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Top 10 Cannes WiFi Cafes for Your 2024 Stay

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When most people think of the French Riviera, the first images that come to mind are Mediterranean waters, warm beaches, and getting away from routine. It’s easy to lose yourself in the charming old villages you find along the coast, and even easier to disconnect from the world. However, in this technology-obsessed day and age, we can only tolerate so much disconnection. On the French Riviera, specifically in Cannes, WiFi can be quite tricky to come by. We took it upon ourselves to provide you with the Top 10 Cannes WiFi Cafes. Get ready to plug in, enjoy a freshly-baked pastry, and the rarity that is decent WiFi in Cannes!

#1 Itinéraire

10 Rue Hoche

Tuesday to Saturday 8:30AM - 7PM, Sunday 12:30PM - 7PM

If you’ve been searching for speciality coffee and teas in Cannes, search no more. Itinéraire is one of the most highly-reviewed cafes in the village, offering sweet cakes, excellent service, and of course, the ever-trending latte art. We love everything about this cafe, WiFi included. Get there early, this is one of the most popular Cannes WiFi Cafes!

#2 Columbus Café & Co Cannes

83 Rue d'Antibes

Every day 10AM - 7PM

Although we tend to avoid chain restaurants, this French franchise is an exception to the rule. Located in the first floor of the FNAC building on the famous Rue d'Antibes, this Cannes WiFi Cafe is the perfect place to get some afternoon work done with a secure internet connection and power outlets. Not to mention they have a lovely little interior patio to hide out in during hot summer days!

#3 Bacchus Cafe

17 Rue de Mimont

Monday to Saturday 7:45AM - 3:30PM

Located just outside of central Cannes, this little cafe is a great place to work from early in the morning until mid-afternoon. This is, of course, if you're ready for a great breakfast and an even better lunch. Best of all, the wine list is affordable and offers a great selection to accompany you and your to-do list into the afternoon. It's not considered drinking on the job if you're in France, right?

#4 La Factory Cafe

39 Rue des Suisses

Monday to Saturday 8AM - 8PM

Apart from their speedy WiFi, this cafe has a stellar reputation for great service. On top of friendly and responsive waiters, this cafe knows how to make a mean omelette. They also have a delicious selection of wraps and sandwiches at a reasonable price (for Cannes, anyway)!

#5 Café Poët

7 Rue Félix Faure

Monday to Sunday 5.30AM - 11PM

Café Poët in Cannes is a traditional Wifi café that has been a fixture in a typical Cannes neighborhood for over 21 years. Located at the foot of the Suquet, near the town hall and the bustling Forville market, it provides a friendly atmosphere with two terraces, one of which is a smoking area. It's a great spot for locals and visitors alike to enjoy snacks and ice cream all day, in a setting that's perfect for both quick visits and leisurely breaks, especially with its reliable WiFi connection.

#6 Emilie and the Cool Kids

39 Rue Hoche

Monday to Saturday 9AM - 7PM, Sunday 10AM - 6PM

From massive cookies, to avocado and salmon bagels, to healthy brunch options, Emilie and the Cool Kids is one of the greatest additions to the Cannes WiFi cafe scene. This is the place if you want to spend a relaxed morning answering a few emails and munching on a chocolate chip cookie! It's also a great place to go have an informal meeting before a long week of events.

#7 Café Pico

26 Raymond Picaud

Monday to Friday 06:30AM - 7PM, Saturday and Sunday 7:30AM - 8PM

Though it's not directly in the centre of Cannes, it's worth the 15 minute walk to get to this cafe. Imagine starting your day off with a coffee, a croissant, and knocking out an hour or two of work by the beach! The open WiFi makes it easy to get work done in this little nook. Not to mention, you can reward yourself with a delicious cappuccino to get the job finished!

#8 Green Bagel Cafe

10 Rue Hoche

Monday, and Wednesday to Friday 8:30AM - 7PM, Tuesday 9AM - 7PM, Saturday 8:30AM - 8PM

It's probably obvious from the name, but this is the place to get bagels when you're in Cannes. They have some incredible options to choose from, like chicken, avocado and cream cheese! Not to mention, the staff are incredibly friendly and makes you feel right at home. Best of all, they speak great English. Bring your laptop, appetite, and get ready to have a productive morning at this Cannes WiFi cafe!

#9 La Cannoise des Cafés et Thés

17 Rue du Marché Forville

Monday to Saturday 7AM - 5PM, Sunday 7AM - 2PM

La Cannoise des Cafés et Thés, highly rated for its desserts, offers a cozy spot right after a visit to Mairie de Cannes. This cafe delights its guests with classic French delicacies, highlighted by their tasty croissants and a selection of excellent coffee and tea. Known for its fast service and homey atmosphere, it's a popular choice for those looking to enjoy a relaxing break in a welcoming environment.

#10 Le Café Hoche

32-37 Rue Hoche

Monday to Sunday 8AM - 12.30AM

Café Hoche in Cannes, located on the bustling Rue Hoche near Rue d’Antibes and La Croisette, serves as a vibrant hub for both locals and visitors. Since its opening in 2020, this café has become a popular destination for dining and socializing, offering refined and generous cuisine in a lively bar setting. With services running from morning till midnight, Café Hoche is perfect for any meal or a relaxed hangout, supporting a variety of events from seminars to cocktail parties.

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