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Why Have Your Event in Lisbon?

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Sitting in between the Atlantic Ocean and Spain on the Iberian Peninsula, lies Lisbon, which is becoming an increasingly popular destination, for both holiday-goers and business people alike. Hosting corporate events in Lisbon can be beneficial to your team for a number of reasons! Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is a picturesque city full of history and charm, and the Portuguese still place an extremely high importance on culture and tradition. The numerous events in Lisbon throughout the year make it a great place to gather your team for conferences, team building activities, or even just a weekend away! Lisbon is a hilly city that offers amazing views of colourful homes on steep slopes, overlooking both the Tagus River and the Atlantic Ocean below. One of Lisbon’s most iconic features is the bright yellow trams that still transport people back and forth from the early morning hours. There are so much to love in this city, so let us fill you in on the reasons why you want to have your event in Lisbon!

1.) Sun & Heat

Portugal is one of the Mediterranean countries that benefit from a pleasant and temperate climate all year round. While the northern part of the country can be cooler and wetter, due to its mountainous topography, Lisbon is located in the southern half of the country and benefits from mild temperatures. The summer months are long and hot, with the highs generally averaging around 28°C. Of course, there is the occasional heatwave, but Lisbon is less than an hour away from the Atlantic beaches that get that cool ocean breeze. Spring and autumn are generally the best times to visit, while it’s warm and sunny during the day and pleasant in the evenings. There is a distinct winter season in Lisbon, but it is extremely mild compared to the rest of Europe. The temperature in winter, on average drops to about 8-10°C at night but can still be quite pleasant during the day. It rarely snows in Lisbon, but you can often find an early morning frost during the coldest months of winter.

2.) Affordable

Planning corporate activities in Lisbon is super easy because Portugal is one of the cheaper countries in Western Europe. Since your money goes a long way, you won’t have much trouble finding accommodation or the perfect venue in Lisbon. Capital cities do tend to be more pricey than surrounding villages, but the prices here are way more affordable compared to other major European cities. One of the biggest benefits of Lisbon is cheap transport; there are busses and trams to get you around the city. And like most other cities there are taxis and Uber, but they’re generally less pricey than in the bigger cities in Europe. Trains and planes will get you easily and cheaply in and out of the city, and there are even ferries to get you across the river. Food and drinks are also generally inexpensive in Lisbon, which is a huge benefit as the local cuisine is absolutely amazing. Like the rest of Europe, the summer months are full of tourists and are considered to be the high season, so prices tend to go up. Book your hotels and purchase any flight or train tickets in advance so that you can save as much money as possible. It can be a bit expensive if you try and make your travel plans and book your accommodation at the last minute.

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3.) Lots of Accommodation Possibilities

Lisbon has such a wide variety of accommodation possibilities, from amazing four-star hotels to fully furnished apartments, so you will definitely find something that is more than suitable for you, whether you are travelling solo or with a large group. The most important thing is to first decide where you want to stay: Baixa and Chiado are considered to be the shopping and business districts of Lisbon and are probably the most popular areas to stay. Since these areas are more central, you’ll be able to visit a lot of the top spots by foot. Keep in mind that some of the older buildings in the city may not have an elevator, so be aware if certain adjustments need to be made.

If you need help booking accommodation in Lisbon, write to us at [email protected]!

4.) Well-Connected with International Airports

One of the most convenient things about flying into Lisbon is the distance from the airport to the city centre. Lisbon is a bit detached from the rest of Europe, so travelling between countries by train isn’t very convenient. However, there are daily flights from most major European cities, multiple times per day. It’s also easy to fly from other smaller cities throughout the U.K., France, Germany, Spain, and most other countries throughout Europe. Lisbon airport is less than 10 kilometres away from the city, so, without traffic, the short commute will take less than twenty minutes by taxi. The Aerobus runs from the airport directly to the city centre; they run about every twenty minutes and only cost 4€ one-way. If you are able to buy your plane ticket at least a few weeks or months in advance, you should be able to get a great deal for your trip. Once you find the perfect venue in Lisbon, your team will definitely have no trouble getting there for your event!

Insider’s Tip: Sign up for notifications from TAP Air, Portugal’s national carrier. They have some great deals on flights if you are able to narrow down your travel dates and book in advance.

If you want a private transfer, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected] and we will make sure you arrive at your Lisbon destination.

5.) Amazing Views

The venues in Lisbon are absolutely stunning, and the city is home to some of the most amazing views in Europe. The city has such a distinct topography and has in the past been described as the city of seven hills. At the top of each and every one of these hills, you will find a viewpoint more impressive than the last. The best "Miradouros de Lisboa," or the viewpoints of Lisbon, are scattered throughout different areas of the city. These viewpoints consist of rooftops, observation decks, and landscaped terraces that offer 360 degree and panoramic views of the entire city. Spend a leisurely afternoon relaxing at Parque Eduardo VII, a gorgeous green park with views of the Tagus River. Or, spend a relaxed evening on the platform of the Miradouro das Portas do Sol watching the sunset over the rooftops of the city. Wherever you find yourself wandering through this historic city, you must remember to stop and look around, as you are likely in the middle of a breathtaking urban landscape.

6.) Tasty Local Food

If you like to eat your way through the cities that you visit, then you’re in luck; Lisbon has some of the tastiest local food around. Due to its proximity to the Mediterranean, Portuguese cuisine is heavily influenced by the region. Fish and seafood from the Atlantic also make up a lot of their dishes, and the Portuguese actually consume the highest amount of seafood on mainland Europe. Barbecued and grilled fish are common dishes, especially paired with a local beer or sangria during the hot summer months. The Portuguese also consume copious amounts of cheese and sausage. Eggs play an important role when cooking, as "ovos mexidos," or scrambled eggs, aren’t eaten solely for breakfast. Be sure to try the Bacalhau à bras, a fried cod-fish served with thin potatoes and scrambled eggs, one of Lisbon’s tastiest comfort dishes. Also, desserts are not to be skipped; cakes, biscuits, and custard tarts are everywhere, so you can always satisfy your sweet tooth. Be sure to grab a "Pastel de Nata" when it’s fresh and warm out of the oven- these tasty treats are a must-try!

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