings, conduct video interviews, access private wifi or just relax on the large garden terrace. They have a seriously stacked line up of interviews with major leaders in the PR industry, so if you work in PR, you'll definitely want to sign up here.

59.) Sprinklr

The Rise of Modern Customers, Marketers & Martech

Date: 17-20 June, 2019
Time: Daily events 
Location: JW Marriott Cannes, 2nd Floor; Renoir 6-10

As they take over the 2nd floor of the JW Marriott, Sprinklr is bringing insights and learning that they use in helping some of the world’s most loved brands make their customers happier. With the world’s first Unified Front Office Platform for Modern Channels, they help brands including Allstate, McDonald’s, Microsoft, NASA, Nike, Philips, Procter & Gamble, Samsung, Santander, Shell, and Verizon help their customers. Sign up for this impactful week of events with Sprinklr here.

UPDATED ON 07/06/2019

60.) AOI Pro. x TYO


Date: 18 June, 2019
Time: 22:00-02:00
Location: Croisette Beach

AOI Pro. & TYO are back again to bring the Asian flavour to Cannes! Famous producer, rapper and DJ, EVISBEATS will be there to throw down the freshest beats from Tokyo and light up this glow in the dark party! Invitation only, so get in touch with your contacts at AOI Pro. & TYO to get invited. Best of luck!

61.) Croisetteke

Croisetteke Cannes Lions 2019

Date: 19 June, 2019
Time: 18:00-20:00
Location: Le Jardin de Clear Channel

Join La Croisetteke, the only real Belgian’s Apero, on the 19th of June for an evening filled with opportunities. Best of all, attendees can enter a contest after the event and win some awesome prizes. Subscribe today and get ready to party Belgian style.

62.) The Female Quotient

The Girl's Lounge

Date: 17-20 June, 2019
Time: 7:00-19:00
Location: Hotel Martinez, Penthouse Suite #731, 73 Boulevard de la Croisette

The GIRLS are back in town! Returning to look after their kingdom at the luxurious Penthouse 731 in the Martinez Hotel to bring a week full of exciting, enriching and empowering activities. From workout sessions to cocktail parties and important panel discussions, the TFQ programme is going to be stacked this year. Sign up to join the pack here!

63.) Embassy of Dutch Creativity


Date: 17-20 June, 2019
Time: Events starting as early as 9:00
Location: Plage Long Beach

This year the Embassy of Dutch Creativity celebrate the 5th edition of the Embassy of Dutch Creativity, the Dutch creative trade mission, taking place during the Cannes Lions Festival. The mission is to inspire the global creative community with the Dutch spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship and Amsterdam’s creative DNA: open-minded, multicultural and interdisciplinary! Sign up for their week of incredible panel sessions and opportunities to network on the beach by clicking here.

64.) Double Verify

DV at Cannes Lions 2019

Date: 17-21 June, 2019
Time: 8:00-17:00
Location: DV Cabana

Pop by the Double Verify Cabana just next to the Facebook Pier to build a better industry with some of the best in the business. Sign up for any of their panel discussions, daily sunset happy hour cocktail events, and even their FREE pizza at Vesuvio's from 23:00-01:00 every night during Cannes Lions. Get involved here.


by Attilio Gianfrancesco and Georgie MacEchern

Date: 19 June, 2019
Time: 23:00-04:30
Location: Le Chat Noir Club

They are back with their 5th TROPICOOL Cannes Lions Party, where you literally don't stop dancing until the sun comes up. This is one of the most famous "underground" parties at Cannes Lions, so you definitely want to acquire the password if you can! To get in, all you'll need are a wristband and a strong desire to dance the night away. Are you? Sign up here.

PS - we cannot provide you with the password, best of luck everyone!

66.) The Globe and Mails

The Globe and Mail's Canada Beach Party

Date: 19 June, 2019
Time: 18:00-21:00
Location: La Mandala

Canada's coming to take over La Mandala for their annual Canada Beach Party! Got a Canadian passport? Then you're in! All you need is a delegate pass and a photocopy of your Canadian passport and let the enjoying begin! Click here to register for this exclusively-Canadian beach bash!

