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Cannes 2017 Accommodation of The Month

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As the month of October is coming to an end, all procrastinators around the world are last-minute preparing for Cannes international retail property trade show! It will be here before we know it (November 15-17), and for the majority, accommodation have already been booked. However, for those who are waiting until the last minute, there’s still hope yet! Here are the top 3 Cannes accommodation that are still available!

Akommo is going to feature 3 different properties with 3 different budget ranges, as well as varied sleeping arrangements. Let’s get started before these apartments are all booked!

Cannes Accommodation – 3 Bedroom– Rue Buttura

This 90m2 apartment is a spacious option for a team of 6, as each will get their own twin bed. On top of comfortable bedrooms, this apartment offers a big living room with a dining corner and access to a small terrace.

What’s more, there’s even a breakfast bar to grab something quick to eat before event attending! Because of the proximity to the Palais des Festivals, this apartment is a prime option for groups.

Cannes Accommodation – 2 Bedroom – Rue Hoche

Are you familiar with Cannes’ famous pedestrian street, Rue Hoche? Here can be found some of the best shops, adorable cafes, and, gorgeous apartments, like this 2-bedroom flat! The recent renovations make this apartment a perfect and quite affordable option for a group of 5.

There are 2 singles, 1 double, and 1 comfy sofa bed. The apartment also has WiFi, a large plasma TV, and a cosy living room!

Cannes Accommodation – 1 Bedroom – Rue Bivuoac Napolean

Located just 1 minute from the Palais des Festival, this apartment makes the perfect option for a group of three. It offers a comfortable double bed, as well as a sofa bed for an extra guest.

If your main concern is location, you could only get closer to the Palais if you were actually sleeping in it. It comes with an equipped kitchen, a full bathroom with a tub, and lots of natural light!

If you want to make a no-strings-attached reservation for any of these apartments, get in touch! Or just call one of the numbers below-

In English- +44 20 3868 0980 (Ask for Rich)

En français- +33 4 20 88 01 30 (Contactez Julie)