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Cannes Local Information - Downloadable Contact Sheet

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Event time is approaching soon in Cannes, and you’ve got a million things on your mind. The last thing you want to do is worry about who to call in an emergency situation. Not to mention, the extent of your French vocabulary is “bonjour” and “merci beaucoup”. Being in a foreign country when an emergency arises is scary and stressful, we know. That’s why we’re sharing our Cannes Local Information, complete with a downloadable contact sheet! Keep calm, and read on.

Cannes Local Information – Taxis

If you’re tired of walking, sweating, and constantly reapplying deodorant, maybe it’s time to hail a cab? We’ve got two Cannes taxi companies that we usually tend to work with –

Cannes Taxi – +33 4 93 99 27 27 (OK to call when you’re in a rush)

Allo Taxi – +33 8 92 78 00 28 (Best to reserve in advance)

Not into taxis? Uber has arrived in Cannes! Into riding in style? Contact [email protected] to get quality chauffeur service in Cannes.

Cannes Local Information – Emergency Numbers

If you put your late-night cooking skills to the test and forget about it in the oven, you’ll want to have these numbers closeby.

– Dial 18 to reach the fire brigade

– Dial 17 to reach the police

– Find more useful Cannes emergency numbers here!

Cannes Local Information – Reliable Dry Cleaning

We all know how meetings are in Cannes. They usually come with a glass (or bottle… or two) of wine or rosé. So what happens when you accidentally introduce your white blouse to your fresh glass of red wine? Run to the dry cleaners, of course!

– Laverie du Port +33 4 93 39 06 68 -36 Rue Georges Clemenceau

See all of our Cannes dry cleaning recommendations here!

Cannes Local Information – English-Speaking Doctors

Trying to communicate a medical emergency is already quite stressful, but in a foreign language creates a whole new level of chaos. Below is a trusted English-speaking doctor as well as an English-speaking hospital in Cannes. Additionally, you can use this list from the U.S. Embassy of English-speaking doctors in the French Riviera.

- Dr. Gabert- 1 Rue Félix Faure – +33 4 93 39 37 89

- Hôpital Les Broussailles – 15 Avenue des Broussailles – +33 4 93 69 70 00

Cannes Local Information – Where to fix your phone

Did you accidentally drop your phone in the toilet? Or maybe you forgot it was in your pocket as you jumped head-first into the swimming pool. Either way, it’s a surefire way to make your business trip a mess. Below are two spots where you can get your data topped off, as well as get repairs on your phone done.

- Orange – 28 Rue d’Antibes – 10:00-19:00 – Monday through Saturday

- Appyfix – 23 Rue des Frères Pradignac – 9:30-18:30 – Monday through Friday

Cannes Local Information – Where to Sweat it Out

After a few days of excessive eating, drinking, and coffee, a bit of exercise is practically mandatory. Cannes is full of beautiful running spots, but what happens if you HATE running? Here are a few gyms where you can get away from work for 60 minutes and get a good sweat in. See our two favourites in the graphic below!

Haven’t packed for Cannes Lions yet? Don’t worry, we’ve got the essentials last-minute list for you!

Cannes Local Information – Late-Night Grocery Runs

At some point, even though the food is superb, you will get sick of eating out in Cannes. Sometimes you just need to make yourself a fresh salad and sit at home! There are two grocery stores in Cannes open until 10pm and then midnight. See our entire list of supermarkets here or additionally in the downloadable below.

Save the last-minute checklist and contact list for your upcoming trip to Cannes! If you have an accommodation emergency while in Cannes, always feel free to directly call us at +33 4 20 88 01 30.