67.) BW Lions

120-Minute Party

Date: 21 June, 2019
Time: 17:00-19:00
Location: Long Beach, Cannes

The 120-Minute Party is back to Cannes Lions for another year of efficient and dynamic networking! For just 2 hours only you'll have an opportunity to meet and mingle with some of the industry's most interesting character, including The BW Lions, the delegation of creative minds from Baden-Württemberg. Click here to sign up - first come, first served!

68.) VICE

Vice at Cannes

Date: 17-20 June, 2019
Time: Various events throughout the week
Location: Vice Penthouse, 57 Boulevard de la Croisette

Vice is taking Cannes by storm this year with an incredible lineup of panel discussions with some of advertising's most powerful leaders to bring you the latest and future trends of the industry. RSVP here for their discussions and private events and leave Cannes Lions feeling prepared to take on the future! PS- some events are invite only!


Kantar at Cannes

Date: 17-19 June, 2019 
Time: Events starting as early as 9:00
Location: 38 Rue des Serbes, Kantar House

At Cannes Lions this year, Kantar will present its best insights from around the world to give marketers a holistic and actionable view of gender topics. Kantar’s What Women Want? explores women’s inner motivations; their views on the advertising that targets them; and brings to life cultural conversations today that will inspire women tomorrow. From breakfasts, brunches, and even cocktail events, the Kantar House is going to be a must-attend during Lions 2019.

Click here to sign up for any/all of these female-focused events!

70.) PlaceIQ + ZEFR

Cannes in View PlaceIQ + ZEFR

Date: 19 June, 2019
Time: 22:00-Late
Location: Alter Ego Yacht

Who's ready for another yacht party?! PlaceIQ and Zefr are back for their annual late night bash aboard their Alter Ego Yacht. Come prepared to party - this banger is starting at 22:00 and they've got every intention of partying into the wee hours of the night. This party isinvitation only, but you can register your interest here.


The Nice and Nasty Pool Partey

Date: 19 June, 2019
Time: 12:00-17:00
Location: Villa la Tsavorite, 5 Allée du parc de Fiorentina

ANOTHER VILLA PARTY, and we're not complaining. Yessian Music & Deli Creative Collective are here to bring good vibes, great food, and an incredible swimming pool so you can network comfortably (in your swim trunks with a beer, of course). They will provide shuttles to pick you up from the Croisette Boulevard just opposite the Cannes Carlton Hotel - keep your eyes peeled for their signs and flags. Sign up here!


Spotify Beach

Date: 18-19 June, 2019
Time: Doors open at 21:30, get there early
Location: 50 Boulevard de la Croisette

The Spotify crew are coming back to Cannes to tear up the roof with some of the hottest artists in the pop industry, such as Bebe Rexha, Tove Lo, Nas and Swizz Beatz! If you're name's not on the list, you're not getting in, unfortunately. RSVP to these incredible beachside concerts byclicking here!

73.) Teads

Converge Cocktails #teadscannes

Date: 20 June, 2019
Time: 18:00-midnight 
Location: Yacht "H", Vieux Port Cannes

Join Teads aboard Yacht ‘H’ for an evening of networking, fresh beats, and the obligatory overflowing bottles of rosé. Enjoy an evening aboard a beautiful yacht, watch the sun go down over the French Riviera, and pinch yourself because this isn't a dream, this is Cannes Lions. Doors open at 6pm with beats from DJ Lady Style. RSVP here!

74.) KARGO

Kargo Sea & Scene

Date: 17 June, 2019
Time: 12:30-16:30
Location: Hotel Belles Rives, Juan-Les-Pins

Kick off your Monday at Cannes Lions exploring a new part of the French Riviera and head out to Juan-Les-Pins at the Hotel Belles Rives for a swanky afternoon affair. Kargo will be hosting this daytime party to start Cannes Lions on the right foot. Register interest here.

75.) Twitter


Date: 17-20 June, 2019
Time: Various events throughout the week
Location: 52 Boulevard de la Croisette

OK, don't even act like you haven't heard of the Twitter Beach legacy. Last year they had Zara Larsson and The Knocks blow everyone away with one of the best beach parties of Cannes Lions 2018. This year they're back with a solid lineup of week-long activities, as well as a surprise talent to be announced shortly at the #twitterafterdark. If you didn't get invited, you're not going to get in, ladies and gents. RSVP here if you're one of the lucky ones!

