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Global Entertainment Content Market Speakers

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In Cannes, some of the most highly-anticipated events usually start with the prefix “MIP”, such as MIPIM or MIPTV. This prefix is often associated with successful networking, big money, entertainment industry, real estate, etc… The prefix “MIP” is also associated with some incredible lectures, conferences, exhibitions, keynotes and exciting breakthroughs for each pertaining event sector. Our Akommo team has prepared this article to share a bit of information about what to expect from the keynote speakers of Global Entertainment Content Market and Jr Global Entertainment Content Market 2017, as we've been providing Cannes accommodations for this event since 2008.

Global Entertainment Content Market 2017 Keynote Speakers-

We’re extremely excited about the two speakers that the Mip Market team has chosen for this October’s edition… Can you guess who they might be? Here’s a hint for one of them: HELL’S KITCHEN. If you guessed Gordon Ramsay then you guessed right! He’ll be talking this year about his 25 years of experience in the industry on Monday October 16th.

He’ll also share about how he maintains his lifestyle as a personality figure, and how to manage a global brand as well known as his.

The other keynote speaker is Courteney Monroe, the current CEO of National Geographic Global Networks. She will be elaborating on their current new strategy for drama programs. Some of the main characters from these programs will be joining her on stage on Tuesday October 17th!

MIPJunior 2017-

Every year just before the Global Entertainment Content Market , the Junior Global Entertainment Content Market takes place from October 14-15th in the JW Marriott Cannes. This year will be the 25th anniversary of the Junior Global Entertainment Content Market, celebrating their feats as the leading international digital library of kids’ content in the world.

The purpose of this market is for the geniuses in the children’s entertainment industry to convene, network, and share brilliant ideas. Anything to keep the kids happy, (and distracted) right? This year the two speakers Andy Yeatman and Fred Seibert will be representing Netflix and Frederator Networks to discuss current trends in kid’s entertainment.

INSIDER INFO FOR Global Entertainment Content Market 2017-

MIP has just announced that they have an early bird 30% discount if you register for this spectacular entertainment industry event by July 12th! Here at the Akommo office, we respect deadlines, proactivity, and of course, planning, so we’re behind MIP on this offer.