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Top 6 Cannes Most Popular Streets

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The French Riviera is made up of miles of breathtaking coastline, delicious cuisine, and some of the most picturesque villages the country has to offer. Cannes, the city of events, is certainly no exception! This beachside city promotes more than 35 events and hosts over 500,000 visitors every year. As we’ve been providing accommodation for these events for ten years, we know Cannes better than the average tourist. We’re going to share the Top 6 Cannes Most Popular Streets so you can navigate your next event like a local!

Cannes Street #1 - Boulevard de la Croisette

What not to miss – By far the most well-known street in Cannes, the Boulevard de la Croisette is where this city comes to life. Here you can find the promenade by the sea, the famous Carlton Hotel, and of course – at the heart of all the events – the Palais des Festivals. You can also window shop in some of the most famous designer stores, such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Armani, and Gucci.

Where to stay – Although any accommodation on the Croisette is going to offer spectacular views of the sea, our most rented apartment is located towards the end of the busy street. This3-bedroom apartment boasts some of the most spectacular views from the 8m2 terrace!

Cannes Street #2 - Rue d'Antibes

What not to miss – The Rue d’Antibes is the second most famous shopping street in Cannes. It is filled with affordable shops, as well as the Gray d’Albion shopping centre. One of the most adored bakeries in all of France, Ladurée, stands out like a beautiful green beacon of hope for all macaroon lovers on 79 Rue d’Antibes, open from 10am-7pm. Rue d’Antibes is a perfect example of one of Cannes most popular streets.

Where to stay – Some of the best local hidden accommodation can be found on this glamorous shopping street. We highly recommend checking out this central villa tucked away in the heart of the city! You’d never guess that it is located on one of the busiest streets in Cannes, especially with a garden that size!

Cannes Street #3 - Rue Hoche

What not to miss – When walking along this pedestrian street, you truly feel the French Riviera city experience. With its bakeries and cafés with delightful outdoor seating, you can feel the appreciation of its charm from both locals and visitors alike. Don’t forget to try the chocolates at Bruno’s – they’re exquisite!

Where to stay – Although practically every apartment on this street is going to be charming strictly based on its location, we recommend this naturally-lit2-bedroom apartment, just four minutes from the Palais des Festivals.

Cannes Street #4 - Rue Meynadier

What not to miss – In our opinion, Rue Meynadier is the most entertaining street in Cannes. It cuts straight through the old town and boasts some of the best gourmet grocery shops in Cannes. Not to mention, the widest range of eateries, from traditional French to Turkish kebabs.

Insider tip – Nicolas, the wine shop on 40 Meynadier, delivers alcohol during certain events! If you’ve ever been to MIPIM or MAPIC, you’ll understand why this is just genius.

Where to stay – To match the wide range of shops and restaurants, you’ll find a wide range of accommodation to stay in on this street. We recommend going with the Meynadier vibes and choosing something out of the ordinary, like this 2-bedroom apartment owned (and clearly furnished) by an art collector!

Cannes Street #5 - Square Merimée / Rue Notre Dame

What not to miss – Don’t miss the Palais, of course! The Palais des Festivals is the major convention centre of Cannes, and where all conferences take place. On a more local note, just two minutes from the square you can find some of the best pétanque played by both the young and old of the city. Square Merimée continues into Rue Notre Dame, with the Église Notre Dame de Bon Voyage just two minutes away.

Where to stay – Because of the convenient distance from the Palais des Festivals and the restaurants nearby, the Square Merimée is always buzzing. If you want to benefit from the unbeatable location whilst managing to get a good night’s sleep, we recommend staying in this recently renovated 3-bedroom apartment. You couldn’t get any closer to the Palais unless you were actually sleeping in it!

Cannes Street #6 - Rue du Suquet

What not to miss – The Suquet of Cannes, also known as the old town, makes you feel like you’re in a new city altogether. This once was the fisherman’s village due to the proximity to the port. It’s now known for having a thriving restaurant and bar scene! Some of Cannes’ most exquisite restaurants and coolest bars are on this street. It’s the perfect spot to get drinks and go for a meal! Here are some of the best restaurants Cannes has to offer. Cannes most popular streets are diverse, unique, and above all, so stinkin’ cute!

Where to stay – This area can be quite noisy until the wee hours of the night. However, it is one of the best spots for nightlife. This recently renovated 1-bedroom apartment is our recommendation on Rue du Suquet.

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