76.) Warner Media

Warner Media at Cannes Lions

Date: 17-20 June, 2019
Time: Varying events starting as early as 10:00
Location: WarnerMedia House: 63 La Croisette

The Cannes 2019 Programme by Warner Media is so full that they had to spread it out over 4 days just to fit it all in. They're teaming up with major industry leaders like Bleacher, Publicis, and more to bring you a week of valuable content. Did we mention they're going to host an important WarnerMedia "After-Dark" Cocktail Party on Thursday? Send an email requesting interest to the address provided here.

77.) LOVOO

Date: 19 June, 2019
Time: 15:00-22:00
Location: Villa Soleil

If you’re a brand marketer seeking new advertising platforms or solutions; an influencer talent scout; or a digital native looking for the latest in social app trends, this event will be your must-attend at Cannes. There will be a keynote presentation, rosé, a BBQ, a swimming pool, German beers and wines, and more rosé. Click here to find out more details and get busy networking at the  Villa Soleil!

78.) With Hoof and THE LOFT

Lunch With Hoof and THE LOFT @ Cannes

Date: 20 June, 2019
Time: 14:00
Location: The Carlton Beach Restaurant

Bringing together an intimate group of the world’s leading female creative forces, this event will offer a creative workshop over lunch and rosé by the beach. Harnessing the talents of this global group, they will come together to build the foundations of a pro-bono impact campaign that will be executed for a nonprofit beneficiary in 2019. Sound like your cup of tea? Sign up or RSVP here.

79.) Triplelift

Triplelift in Cannes

Date: 17-21 June, 2019
Time: Events starting at 11:00
Location: Hôtel Splendid

Join Triplelift and their partners this year as they bring an action-packed lineup of events with some of the world's most recognised brands, such as the Native Happy Hour with Microsoft Advertising. To see their entire lineup and RSVP, click here.

80.) IRI

IRI @ Cannes Lions

Date: 17-19 June, 2019
Time: Different events throughout
Location: IRI Clubhouse

IRI is hosting daily events including rapid-fire briefings on improving advertising and sales performance, and network and nosh socials for CPG brands, agencies and their media and advertising partners. Register for their cocktails and canapés sessions or some of their potent panel discussions at the IRI Clubhouse here.

81.) Videoamp

Lift Off With Videoamp at Cannes Lions 2019

Date: 17-20 June, 2019
Time: See schedule for event starting times
Location: Antisan Yacht, Le Vieux Port

ALL ABOARD! Videoamp is bringing you a stacked lineup of activities this year on the Antisan Yacht, such as fireside chats, yacht parties, debates, and even cruises St. Tropez and the Cap d'Antibes! You don't want to miss this opportunity, it's going to be an incredible week with Videoamp. Sign up and RSVP here.

82.) Pinterest

The Home of Inspiration

Date: 17-20 June, 2019
Time: Monday 12:00-18:00, Tuesday-Thursday 9:00-18:00
Location: Pinterest Beach at the Carlton Pier

One of the brightest and most luxurious waterfront HQ's at the Carlton Pier are back again this year to bring more creativity, more inspiration, and more fun! They have three different areas - Playland, Discoveryland, and Dreamland, where you can feel free to create, be yourself, and dream. Sign up here!

UPDATED ON 12/06/2019

83.) Wall Street Journal

The Journal House at Cannes Lions 2019

Date: 17-20 June, 2019
Time: Events starting at 9:30
Location: The Journal House, Jetée Albert Edouard

The WSJ are back to bring a smashing lineup this year of all-week events with industry leaders and powerful content. From cocktail receptions, to panel discussions, VIP dinners, and of course, their annual Journal House Rocks concert with special guests. This is going to be one impressive Cannes Lions hotspot that you definitely don't want to miss. Sign up for their wide range of important events here!

