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How to Get to Cannes from Nice

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The French Riviera is one of the only places where business and leisure truly go hand in hand due to the beautiful landscape! At least three times a year the Akommo team heads off to Cannes for work, but it's never that dreaded business trip. There is so much to see up and down the coast, but if you're not a local or seasoned veteran it can be tricky. We're all about sharing our local knowledge and what we've picked up over the past ten years, so we're now going to share our tips on how to get to Cannes.

How to Get To Cannes From Nice Airport

If you’re traveling to Cannes, there are a handful of different ways to get there. Most people arrive by plane at either Nice or Marseille Airport (always choose Nice when you can – Marseille logistics can be a nightmare!). They then take a bus, taxi, or private transfer in. The last thing you want is to arrive after a flight and be trapped at Nice airport, or stuck in Cannes after an event and miss your flight. Here’s how to get to Cannes by car, bus, train, helicopter – and even boat!

Random fact: Nice airport is France’s second busiest airport, just after Paris, and has direct flights to over 103 airports.

How to get to Cannes by car from Nice Airport

  1. Private transfers – This is how the Akommo team travels to Cannes – every single time. Though it might seem like a luxury expense, it’s 100% worth it, and saves you time and stress about catching your flight or making a meeting in Cannes on time. Most of our clients end up booking private transfers as the price isn’t actually that much higher than the cost of a taxi. Plus – air conditioning and water in Cannes in the summer, hello!? If you want to have a stress-free trip to the airport, you can email us to arrange a private transfer at [email protected]!
    • Price: from 134€, depending on the season and car (sedan or van)
    • Estimated time: pick up when requested – and you can collect colleagues from their accommodation as well – getting to the airport in 35 – 50 minutes.
  2. Taxis – There is always an enormous queue for taxis at the Nice airport, especially when you desperately need one. Taking a taxi can definitely be expensive also so if you can, definitely share. Call +33 (0)4 93 99 27 27 to be picked up by the company Easy Taxi Cannes. During event time in Cannes, there’s a good chance you will not find any taxi available with all the crowd leaving the city on the same day at the same time. Also if you do not want to miss your flight, you should leave at least three hours in advance for Nice airport with the traffic.
    • Price: 100€
    • Estimated time: 35 – 50 minutes
  3. Uber – Uber is legal in France, and is obviously dominating the taxi scene. We’ve never taken one in Cannes, but it’s certainly a recommended option if you’re pro-Uber, or can’t find a taxi. Careful with availability on busy event days as Uber is not a secret tip anymore!
    • Price: 45 – 90€
    • Estimated time: 35 – 50 minutes
  4. Rent a car – We can only honestly recommend that you rent a car with Sixt as that’s the experience we’ve had; however, it’s always a gamble to rent a car when staying in Cannes. Parking isn’t ideal, the roads are narrow, and – unless you plan on travelling up and down the coast – you don’t really need it. There is a Sixt just next to the train station, Gare de Cannes.
    • Price: From 50€ per day
    • Estimated time: 40 – 50 minutes – and remember, there are tolls!

How to get to Cannes by bus from Nice Airport

They certainly aren’t as comfortable or stylish as riding with a taxi or private chauffeur, but they get the job done! Just be sure to give yourself enough time as traffic can be horrendous during events, especially for a large bus.

  1. Coach Bus 210 – If you can hop onto the airport shuttle and make it Terminal 1 Platform 4 then this is a great option for you. Find the Cannes Bus 210 timetable here; prices are 33€ for a round trip. If you’re a group of four, you can buy tickets for 66€ for the group!
  2. Lignes d’Azur Public Bus 200 – This is by far the most affordable yet least comfortable option at the same time. Not to mention that the bus doesn’t pick up or drop off at the airport terminals. The bus route and timetable can be found here. The price is an astonishing 1.50€ per fare! If you intend to bring luggage, you will need to pay 5€ extra. Check out the timetable and stops for both Cannes and Nice below. Be aware, however, this will more than likely take 2 – 3 hours of cramped travel time!

Nice to Cannes by Boat

Did you know that you can even get to Cannes from Nice by boat! If you’ve arrived early for your meetings and want to take a leisurely boat ride from Nice to Cannes in the sunshine, this option is the best fit for you. And would you believe it – the price actually ends up being cheaper than a private transfer, taxi or train ride! Keep in mind, you will need to get to the port from the airport.

Trans Côte d’Azur Schedule:

22 May – 1 July: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday

3 July – 2 September: every day (except Mondays)

4 – 30 September: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday

Price: 40€

Estimated Time: 1 hour

Treat yourself and your team! Check out these 3 Top Boat Itineraries!

How to get to Cannes by helicopter

If you’re trying to impress a client, or if your preferred method of travel is by air, try one of these helicopter companies the next time you’re in Cannes!

1. Heli Air Monaco – You and up to five other colleagues can fly into Cannes from Nice!

  • Price: starting from 550€ per trip
  • Estimated time: you should arrive at the Quai Laubeuf in a speedy 7 minutes!

2. Azur Helico – You can fit up to 6 passengers per helicopter on with Azur Helico!

If you have any questions about how to get to Cannes, or if you need a last-minute transfer because you’re sweating profusely and cursing yourself for trying out the bus for 1.50€, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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