84.) Whalar

Influencer Marketing Gallery

Date:17- 20 June, 2019
Time: 10:00-17:00
Location: Whalar Cabana, next to Facebook Beach

You'll find Whalar on the beach displaying their best case studies from the past year as well as showing the results from our world-first influencer neuro-research project. Up on the terrace, Whalar are hosting their own Cannes Lions fringe events with some true icons of the industry such as Sir John Hegarty, Sir Martin Sorrell and Bob Greenberg. Come along, grab some Hegarty Wines, meet the team, and maybe some legends too... All are welcome! Check out their lineup of events here.

85.) MediaOcean

Cannes Stop Won't Stop

Date: 17 June, 2019
Time: 22:00-late
Location: The Hana Yacht

MediaOcean is teaming up with IBM, IAS, and Lucidity to bring you one of the first yacht parties of the week during Cannes Lions. The Cannes Stop Won't Stop will take place aboard the Hana Yacht, and will offer drinks, bites, music, and an impressive crowd to network with. Dress to impress and sign up here.

86.) Datorama

Lights. Data. Action at the Dato House

Date: 17-21 June, 2019
Time: 10:00-18:00
Location: Dato House (#4 on the Croisette)

Come stop by the Dato House, powered by Salesforce and Datorama, for a chance to chat with fellow industry leaders, customers and experts. Register to attend one (or all!) of their program sessions, on topics including using data to drive personalisation and creativity, the future marketer, key metrics for driving growth, and client expertise at scale. Hear from brands like Pinterest, Mercedes-Benz, Diageo, Merkle, m/SIX, and more! See the full schedule and register here.

87.) IBM x WIRED

Blockchain in Action: Ensuring The Truth Is The Truth at Cannes Lions 2019

Date: 18 June, 2019
Time: 10:00-12:00 
Location: The Hana Yacht

Join the panel discussion where Peter Rubin, Senior Correspondent at WIRED sits down with Jason Kelley, General Manager of IBM Blockchain Services to discuss how blockchain enables a more trusted economy and unlocks new opportunities for consumer trust. If you want to sit down and get insight from some of the most brilliant brains in the blockchain industry aboard their gorgeous yacht, sign up here or send an email to [email protected]. Spaces are limited!

88.) Spotx

Television’s New Era: How addressability is transforming TV advertising

Date: 18 June, 2019
Time: 11:00
Location: C Beach, 45 Boulevard de la Croisette

Join the SpotX team with Sean Buckley, CRO at SpotX, to enjoy their panel discussion related to a new era in TV! Head over to the sunny C Beach for this discussion, moderated by Jon Watts, Managing Partner at MTM, who will cover TV’s evolving landscape as addressability, data and creativity become paramount. Interested in TV advertising? Sign up here!

89.) Google

The Google Beach at Cannes Lions

Date: 17-20 June, 2019
Time: All day events
Location: La Plage Barrière Le Gray d'Albion

Join Google on the Boulevard de la Croisette as they celebrate the best of creativity at Cannes 2019 with live demos, great music, sunset socials, and a huge Pride celebration party on Thursday. Not to mention their annual YouTube Music Sunset Social which always features some of the hottest artists of the moment. Check out their entire epic lineup here!

90.) Webedia

Garden Party

Date: 18 June, 2019
Time: 18:00-20:00
Location: Grand Hôtel, 45 Boulevard de la Croisette

Join the international team at Webedia during Cannes Lions 2019 and have some drinks and solid networking at their garden party. Located at the Grand Hôtel lawns, there you will find a melange of international brands, agencies, and partners from AdTech. The spaces are going quickly, so don't miss out on this incredible networking opportunity and sign up here.

91.) Dentsu

Beach House Party

Date: 18 June, 2019
Time: 18:00-20:00
Location: Plage 45 Croisette, Dentsu Beach House

Get ready to get your networking on with your toes in the sand. While it's going to be a busy day, you'll want to carve out time for this Cannes Lions event. Drinks, beach, more drinks. What's not to love? This is an invite-only party, so if you've got a contact at Dentsu, be sure to ask them to save you a spot!

92.) Hanson Search x The Work Crowd

Cannes 2019 PR Opening Party

Date: 17 June, 2019
Time: 17:00-19:00
Location: 25 Rue Hoche

Hanson Search and The Work Crowd are delighted to be sponsoring the opening party at Cannes Lions 2019. Stop by theirs for sundowners and a BBQ and get ready for the long week ahead at their spot on Rue Hoche. Email [email protected] to join the guest list. Spots are quite limited so get in touch ASAP!

93.) Cannes Lions x Innocean

Cannes Lions Closing Party

Date: 21 June, 2019
Time: 21:00-late
Location: Cannes Carlton Beach

Every year to finish up an incredible week at Cannes Lions, the festival hosts a killer closing party with around 4,000+ attendees with top DJs to help you dance the night away for one last hoorah. To get in all you have to do is attend the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and show your badge!

94.) Limelite

LMLT x KNMT / Limelite x Kinomoto Pool Party

Date: 19 June, 2019
Time: 12:00-21:00
Location: Villa Josephine, 9 Rue Auguste Pardon

Limelite is back again with their annual party to chase away the heat with ice cold drinks, a cool blue pool to go for a dip, and music bumping all day with fresh beats from @Dj_Miss_G from!  From 13:00 - 16:00 you can catch the WASE Zine presentation, and later on at 15:00 - 19:00 directors & producers will be in the house! Not to mention, at 21:00 you can enjoy an Exclusive Premiere of the 72nd Cannes Official “Un Certain Regard” Selection - “EVGE” - feature film by Limelite. Sounds like a blast, right? Get involved here.

95.) The Lion's Share

Conversations of Hope: Cocktails and Jazz on the Nielsen Yacht with Connie Britton

Date: 20 June, 2019
Time: 17:30
Location: Nielsen Yacht, Jetée Albert Edouard

One year ago at Cannes Lions, the United Nations Development Programme announced The Lion's Share- an initiative designed for purpose-driven marketing to reverse wildlife extinction. On the evening of June 20th, UNDP, Nielsen, Mars Inc., JCDecaux, FINCH, Clemenger BBDO and The Economist Group, with special guest, actress Connie Britton, will hold a cocktail reception on brand purpose and advertising for social impact to celebrate the achievements of The Lion’s Share. Request your invitation here!


Verizon Media Beach

Date: 17-20 June, 2019
Time: Daytime, evening, and late night events throughout the week
Location: 73 Boulevard de la Croisette

Verizon Media is coming to the Boulevard de la Croisette in a big way by taking over La Plage du Martinez! They'll host a content series in partnership with The Ad Council around how brands collaborate and use innovation, creativity, and storytelling, to drive meaningful social action. Late Nights with Verizon Media, curated by Unik Ernest, will feature retro 80s vibes, throwback 90s hip hop, and a Pride celebration. Don't miss out. Sign up here!


Accenture Interactive @ Cannes Lions 2019

Date: 17-20 June, 2019
Time: Various events throughout the week
Location: M/Y Accama Yacht

This year, Accenture have an action-packed programme featuring insights on the industries hottest topics, hands-on innovation, creativity in action, and daily events throughout the week with content (and breakfast) that you don't want to miss. Did we mention it's aboard their gorgeous yacht? Sign up for their various events here.

98.) ADOBE

Adobe at Cannes Lions

Date: 17-21 June, 2019
Time: Events starting at 7:00!
Location: Adobe Penthouse and more

Adobe is not messing around this year at Cannes Lions. They've got an incredible lineup of events every day, starting as early as 7:00 with cycling classes for all of you hardcore fitness lovers, as well as cocktail receptions, keynote speakers at the Palais, breakfasts, and so much more. Check out the full lineup here and be sure to register/send emails to request access to their wide range of events and parties.

99.) Flip Off


Date: 17-20 June, 2019
Time: All week
Location: Pick up @ The Drum Arms at Morrison's Lounge

This event is a little bit special as it's actually a creative giveaway! Acquia in partnership with Proctor + Stevenson are giving away beer mats (coasters) and challenging your creative capacity and social media sharing abilities in order win a trip on Thursday, June 20, aboard their Sunseeker Predator Yacht to Monaco. Obviously you want to win a yacht ride to Monaco, so click here to learn how to participate in this event.


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